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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   October 22, 2010  /   Comments

REGARDING THE PROPOSED LIQUOR store, the commission is totally dysfunctional. It amazes me that more businesses have not fled the insanity (it crosses my mind often). Cooper, Delco, Flint, just to name a few. I don’t think the powers-that-be understand how neighboring municipalities are empowered by decisions like this. One sets high hurdles, the other rolls out red carpet … which path do you pick?

ABOUT TIME SOMEONE SHOWED the so-called leaders of Albany that you can’t do just anything you like to anyone and get away with it. I hope and pray that more tapes come out about our leaders. And I really wish some would get jail time. If it was one of us plain Joes out here, we would. And they are no better. Now if we can just get a judge to do the right thing. If the right Judge gets to trial on some of these cases, maybe we can really get some Truth and Justice for all. I also hope if there are tapes that can help anyone else out here done wrong that will come out also.

REGARDING SANFORD BISHOP’S SCHOLARSHIP awards, wow! Because we get caught with our pants down do not mean that every man is a crook. Because he is a Democrat does not mean he is a crook. But the truth be told, no matter who you put up there to represent the people, it does not mean that he will represent them. I do not care whether he is Democrat or Republican. People stop being so judgmental of others. Do it like this: if you have not committed a crime or done anything wrong and I mean anything then you cast the first stone.

I’M SURE THAT BRIE and T.C. Cooley are praying for this brother. His attitude and treatment of Brie only proves that he needs it. When I have a bad day, someone will get snapped at or my wife will catch it, God only knows what this brother goes through on an average day. On the other hand, if it were my wife, I’d probably want blood.

NOT ONLY ARE THESE cops out of control, they are very poorly trained.

REGARDING THE TEEN-AGER’S infant child who died, how about patrolling the streets? How about funding more after-school programs? How about getting DFACS workers to actually do their jobs and not sit around on Facebook and giving their friends the “hook-up”? How about giving teachers a raise? Do some work that matters! It is sad that this just so happened to two young mothers. What about the mothers who let their young children run the streets, ride in a car without a car seat. What are y’all doing about REAL problems?

I WOULD SAY THAT dead babies of 13-year-old children IS a real problem. What’s throwing more of my tax money around going to do? How about the parents of these children teaching them self-respect and personal responsibility and to keep their legs together!


INVESTIGATE FIRST, THEN DRAW the conclusion whether it was from just being a teenage mother as the cause of the death. People make mistakes in life, no one is perfect. These teenagers just faced their consequences of having the baby, trying to raise it — unlike most teenagers that abort them when they get faced with that situation. A very large percentage of our teenagers are sexually active, some of them end up pregnant, some not. Don’t automatically assume that because the mother of these infants are teenagers, that’s why they are dead. SIDS is a well known big infant killer, and could very well be the cause in these two infants death.

I WAS ONCE A teenage mother. I, myself, got pregnant in high school, graduated the day my child turned 9 months old. I did this with no help from anyone other than mine and my child’s father’s hard work. We faced our consequences, dealt with the bad and raced for the good. My child is growing and thriving every day with her sisters and her brother. An A-plus student in college, working a full time job and raising my wonderful children, this teenage mother made a mistake at an early age, like most do, but proves that just because I made that one mistake doesn’t mean I am a low life, murderer that deserves a bad name, or that I can’t have something good in life or still work hard to offer my child the world. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Read the whole book.

PUT A LIEN ON Cutliff Grove’s other properties, then make the mayor and Commissioner Postell parties to the fraud.

ANYONE EVER SEE THE 1981 Sci-Fi movie “Escape from New York”? The plot basically was that sometime in the future, crime had become so out of control, that they barricaded and fortified Manhattan Island and made it into a huge maximum security prison. Only way in or out was by air. Inside, the crime lords and their various tribes had free reign to do to each other whatever the heck they wanted. Total chaos! Is this the future of Albany, GA?

REGARDING THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE change being dropped against the police spokeswoman, this was all about the buddy system and taking care of their own. She shouldn’t have thrown the radio at her daughter, either. Just shows she has no control over her children at all.

THE CHILD GOT WHAT she asked for she put herself in that position. Mom stood her ground to teach her daughter in the long run.

NO CHILD DESERVES TO be hit with a shoe. And no child deserves a mother or father that doesn’t teach them right from wrong from the beginning. This child is only doing what she was taught. It’s the parent.

MR. EDWARDS, THANK YOU for setting the standard to allow parents to strike their children in the head with objects and throw police radios during fights.

I WOULD HAVE DONE the same thing, Banks had all rights in doing what she did. If a child feels like there grown then treat them as so. That child is lucky she wasn’t around in the 60s and 70s. Hats off to Banks. Love what you did. Just sorry you had to pay the price for your action.

UDOS, MR. EDWARDS! IF we, as a society, don’t get back to the basics of child rearing and re-learn how to discipline, we will find most of our children either in jail, dead, or on their way to one of these horrible ends. I’d rather see them with a knot or a bruise now, than see them through bars or in a casket.

TRAIN A CHILD IN the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6.

I’M SURE WE ALL have a little dirty laundry we wouldn’t want to go public. Phyllis is a good person and I’m sorry she and her girls are going through some tough times. Who hasn’t wanted to smack a teenager with a shoe at some point?

IT IS SO HARD to raise a teen, especially when you are a public servant. Since I have been there I can’t judge harshly. Not with only this tidbit of information.

PHYLLIS IS A GOOD person, but as a mother, why does she have to fight to maintain order in her home? What is sad is that the laws have removed a parents’ right to discipline their unruly child. There was a time when children respected and obeyed their parents.

FROM WHAT I HAVE seen and heard, it is not right that Banks was arrested. If she was charged, the daughter should have been, also. We have a right to control our kids.

I HAVE KNOWN PHYLLIS for years and she is a good person. Youth especially at that age of Phyllis’s daughter who know the law, apparently used it against her mother because the child see’s it first hand. Many times we as parents do discipline our children well, but sometimes outside influence will cause problems in the home. I have seen this time and time again. I agree that the law has removed the rights of parents to discipline unruly and disrespectful children.

DOES THE CITY BUDGET have a line item for employees who are suspended with pay? If so, it must be bigger than the City pension plan!

I AM SORRY THAT the Harley dealership is leaving Albany.

HAVE THEY SAID YET why they are leaving Albany? Or should we just assume we already know, because first it was Lee County, and now Tifton. Sounds like they just wanted OUT … didn’t really matter where.

LACK OF REVENUE AT the Albany store?

HARLEY’S KEVIN SEWELL SAYS, “We have been a fixture in this town for several years, but I believe that we can better serve our customers in a state-of-art-facility in Tifton.” Bull! They act like they are moving across the street. Tifton is 45 minutes away! I think this speaks volumes about where Albany businesses are heading. So sad. Guess I will have to start looking for someone else to start servicing my bike … any ideas?

I’M A LIBERTARIAN AND I know that police and fire departments are instances of those universal crimes Tom Knighton mentions. Why? Because they operate on tax dollars, which are procured by theft. Also, these operations claim monopolies for themselves, universally in the case of police departments. They prohibit competition. If the government fights monopolies in telephones and oil, why does it ignore its own monopolies?

I THINK MORE PEOPLE would embrace the Libertarian views if they understood them, but the Libertarian party does a horrible job – from the party down to the local levels they are totally arrogant and spend their time criticizing others and the way it is instead of educating others on how it could be. With the current Tea Party movement, the Libertarian Party could be signing up people in droves, but instead they are turning them off. A negative message never works – they need to learn how to focus on a positive message, such as Tom Knighton has done.

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    This may be a little off subject here.But i know we all have been through it at some time or another.And there should be some laws made,from Congress or who ever.You know how when you get a phone,cable,and you have to sighn a contract to be with them for 2 years? No matter how bad there service is,you have to do this.If not like a cell phone,we have 2,now if i would like to cancell,it would cost me 400 dollars,200 for each phone.And with Direct Tv,or others,you have all these early termenation fees.The way money is right now,you just have to stick it out with the buissness that sucks,because you dont have the money to pay the early temenation fees.But you cant get that service if you dont sighn it.so where are you to go.Money is tight,and buissness are caring less about the product they put out.They can do that,what are you going to do cancell?That will cost you a pretty penny.So if any big wigs read this,help us with this problem.That is fleecing of America right?

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