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Inside Albany: On Sean Reddish

By   /   November 10, 2010  /   Comments

The evidence says …

Reddish was fired!

Sometimes, rather than the incompetence and sinister behavior that has come to define Albany city hall, our leadership instead is downright weird more than anything.

Take the case of Sean Reddish, the airport maintenance manager who was fired in violation of city policy last week due to his indictment on theft charges.

Much to my surprise and certainly, it would seem, Reddish’s, The Albany Herald reported that that Lott told it that Reddish was not fired, but that he instead is suspended. That’s a lie. Reddish has in his possession (as do we) Reddish’s termination letter and a letter from Lott saying that Lott will hear Reddish’s termination appeal at 3 p.m. Thursday.

To remove any doubt, in case there is any, of what’s in the public record, we’ve posted Reddish’s termination letter and appeal hearing notice on our website – www.TheAlbanyJournal.com.

A head-scratcher, to be sure. And, typically, Lott refuses to set the record straight.

Here’s Reddish’s termination letter.

Here’s Reddish’s appeal hearing letter.

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    I ll be the first to say i am not downing the Other paper.I may not buy it,but i do read it.It has some very good writters,Ms.Dunn,i love to read about anything she writes.And Mandy,now this is a smart lady.Then my most fav.Thomas Sowell(if i spelled that wrong i am sorrry Mr.Sowell)I very much respect this man and his views.And even sometimes Carlton has some really good things going for him.Other than that i read the Bible verses,and of course the Squawk box.Even tho i have called in a few things for the Squawk box,And they never get printed.Even wrote on there web site,no print.lol.The only thing i can really say i dont like about that paper,is that they dont print on things that really matter to Albany.Now any other State in the world they write about.Do they send reportes to these place?Nah i bet they get it off the internet.
    That is one reason i do not mind one bit paying for the Journal.I just wish it was an everyday paper.But the Journal reports in one week what the other paper takes a month to get to.Or they dont print what is really going on in Albany.Sure they report the police reports,but not all of them,anyone who has a scanner knows that.And they will not report the wrong doings of our Leaders.Untill the Roger story,which to me was racial.I jsut ask one thing of everyone who lives in Albany,when it does come time to vote for a new Mayor,or others,please vote for someone who will you think bring good to Albany.Not the same ole cover ups.Your Children will probley thank you.Maybe not today,but down the road.Dont vote on promises,we have all seen how that has gone.
    Vote on the Show Me Side.Show me what you can do for us.Not tell what you can do.Because no matter what,there are others that have to go along with laws made.All of the Leaders that are in there now,they have showed you what they can do for us.
    Letting people in Office get away with things you or i could not.Lieing and fireing people who they do not like the color of there skin.Shreading paper work that could be very important to someone out there.Even go as high as Judges,no offense ment but i have had my day with 2,and they were out for the City,not me.And that is wrong.That is not in there Oath when they take Office.If you dont beleive me all you have to do is search there names on the computer.You can find out so much.And if you dont think the Journal prints the truth,do the same.They have no reason to lie,like i have said,it s a once a week paper,but it Tells more in one week than some news outlets tell in a month.And they investagate.I guess what i am trying to say,is there is enough problems in Albany,without our Officals trying to start race wars.Dont let them use the race card.Make them use The Oath Of Office that they wish to hold.Dont let anyone tell you that you can not get along with one person becuase of the color of there skin,or there religion,or there sex.Show them all that you are your own person,and you can not be BOUGHT!

  2. Truth B Known says:

    You know Alfred told me at the time of my compaint against the city of Albany,(thats why i made a complaint against the City) This was after i tried to talk to the Mayor,and instead he got Alfred to call me.Alfred told me that the city gave this person lead way when they came in to the city,since this person was a county worker.So since you and Mr. Adams gave your permission to this person to do as they pleased,and it ended up with things missing from the home,that this person admited to taking,and there was a police report stating this person took these things,i cant for the life of me undertsand why first a out of town judge was called in,and second that he dimissed my case against the city.Oh yeah i forgot,they also had Cowboy Nathan there.You know the one Alfred said was nuttie as a fruit cake,and was dangerous.Wonder if he had his gun on him that day?It was the right time line.And since Alfred and The Mayor gave this person permission to do what they did,(steal items from the home} Maybe you 2 should be took to court also.After all it is on court records that you gave your permission.Oh i should have not said that,i can hear the sherader now.No matter i got my copy.One thing i have learned since my having to try to get you all to do the right thing.I save paper work,and give copies to people just in case.
    The sad part here,is i think you are waiting till all my whittness die off,before getting my case back to court.Plus you cant bullie me this time,i did nt listen to you all this time on not needing a lawyer.Remember all of you saying because of it being Mag. court i did not need a lawyer?Yes i was young and stupid.Im still young,but not stupid.Maybe the right lawyer can get me some of Al’s send off pay.(I dont think he s ever leaving)

    1. Guest says:

      Truth B Known hang in there, Nathan will get his one day, as for Alfred Lott, he will soon be gone. Keep your voice active for justice to be served. The only way to get rid of Mayor Adams is by way of the the voters, they need to vote him out along with a couple of those lazy commissioners. Thanks Mayor Adams for another law suit because of the issues with Water, Gas and Lights. And let’s don’t forget this issue has been quite for some time, has anyone seen or read a report from Greg Edwards about Cutiff Grove Church and $374,000? Everyone is moaning and groaning about the law suits….simple folks look at the one that has caused the law suit. One thing for sure the City will have to spend alot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, by paying those attorneys to DEFEND them and very possible they have to pay the ones that were done WRONG, wonder how much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that will end up costing the tax payers? I’m so glad I don’t pay taxes in Albany.

  3. jimmy says:

    congrats to the journal because he showed the truth! another smoking gun just like the nathan davis gun but they get away with it

  4. BillS says:

    The evidence says… that there is more of the usually funny business going on with Alfred Baba and his thieves. This is starting to smell of a big fat CYA somewhere. So Aehle contradicts herself and fires him, but then Lott himself contradicts the firing and the proof that is what happened? Huh?

    The more information that comes out of this, the more it seems that there is more to this than just Reddish cashing in on junk. The courts will decide on his guilt but what about this other fuddy duddy?

    1. BillS says:

      This is of course after he was treated differently than other folks that got into trouble.

  5. Allison says:

    Wow..at last!..proof in Black and White!….sorry about the pun..it just seemed apropos!…

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