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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   November 28, 2010  /   Comments

THERE’RE LAWYERS IN AGONY willing to take on the City & WG&L? I didn’t think there were any who couldn’t be bought off with the City’s taxpayer money. You’re my hero among the legal community. Kudos to you and I hope you win big. Can someone tell me what happened to the traffic ticket issued to Asst. City Attorney Jenise Smith for failure to wear her seatbelt? I know she complained to Chief Proctor that she was stopped because she was black, but now it appears the ticket has disappeared. Does anyone know? I wonder if she used the same excuse for failing the Bar in 2008 and that’s why the City hired her?

THE ROBBERY BY THE City Commission of WG&L sounds just like what happened in Bell, CA just before the Mayor, City Manager, and Commissioners were arrested and escorted out in handcuffs. It’s about time someone did something about City Hall crime and corruptions. It’s out of control. I say, slap the bracelets on every one of them. Hey Kevin, can other WG&L customers join this class action suit to get their money back?

I HOPE THE CITY gets its socks sued off with a reverse discrimination lawsuit through the EEOC. The man hasn’t even been to trial yet.

HAVING SOME KNOWLEDGE ABOUT HR, I think the city shot themselves in the foot in the Sean Reddish matter. If this criminal case gets thrown out, then how will the city stand behind this termination if Reddish sues? …and he should. The letter says because of his indictment of serious charges which is pretty shallow if /when this gets tossed. They’ve broken their own policies and then are too clumsy to cover their backsides because they are focused on beating down a white guy. A good HR person should advocate for an employee while upholding the organization’s policies and rule of law. They have not done this and its vulgarity is obvious. A good HR person would have caught this but they obviously don’t have that anymore, just another inept henchman. Maybe HR wasn’t involved with this since it seems Lott is arbitrarily calling the shots. Either way, they’ve opened themselves to a huge EEOC lawsuit.

I WOULD BE WILLING to bet that Lott ordered Reddish’s termination and made the director eat it since he’s not man enough to own up to his own policy/ethics violation. I just don’t see where Yvette Aehle would have went on record with her comments about Reddish not being guilty etc. then come back around to do this. Something really isn’t adding up there.

LOTT, DAVIS, THE MAYOR, commissioners, they all lack conflict resolution skills. On the other hand, they all know they won’t be around when the bills start rolling in for all these lawsuits they’re piling on. Everyone responsible will be long gone living in luxury at the taxpayers’ expense while the taxpayers are being bombarded with court orders to pay millions. I hope the taxpaying citizens of the City of Albany will remember this when it’s time to vote again

I AM GLAD THEY fought back during the card game robbery. This is what it will take. Keep up the good work. This will be the only way to deal with this problem.

I AM SO GLAD he shot them. You come in my home and you will be shot, too. Robbers think they can do anything. It’s about time someone did this. That man is a hero, not only because he possibly saved his friends’ lives. I hope more people look up to him and follow in his footsteps.

IT’S TOO BAD THEY are still alive to rob another day.

SAGGY PANTS? IT’S THUGS living a thug life. Acting like a prison punk is how these people want to live?

WHY MAKE A NEW law? Just enforce the old law. It’s just that simple. If they see your underwear, write a ticket. That simple. Quit wasting your taxpayers’ dollars.

THIS ISSUE GOES BEYOND culture and fads. There is a real health concern here, too.  Especially when the really low-slung trousers expose infrequently changed and soiled underwear. When people in this condition share public seats in waiting areas, restaurants, etc., it poses the opportunity for numerous bacteria, E-coli, etc..to be left behind (no pun intended).

LET ME ASK YOU something. How many of you think these idiots would or is even capable of paying the fine if it is imposed on them?

THANKS WILMA GRIFFIN for your service to our community. It takes a very special person to be in law enforcement for 35 years. Law enforcement is the most underpaid profession in the world. Wake up, Dougherty County commissioners, you are losing more officers soon.

I WANT TO MAKE sure my doctors get their just rewards. To Dr. Janie and his wonderful staff, Regina and Jackie and the rest. To Dr. Aderhold and his great staff, I have to mention Beth. To Dr. Mendenhall and his kind staff. I had my 52nd birthday today and without all of you, I may have not seen it. You all are the best cancer team. God bless you all and thank you for another year of life and I hope more to come.

LEAVE IT TO LAWYERS to find loopholes to get themselves or their comrades out of a jam. Just because the lawyer lingo says the gunslinger was justified doesn’t make it right. Ethics anyone?

THE ALBANY CITY ATTORNEY IS just like the rest in our leadership, if that’s what you call it. He was just wrong and got away with it. I stood before this man in court, along with a judge, to ask them to investigate a problem I had with a county worker who took things from my mom’s house she had no business touching. I had a police report and the judge asked me, “What would you like Mr. Davis to do?” I said, “do an investigation of what happened at my mom’s house when she died. The judge then asked Mr. Davis, “what would you like to do?” His answer, “Your honor, this lady wants me to investigate, and possibly bring charges against this person, and I will not do it.” Your honor said, “case dismissed” against the city for not doing what they get paid to do.

SO, IF I AM right reading about Nathan Davis, then the police and other officials fell down on  the job again by not charging him. You cannot make special laws for different people. I really think all of the officials should have to do drug testing. I am not saying he is on drugs, but it would be nice to know if he is going to be able to carry a gun and knife around the government buildings. And if he can get away with it, who else is? Kind of scares you in this day and time. I also would like to know why the gun and knife were there in the first place. Was he mad at someone or did someone threaten him as they so-called did to the mayor. If so, why did he not hire a bodyguard?

JACK CAMP WAS AN awesome person. I haven’t met a single person who could say anything negative about him. He is truly missed.

WE NEED A STATE referendum to allow for a 2-cents-per-gallon fuel  tax that would be used strictly for death penalty cases. This will make available the money to prosecute scumbags such as these three in the Jack Camp case; and at the same time the scumbags are contributing to their own death every time they purchase gas, diesel, propane, etc. The taxpayers would win by not feeding these thugs in a life of luxury for the next 50 years. Hang ‘em high!

YEAH, EVERYONE IN PRISON is innocent. If because Jack Camp was popular and well-liked is your defense, then God help us all. Do you have to be hated and unknown for someone to be convicted of murdering you?

NO … WHETHER SOMEONE IS well-liked and popular isn’t a factor in murder trials, as was the case with victim Jack Camp. But, when people of the community recognize that a valuable and productive member of society had their lives snuffed out by uncivilized thugs, it creates an even more powerful outrage in the civilized community, Examples of these valuable and productive citizens are Mr. Camp and Mr. Phelps, both murdered by marauding gangsta wanna-be thugs. When people that deserve to live a longer productive life, lose theirs at the hands of someone who does not even deserve to breathe the same oxygen, people get MAD!

IT IS JUST A political stunt: Sanford Bishop opposing Nancy Pelosi. He is only saying this because no one is going to run against her. If no one chooses to run against her then he can say that he had no other choice but wouldn’t have supported her if someone else had come forward. Who do you think Bishop will vote for, Shuler or Pelosi? Remember the DCCC spent about $900,000 on Bishop’s race this year.

NATHAN DAVIS WILL GET his, one day. As for Alfred Lott,  he will soon be gone. Keep your voice active for justice to be served. The only way to get rid of Mayor Adams is by way of the voters, They need to vote him out along with a couple of those lazy commissioners. Thanks Mayor Adams for another lawsuit because of the issues with Water, Gas and Light. And let’s don’t forget an issue has been quiet for some time, has anyone seen or read a report from Greg Edwards about Cutliff Grove Church and $374,000? Everyone is moaning and groaning about the law suits … simple folks, look at the one that has caused the lawsuit.

WE NEED MORE PATROLS on Philema Road to slow down the traffic. Thank God for the DoCo Heat cars that occasionally slows down traffic at the county line.

WOW. A POLITIAN PULLING a political stunt to stay in power. Imagine that. Now people like Nathan Deal, Sonny Perdue, Casey Cagle … they NEVER pull political stunts. And you know who else doesn’t? The principled small-government, less-spending GOP on capitol hill. They talk about how the spending shot up in 2008 (please note: Obama took office in 2009!) and how they are going to take spending back to the 2008 levels. Fine, but most of the extra spending since 2008 were temporary/one time deals: stimulus and bailouts.

YOU HAVE ISSUES … OBAMA took office in 2009 but Dems took control of both houses in 2007. Congress has more to do with spending and budget than the president does.

A STUNT, PURE AND simple. He’s taking the usual, politically expedient route. How “unexpected.”

WHY DIDN’T BISHOP COME out and state that he would oppose Pelosi’s leadership during his campaign? Jim Marshall did. Probably because Bishop’s campaign was still being funded by national Dems. Dems didn’t put any money into the Marshall campaign.

BISHOP DIDN’T THINK HIS  race would be that close. Now maybe he’ll actually be in favor of repealing Obamacare, but I’m not holding my breath. The economy will get better now that the GOP can block some of Obama’s initiatives, but Obama still doesn’t get it. Mike Keown will have a harder time on ’12 than this year, but perhaps he gets more financial support. Anyway, I believe Congressman Bishop is looking over his shoulder now.

KEOWN RAISED WELL OVER $1 million and in addition to that the NRCC and other organizations spent almost $800,000 in the district. How much more financial support does he need? Trust me, Bishop knew his race would be close. That is why the DCCC spent over $800,000 in the district to attack Keown. With 6 weeks to go, Bishop had to call in a favor and have Obama send some help for the campaign. It took everything the Dems had to keep that seat and they barely were able to hold on. The Dems putting all their resources into CD2 probably helped some other Repubs win in other districts.

IF BISHOP HAD KNOWN it would be this close, then there are Congressional votes I believe he would have not made.

CHAMBLISS HAS BEEN LAYING low. His “Gang of 14″ stunt he pulled with McCain will haunt him when he comes up for re-election.

I’M GLAD BISHOP ISN’T supporting Pelosi, but as a Republican I hope she is the Minority Leader for a long, long time. Perhaps Bishop should consider running for a leadership position. The Dems could do worse – and they certainly have. Maybe Bishop isn’t old enough. At just 63, he’s far younger than those currently holding leadership for the Dems.

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    Did you hear about all the scandle going on in Washington with the documents?Sounds kinda like Albany huh?Wonder if Obama is kin to any of our leaders?

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