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Let’s make Rouse’s passing meaningful

By   /   December 30, 2010  /   Comments

By now, the Albany community has heard about Dougherty County police Lt. Clifford Rouse. The details of this horrific tragedy are both frightening and disturbing.

On Thursday night, a few hours before Christmas Eve, Rouse responded to an armed robbery of the Pitt Stop convenience store across from the former Cooper Rubber & Tire Co. plant on Sylvester Road. In his pursuit of the suspect, he was wounded and he later died.

Rouse is the first Dougherty County police officer to be slain in the line of duty. What a senseless act of violence: all for a few bucks. So, suddenly, there are children who no longer have their father, a wife who no longer has her husband, parents who no longer have their son, friends who no longer have their buddy, and a law enforcement community who no longer has its brave comrade.

This incident raises many scary questions that have to be answered. First and foremost, why wasn’t convicted felon Dontravious Thomas in jail where court records say he belonged on Dec. 23? This shows a crying need for the community to obtain a full-fledged, no-holds-barred probe into the judicial system’s handling not just of Thomas, but all offenders in this community. This matter proves what we suspected before Rouse’s untimely encounter with Thomas – that too many violent offenders are on the streets when they could be behind bars and, by golly, some innocent folks are going to get killed.

Albany has to say no to the gangster culture. We can no longer afford to glorify criminals and murderers.  Some sickos – none from Albany, we hope – refer to Thomas as a “soldier”. He was no soldier. He was not fighting for principles or dedicated to a better society. No, he was a terrorist and destroyer and stole from members of our community and killed a peacekeeper. There is nothing about his actions that deserve glorification.

As with every murder, we feel for the bad guy’s family, but we object to his actions in every way imaginable. It is time for Albany to react. Robberies and murders don’t have to happen. They are often preventable; this one certainly was. Let’s stop the carnage now.

In the meantime, in addition to ensuring that Rouse’s death ultimately has meaning in this community, Rouse’s family needs our direct support. The Police Benevolent Foundation and the PBA of Georgia have established the Lt. Rouse Trust Fund at Regions Bank to help the Rouse family cope with losing their loved one. Donations are tax-deductible and can be made at any Regions location and online at www.pbfi.org.

Dangerous structures:

Let’s knock ‘em down

The City of Albany is shelling out about $90,000 over the next two months to raze 21 dilapidated structures.

For that we say, thanks, taxpayers.

Vacant, unsafe houses ruin communities, and it’s a shame that as every year passes, so many of Albany’s neighborhoods are becoming slums. As tax expenditures go, though, we think that removing crumbling structures – and all of the criminal and health hazards they attract – is money well spent.

This endeavor along with aggressive law enforcement and nixing public corruption all are solutions to many of Albany’s much-ballyhooed downfalls. There’s much more than our town’s reputation at stake; our children’s future is on the line, too.

Kevin By Kevin Hogencamp

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    When you are cought,and have to do time.What ever time they give you,you should do.No good behavior outs.You should have done that before you got in trouble.I dont understand the law sometimes.I have seen people that have killed someone and get 35 years,then some life,some life with no porole.I even saw one on Tv,who got a life term,but becuase of good behaviour he got out in 15 years.For killing 3 people.This is the way i feel,and maybe i am wrong,but that me. If you take a life,so should your life be taken.Not in 5 0r 10 years.If you are found guilty,with no doubt.Go ahead strap them to ole sparkie,and flip the switch.This guy had been in so much trouble,i dont see how know one saw this comming.Now a Family is without there Dad,Husband,Brother,Uncle.And for what?Send a message to the law breakers,and the killers.If not,people are going to start doing it there sefls.Alot say they like jail,they have a place to sleep,watch tv,get fed,and even get there food brought to them.Make them start working for what they get.It has gotten to where the law breakers have more rights than the ones hurt or killed.Now something is really bad with that.
    My heart Goes out to Both Officers and there familys.Thanks to some stupid person who did not show up for probation meetings,and drug test,or even to meet up with his probation officer,A Life is Gone.I hope they give the guy the death term.And not 5 years from now.That is why the jails are so crowed,you have people that have been on death role for years.Why keep feeding them?What gets me is that now the tax payers are going to be paying for this guy to sit in jail.While there is a Man,laying in a Grave,becuase of him.A Life for a Life.May god be with the Rouse Family,my Prayers are with you.Amen

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