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Bagging a buck the hard way

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My grandson, David Dunn of Lansing, Mich., recently bagged a 7-point buck deer with his bow and arrow. David is 18. He and his cousin, who taught him to use a bow and arrow, were out hunting in Napoleon, Mich. I know little (really nothing!) about hunting with a bow and arrow, so I thought I would explain to others similarly challenged all about this hunting experience

David’s cousin, Eric, who is about 25, leases some property used for deer hunting and it was on this property where David made his kill. David had only two years of experience learning how to use a bow and arrow and was taught by Eric all the ins and outs of this type of hunting. It all started when David was about 10 years old when he walked the fields with his dad, Joe, his Uncle Mike, and his cousins, all of whom love to hunt. Using a bow and arrow is a lot different than using a gun and frankly I don’t know how my grandson was able to do what he did.

To start this hunt, they checked to make sure that they had their licenses, which cost them $15 apiece, which is good in Michigan for one season — from Oct. 1 to Nov.15. After getting dressed in the appropriate hunting clothing with plenty of florescent orange on their caps, shirts, etc., they painted their faces. They looked like they were heading out to a Halloween party – and it was Halloween. They sprayed their clothes to disguise their smell so that the deer wouldn’t know they were around.

Once they got to the hunting grounds at about 7:15 a.m., they climbed up a tree about 20 feet and set up a tree blind for each of them one above the other. David immediately fell asleep and unbelievably, within 30 minutes, a buck shows up in the area … 50 yards away. Eric wakes up David, who uses his special spray that smells like a doe in heat. Immediately, the buck’s nose goes up, indicating that he smelled it and off he started walking toward David! When the buck gets within about 25 feet, David shot his special arrow. Bingo, the arrow goes into the buck in his lung area, right where you want it to go. The deer runs about 40 feet and drops dead. It was a fantastic shot! A professional bow hunter couldn’t have done better. The buck weighed about 140 pounds.

The deer was dragged back to their car and transported back to their aunt’s home in Milan, Mich., where my wife and I lived for over 18 years before moving to Georgia. A rope was tied around the deer’s feet and hung from a nearby tree, where it was gutted and left until the next day, when it was taken to a processor, where it cost about $80 to prepare the meat for eating. The guts were put in the open field and the next morning it was completely cleaned up by wild animals.

The next day, the boys went to Dick’s Sporting Goods, where they bought their bow and arrow equipment and accessories, and gave them a picture of the buck. The picture immediately went up on the board displaying the results of hunts by other young fellas in the area. David has already made arrangements to have the Buck mounted on a wall in his bedroom at a cost of about $400. He has saved up from working at a local bakery. And he plans to eat all the deer meat stored in mom and dad’s freezer.

Congratulations, David, for bagging that buck the hard way and thanks to Eric for teaching him so well.

David Dunn, 18, shows the 7-point buck he killed in Michigan with a bow and arrow. Dunn is the grandson of Albany resident Ted Anderson.
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