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Whatcha Say, Albany?

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THE PROBLEM WITH SPLOST is that a majority of our commissioners have no integrity. What happened to the tennis center that was promised? How did SPLOST funds end up funding the $300,000 ugly and useless arch over the Oglethorpe bridge? Just a couple of examples of misuse and abuse.

WILL SPLOST BE ON the November ballot? if so, I will vote NO.

OVER 40 PERCENT OF sales tax revenues come from outside of Dougherty County … that hat means other folks are helping us to pay for all of these infrastructure improvements. We can bemoan the fact that perhaps not all of the funds have been spent like we would like to have seen them spent but remember the words of JFK, “Our task is not to fix the blame for the past, but to fix the course for the future.” We have to work to hold our elected officials accountable. If SPLOST does not pass get ready for a significant property tax increase and that means rents will be going up too because landlords will pass it down.

SOMETHING THE JOURNAL SHOULD look into. Back in the 70s or early 80s, APD had something like 270 uniformed police, and the population was something like 90 thousand. There has got to be a correlation between the uniforms on the street and the crime rate. And the problem? The city administration does not want to spend the money, so the general population suffers. And the local experienced police people know that they cannot get support from the administration and thus will not apply for the chief position. So let’s build another arch or bring in a skating rink. Another thing — APD certification! Bungler Younger got state certification, relatively worthless. National certification is tougher to get but has enormous benefits. National certification brings federal money in the form of grants and makes the department eligible for all sorts of fancy and sophisticated equipment that is prohibitive due to cost and lack of availability to uncertified departments. In the late 70s or early 80s, APD decided to work on national certification but decided it was too much trouble and too expensive. Albany needs leadership!

REGARDING THE ARTICLE ABOUT a city of Albany pensioner being underpaid and the city hiding it from his widow, it is routine for valid underpayments discovered during an audit or further review to be paid without even asking. This is what an organization with integrity would do.

OF COURSE WE ALREADY know those managing Albany have no interest in anything close to integrity. So, Ms. Skipper, hire a lawyer and make them pay the underpayment–and the legal fees you incur.

GREAT ARTICLE BY TOM Seegmueller. Always timely advice. You can never be too safe when it comes to firearms.

JUST THINK HOW MUCH more damage Albany City Manager Alfred Lott can do till July 2011. I think he has done enough. Why wait? Go now. That is what would help Albany, and take the mayor with you. Heck, take all of them. They are no better than you for they went right along with all of your decisions. So why just get rid of one problem? Get rid of all of them and start from scratch.

THE TRUTH BE TOLD, there are many who are dangerous in Albany Georgia such as lawyers, police, commission, pastors and many more. They work together just to hide behind each other. But there is a very true saying that eventually shine light on the subject. “What ever you do in the dark will one day come to light.”

REGARDING SANFORD BISHOP’S SCHOLARSHIP awards, wow! Because we get caught with our pants down do not mean that every man is a crook. Because he is a Democrat does not mean he is a crook. But the truth be told, no matter who you put up there to represent the people, it does not mean that he will represent them. I do not care whether he is Democrat or Republican. People stop being so judgmental of others. Do it like this: if you have not committed a crime or done anything wrong and I mean anything then you cast the first stone. other than this, shut- up!

I’M SURE THAT BRIE and T.C. Cooley are praying for this brother. His attitude and treatment of Brie only proves that he needs it. When I have a bad day, someone will get snapped at or my wife will catch it, God only knows what this brother goes through on an average day. On the other hand, if it were my wife, I’d probably want blood.

NOT ONLY ARE THESE cops out of control, they are very poorly trained.

REGARDING THE TEEN-AGER’S infant child who died, how about patrolling the streets? How about funding more after-school programs? How about getting DFACS workers to actually do their jobs and not sit around on Facebook and giving their friends the “hook-up”? How about giving teachers a raise? Do some work that matters! It is sad that this just so happened to two young mothers. What about the mothers who let their young children run the streets, ride in a car without a car seat. What are y’all doing about REAL problems?

I WOULD SAY THAT dead babies of 13-year-old children IS a real problem. What’s throwing more of my tax money around going to do? How about the parents of these children teaching them self-respect and personal responsibility and to keep their legs together!


INVESTIGATE FIRST, THEN DRAW the conclusion whether it was from just being a teenage mother as the cause of the death. People make mistakes in life, no one is perfect. These teenagers just faced their consequences of having the baby, trying to raise it — unlike most teenagers that abort them when they get faced with that situation. A very large percentage of our teenagers are sexually active, some of them end up pregnant, some not. Don’t automatically assume that because the mother of these infants are teenagers, that’s why they are dead. SIDS is a well known big infant killer, and could very well be the cause in these two infants death.

I WAS ONCE A teenage mother. I, myself, got pregnant in high school, graduated the day my child turned 9 months old. I did this with no help from anyone other than mine and my child’s father’s hard work. We faced our consequences, dealt with the bad and raced for the good. My child is growing and thriving every day with her sisters and her brother. An A-plus student in college, working a full time job and raising my wonderful children, this teenage mother made a mistake at an early age, like most do, but proves that just because I made that one mistake doesn’t mean I am a low life, murderer that deserves a bad name, or that I can’t have something good in life or still work hard to offer my child the world. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Read the whole book.

ANYONE EVER SEE THE 1981 Sci-Fi movie “Escape from New York”? The plot basically was that sometime in the future, crime had become so out of control, that they barricaded and fortified Manhattan Island and made it into a huge maximum security prison. Only way in or out was by air. Inside, the crime lords and their various tribes had free reign to do to each other whatever the heck they wanted. Total chaos! Is this the future of Albany, GA????

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