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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   October 30, 2010  /   Comments

I LIKE YOUR SOLID reporting of what’s wrong in our community, but I think my favorite parts of the Journal are your Inside Albany piece each week and your promotion of the great events we have in our community.

ANSWER ME THIS? EIGHTY percent of what is in the Journal and 20 percent exposes wrongdoing and corruption at city hall. According to my math, that’s 100 percent positive news. Where’s all the bad news that people say is in the Journal.

HOW CAN TOMMIE POSTELL be serious about the morality of his decision about the alcohol license. Didn’t he accept a campaign donation from Lajuanna Woods? Her restaurant/bar is closer to ASU than the proposed liquor store. Who is going to pay the legal fees when a lawsuit is filed by the business owner? What about Woodall’s and Big Daddy’s?

PEOPLE AND CHURCHES ARE coming together for A Place 4 Hope! Hope to see people get involved.

STAYED UP LATE TO watch the news here in Hooterville. The “City Leaders” are responding to calls from citizens to have the public celebrate Halloween on Saturday instead of Sunday because Sunday is a day before school and some other foolishness. (I blanked out while listening.) … Are y’all serious?

I AM SORRY BUT I think the city of Albany having Halloween on Saturday is ridiculous. In 147 years Albany has existed, we have had Halloween on a Sunday 21 times and THIS YEAR we decided we need to move it because of church. RIDICULOUS! Do you think Jewish people would call to move it to Friday when it falls on a Saturday? I doubt it. But, as I often see here on the buckle of the Bible belt, one religion gets special treatment and special rights. It makes me angry! I should also say, if the more important reason is that “it would be hard to get up Monday morning for school” then shouldn’t we move Halloween every year that it is not on a Friday or a Saturday? Of maybe we should only have Halloween on Fridays since little children would have trouble getting up for CHURCH if we had it on Saturdays. COME ON! This is a slippery slope that makes NO SENSE!

I WAS THINKING THE same thing. Of course the sound bite I heard on TV had more to do with getting up going to school than it did with church. But honestly, how many kids really still trick-or-treat anyway?

IF THERE IS AN issue with going to church or getting up for school, why not just encourage people to trick or treat earlier? They do that here (Tampa, FL) for safety.

THAT WOULD MEAN parenting! LOL! And sadly, we live in a community where a lot of that doesn’t always take place.

THAT REQUIRES OUR LEADER to use their brains!

MAYBE WE SHOULD MOVE Halloween to summer vacation time Monday-Thursday. That way, no one is offended or inconvenienced. Silly. Silly. Silly.

ALBANY HAS CHANGED HALLOWEEN trick-or-treating to Saturday before when it fell on Sunday. Works out great if your church has a special event for it on Sunday night, too! Double the candy!

THE CITY COMMISSION IS totally dysfunctional. It amazes me that more businesses have not fled the insanity (it crosses my mind often). Cooper, Delco, Flint, just to name a few. I don’t think the powers-that-be understand how neighboring municipalities are empowered by decisions like the liquor license matter. One sets high hurdles, the other rolls out red carpet … which path do you pick?

REGARDING THE LUKE BRYAN lawsuit, if everybody is gonna sue somebody for saying the same phrase someone else said, the courts would be packed. The song is not exactly alike. He’s just jealous of Bryan’s song making a hit and he can’t come up with the right lyrics to make a hit.

WHY CAN’T THE LOCAL not-for-profit pay for the trauma network by lowering the $1.1 million it pays its CEO?

REMEMBER THESE STORIES OF corruption when it’s time to vote on the commissioners again. If you’re tired of corrupt government, vote them out.

HA, HA, HA, HA, ha, ha, ha! The fired attorney out performs the new attorney. Funny, funny, funny. What kind of an attorney loses an unemployment appeal hearing? That is just too funny. guess we know now why Bishop had to help Melanie Slaton get a job. She probably couldn’t get a job where she comes from. Well, at least she fits in well with the rest of the unskilled, uneducated employees at City Hall.

THE CIVIC CENTER SELECTEE from Athens got a look at what he was in for and ran the other way. He was charming because he doesn’t want to burn any bridges, but he was smart enough to know a disaster when he sees one. After meeting the City’s finest, I’m sure he thought he had a gold mine for his management services proposal. You can sell anything to City Hall because there’s no one there with enough intelligence to recognize a bad deal. Albany’s paid a lot more for a lot less. Why would anybody want to move their family to a terminally ill city at a time when everyone else is moving out?

PLEASE VOTE IN THE Pepsi Refresh Challenge to win $50,000 to build a Butterfly Kisses playground in Leesburg for disabled children. Text 10313 to 73774.

GOT TO LOVE BIASED views among police that are at the scene of an accident where a tractor trailer backs into a vehicle traveling down a road. Crossed the double yellow and hit a vehicle traveling on the right side of the road. Cop was a truck driver and blames it on “they do not give truckers a break” crap. How do you get an improper backing charge and all the proof is there to show this, yet a dismissed ticket for the truck driver? Good job Albany, glad I moved.

OKAY, I GOTTA ASK … this woman who was charged with six counts of theft by receiving and 21 counts of financial transaction card theft, took $6,000.00 and they put her back to work? The young man that works at the airport (Sean Reddish) was charged with two felonies for selling scrap metal (that was given to him by the sign owner) for $1,100 is still on suspension? What is wrong with this picture? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it … the taxpayers are paying for this young man to not be there doing his job and keeping up airport property while this woman still has her job after stealing from a church! Are the powers that be drowning in a sea of their own bad press? Not only is this unfair to Mr. Reddish, but it’s ridiculous and unethical! God I hope we see a change for Albany after the elections. Clearly her crime is much more serious than that of what Mr. Reddish is accused of. So why is Mr. Reddish not free to return to work until his case is resolved? I would really like an explanation for this! I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of those deals where it’s “who you know” and not “what you know”.

IF YOU WANT TO take a look at the very worst of society all gathered in the same place, take a visit to City Hall. Criminals, racists, thieves, child molesters, convicted felons, handicap parking abuse, unnecessary lawsuits, millions in taxpayer funds wasted in failed investments, hidden forgeries, gun-toting attorney, illegal donations, withholding public information, and the list goes on and on and on. This is the best example of a melting pot that houses a lot of people who couldn’t succeed at a real job where they’d actually held accountable for their actions. This, my friend, is Albany, Ga., more accurately identified as Agony, Ga.

IF THE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE has stolen from her church, this is a lifelong behavior. Well, at least she’s employed in the right place for criminals. She’s among friends in local government – the worst of the worst in thievery. Who knows what all she’s stolen and hasn’t gotten caught. Even if she doesn’t directly handle money in her job, that doesn’t mean she’s not hooked up with another employee who does.

$350,000 FOR A FAILED low-income housing project that never happened – no problem. $500,000 lost to the mayor’s campaign manager – no problem. 10s of 1,000 of dollars disappeared with Don Buie – no problem. So why can’t an elderly, grieving widow get what she’s owed? What’s owed to you is a drop in the bucket compared to what the city has flushed down the toilet over the past year. You won’t find a hint of ethics in local government. Ms. Skipper, go get yourself a good lawyer, sue the City for what’s rightfully due to you, and then do a little digging into the words fiduciary liability. Your lawyer will know what it means and what to do about it.

ALFRED LOTT HAS PROVEN over and over that he can’t do the job. The commissioners need to send him packing by the end of the year. If the Commissioners can’t or won’t do their job and let him go, then every one of them needs to be voted out. If Lott is still here in January, I plan to do everything in my power to ensure every commissioner loses their seat in the next election. I’m tired of the city’s wasteful spending, embarrassing decisions, and the total disregard for ethics.

I WOULD SAY MY first or second pet peeve is cell phones while operating any vehicle. Let’s think for a moment. Do you remember how BAD drivers were in Albany in 1985? Think for a minute. Those of you old enough to remember Albany drivers in 1975 or 1965 please make a mental comparison for each decade. Enter the cell phone. Enter the fact that nearly every living soul now has one of these devices. Watch the passing traffic and cross traffic as you sit at any traffic light. Count how many drivers are on cell phones as they pass you. Does that give you a warm fuzzy feeling about bringing you prized collector vehicle out of its protected environ to attend ANYTHING? I have no idea how we are going to solve this situation. Unless law enforcement decides to prosecute distracted drivers, we are in for a rough patch with hard (or impossible) to replace conveyances.

I’VE JUST LEARNED THAT the Georgia Secretary of State’s office does not care if churches post campaign signs on their property or preach politics from the pulpit! They only mind if the church is used as a polling place, and even then it’s only illegal to do it on election day and during polling hours! Conservative churches — get to work fast!

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    I have learned and it has taken me maybe 3 yeras,That you know where it says WE THE PEOPLE,well it s not WE THE PEOPLE, it s WE THE GOVERMMENT that goes.It does not matter who you talk to in Gov. In Albany,you are going to be wrong,and they are going to be right.I get so mad about this,we are the ones who pay these people to help us,to guied us,and to protect us.But does it work.No!
    And what makes me even madder is people who put down the Journal for printing the truth.I am glad we have someone watching our backs.Gov. is not.Thank you Albany Journal.And please dont stop letting us know where and who the wrong doings are comming from. I am no Angel,but neither are alot of people we pay to do there jobs.In this time,we need all the help we can get.Look what they are doing to our Older generation.They are the ones who built what we have now.Not Gov.I say God bless you to our Older americans for sticking it out in tough times,just to have it all taken from you.

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