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Race needs to stop mattering

By   /   November 28, 2010  /   Comments

A citizen group is hoping to make Darton College a four year school. The argument, and it’s a sound one, is that with a nursing shortage, the need for more four year programs is incredibly high. Darton graduates a lot of nurses each year.

Discussions on a local website show resistance to this plan, and a lot of it hinged on race. Arguments about superiority seemed like they hinged on the color of someone’s skin, rather than the quality of an education.

The truth is that Albany State University and Darton College both provide quality educations. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that. However, in this town we don’t have enough education. Most of the problems we have stem not from too many educational opportunities, but not nearly enough ways to educate people.

The best jobs don’t come to Albany in part because we don’t have an educated enough workforce. The root of much of the crime we have in this community isn’t from race, or faith, but a lack of opportunity brought on by poor education. It’s a fact that many criminals commit their acts because they don’t think they have any other choice.

If education is the answer, then we clearly need as much of it as possible. Now, I won’t say that this automatically means that Darton should be a four year institution. That’s a question that should be up for a great deal of debate. I have no issue with that at all.

However, this debate needs to cease having anything to do with race. Perceptions are that ASU is a “black” school and Darton is a “white” school. This may be because the majority of students at ASU are black and the majority at Darton is white, but you know what? Who cares?

We aren’t white people and black people. We are Albanians, for better or worse. We all seek better opportunities for your children. We all hope for our own prosperity. We are all people who treasure our families and our friends. We aren’t so different.

If the betterment of our community is for Darton to offer a four year nursing program, then so be it. If the betterment of our community is for Darton to stay just as it is, so be it. No issue needs to be so great as to divide us based on the melanin content of our skin.

Division is inevitable. Between politics, religion, and college football, there’s plenty to divide us. These are natural things, things that would divide us no matter what. What we need to stop being divided by is race, something that geneticists tell us doesn’t actually exist; there’s no single gene for determining race. That means “race” doesn’t exist, and yet we are to let this continue to divide us?

I’m through with it. My race? Human. How about you?

tomknightonWritten by Tom Knighton. Read his blog at TomKnighton.com, as well as SWGAPolitics.com. A lifelong political junkie, Tom started out his adult life as a journalism major at Darton College before leaving school to serve his nation as a U.S. Navy Corpsman. Through the years, he has watched government from outside and inside. A former Reagan supporter, then later a Democrat, Tom now finds himself quite comfortable as a card carrying Libertarian and currently serves as Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Southwest Georgia.

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    If our so called leaders would see it this way,it would go a long way to making other people see it.Look at Lotts record about race issue.And the Mayors,and others.It should start at the top.But since none of them have the sense God gave a Billy goat,it is up to us all in Albany.What is in a skin color.All people eat with the same kind of mouth,they spend money the same,and yes they even wear the same kind of clothes(baggie pants)sorry i had to put that in there.We are all Americans.Schools should worrier more about teaching,not what color skkin you have.Or even what school has a better team than the other.To me there are more sports counting on the teaching aspect of it all anyway.You have to get good grades or you cant play.How about you have to get good grades,becuase this world is changing very fast,and you will need what they are trying to teach.Back up the teachers some.Parents get more involved in your childs life.And there school work even,i know i could use some spelling leasons from some of them.But i had to drop out at an early age to help out with bills.That was 30 something,lol years ago.The computer age is now,and it keeps growing.Learn it.I hear you can make alot of money at that.I know i have paid out some good money to have mine worked on.And if that is not your thing,we need cancer reserchers.How would you like to be the first one to find a cure for cancer?Or for other health problems.Having books wrote about you,about your findings.I dont care what color you are,it is time to drop the race card But as i said before,as long as our leaders use it,what example does that set for the kids now?But You are your own person,you know how to make a diffrence.Dont let anyone else tell you it has to be one way becuase you are one color,or it has to be the other way because you are the other color.It is Your brain,Your life.I do have to say this.I dont see where it would hurt anything to have Darton expanded.I look at it this way,we have 2 great Colleges here,and they are wanting to teach.Let them.After all,like he said,WE ARE ALL THE HUMAN RACE!

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