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Choose to have a merry Christmas?

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Soon the immortal , “Merry Christmas,” will be shared by friends, family, and acquaintances. The closer the big day, approaches the more frequent it will become. But what does it actually mean to wish someone Merry Christmas? Is it simply the expected salutation of the? Do we think of offering someone a “Merry Christmas” as our way of wishing them a time of joy, rest, peace and a fresh reflection on all the things that are good?

What about you — are you planning to have a “merry” Christmas? It is, after all, your decision to make. What variables will you use to determine whether or not your Christmas is a merry one? Perhaps for you a Merry Christmas is, by definition, gifting your children the latest Apple product or buying your wife more jewelry than your budget can possibly afford. Will the pressure of holiday shopping and wrapping outweigh the joy of the family gathering? People tend to stress as the lines at the stores, restaurants, and stoplights become seasonably long. On the roadways, the driving gloves come off and it’s every man for himself. As I understand it, the season is about love, joy, peace on earth and goodwill toward man. ALL of which, by the way, are bible quotes and attributes of the perfect gift of God, The Messiah, The Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

Even Hollywood recognizes this season as merry.  Just look at all the movies that come out this time of year that actually have happy endings. There is always room for a new adaptation of, “A Christmas Carole.” In the classic, Scrooge is reminded of his past and warned about his future should he not change his attitude to one of kindness and charity. Meanwhile, on 34th street, a miracle takes place and a broken little girl from a broken home finds a new family and a new home. Santa even apologizes to Rudolph for treating him wrongly. Is there any music artist that does not have a Christmas song or CD on the market

So CHOOSE to have a Merry Christmas. Don’t let things like money and decorations get you down. Encourage your family to spread the joy of the season. Suggest that before presents are opened that you first help at the homeless shelter. Get the family to, “carol around the spinet” and to deck the halls and all those things. Bring a warm meal to a widow or rake the old man’s yard down the road. Have a Merry Christmas.

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EACH AND EVERYONE IN ALBANY.And for the rest of the wrold also.There are so many people in our own town that need help.Alot have been labeled with the name STREET PEOPLE.I dont think that is right.They are human.They may not have a warm place to lay there heads.A Warm meal.Family to gather around and sing,or give gifts.For some of these people the gift of Life is enough for them.And we the ones who have homes to live in,familys to be with,food,take all this for granted.I am very thankfull i have a roof over my head.The Good Lord takes care of everyone,in his own way.Alot of people would say,Why give to them,they could get a job.There are no jobs in this town for people with years of experence,much less someone who knows only a few things.But i know of one person i would like to tell you about.He is a Vetran,of long past wars.But he told me on his Birthday in Nov. that none of his family called him,no one came to see him.I try to make sure that on Vetrans Day he gets a good meal.He was with a company working for the same company for 20 years.Then a diffrent owner took over,becuase of the death of the previous owner.He is really a good man,he would give you the shirt off his back.And you know what he wants in return? Just someone to talk to.He tells me of things only people in those wars could know.It still haunts him.He lost his job not becuase of being lazy,he is no way that way.He lost it becuase of being really ssick.I know,my freind had to take him to the Hospital the night before.He had already had 3 heartattacks before,so we try and watch after him the best we can.But we are both diabled.But being disabled does not touch the heart,atleast not with me.I can get into so much trouble just writting people about other peoples problems.But this is older people who have either tried to fight,and it go nowhere,and they have given up hope on fighting anymore.I like to say i speak for them.People may not like what i say,but i dont care.Maybe that is what the Good Lord ment for me to do.I fight for animals that are not being fed,or treated good.Just tied in a yard and forgot about.I fight for kids,who cant say what they are really hurting about.but for some reason they tell me.I cant do much,but i get on my computer and do what i can.And i Pray alot.I think everyone should have someone,and if i can be that someone i will.Hey try it,it makes the heart feel so good.I dont have money to give them,but i do have time,and i do have ears,and i do have a shoulder for them to cry on..Sometimes thats all a person needs.If you really want to get my blood going,take advantage of an old person,or a child,even animals.God gave us all these things for a reason.
    Now here come Christmas,and i know the Vetran that lives beside me will not have any family come see him,not that he does not have any,they just dont care enough about him to write,call,or even drop by.But he will have food on Christmas,i will make sure of that.And he will have a shoulder to cry on,i ll make sure of that.He has a warm place to live,only becuase he is getting unemployment.I have been trying to help him get on SS.But i can only do so much with a computer.What gets me about him is that he fought for all of us,as well as many others.And he has no one to care.I do.That is Christmas to be,being able to give,not money,but my time,my heart,my shoulder.I am not saying go out and take in a homeless person.In these days you dont know who is just doing it for drugs,or liquor,or what ever.What i am saying is dont judge a book by its cover.You never know what someone has been through.And like this Vet.he will not ask for anything.He’s to proud.I cant understand why and i know there are people in other Countrys hurting.But we have people here doing it.We need to take care of our own people,then give to others if we can.And if you cant give,Pray.I was very proud of the people who spent the night in boxes,to show people they care..But it is cold outside.And some dont even have blankets.I know of a couple that live under some of the bridges.There are some good places that help people,my Fav. being the Salvation Army.They do alot to help.So when you see that kettle,drop what you can.Every little bit helps.And for all of the Vetrans,Thank You for fighting for our freedoms that we have.I will never forget you.Or that part of your life you gave for all of us.
    So to all of you,MERRY CHRISTMAS,AND REMEMBER THE REASON FOR THE SEASON.Also,Albany Journal thank you for everything you do for us in Albany.May You And Yours have a very Blessed Christmas,and Happy New Year.

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