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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   October 2, 2010  /   Comments

KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON, Sanford! Were any of you scholarship awards on the “up and up”?

I JUST SAW THE story about the EDC and their goal of 500 new jobs. That is very commendable. However, with the current city manager, this goal is not attainable. I am a small business owner, employing 18 people. If the city manager treats other business owners the way he treated me, the city will lose more jobs than it gains.

MAYBE THE ARREST OF the people accused of defrauding the government of housing assistance will be and eye opener and they will start doing their job. There is no sense that all of theses ladies were able to get past the first interview. Seems like some of the case workers need to be put in jail right along with all this trash.

IF YOU ARE GONNA be drug tested to get a job, then you sure as heck should be drug tested to be apart of any welfare system. It’s all but fair. I find it pathetic that trash like this is put above our elderly and people who really are in need of the assistance.

WHEN YOU APPLY FOR Food Stamps and any type of assistance they have to offer, one of the questions is have you ever been in trouble for illegal drugs and at least two of the ladies who were arrested were and have been locked up and have drug charges on them. It is sad that the people who allowed this did not go through with their job and do a thorough investigation.

MANY OF THE PEOPLE you think are living so well are a part of the Section 8 assistance program. There should be a limit on the number of years you get it. Twenty years is too long.

THIS TYPE CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR was spawned by the LBJ administration and is part of the Democrat vote-getting machine. More welfare babies, more money, and more Democrat votes. An endless cycle of poverty. Kinda like the illegal immigrant scam. Good luck with breaking the cycle!

WHAT AGENCY OR PERSON took the application and did not follow up on the status of the income? I cannot believe that they completed the paperwork all by their self. Must be some bigwig in Albany. Can we have this agency name or person’s name and why have they not been arrested? This is just more corruption of the so-called programs to give aid to the poor, WIC for unwed mothers, Medicaid fraud, welfare programs for those that get the freebies that the hardworking taxpayers have paid and paid for this is another form of thieving burglars.  Please continue to investigate all the fraud of these agencies, include DFACS, these employees have exploited the system for years.

I WONDER HOW MANY of the ladies who were arrested drive luxury cars or SUVs? This is a great start. Hopefully more of these leeches will be cut off. If these ladies are prosecuted by the feds, none of them will be smiling.

I WORK TWO FULLTIME jobs to make sure my family has a good standard of living and about 10 percent of the money I earn is taken away so it can be given to these people.

PEOPLE NEED TO REALIZE that special needs kids include not only those who find conventional learning difficult, but also those who are gifted too. It includes those who find focus challenging and those whose emotions overwhelm them. They need love, understanding, protection and support. God blessed me with a special needs child and she’s the bomb!

THE INDIAN GALLERY OF Henry Inman exhibit at the Albany Museum of Art was very interesting and provided a unique glimpse into our regions past.

HMMMMM, WONDER WHY THE Civic Center candidate cared that Al Lott is halfway out the door?

AL LOTT LEAVING SHOULD have been a plus for the Civic Center director.

SORRY, BUT WHO WOULD want to work for Albany government.

HMMMMM, GOTTA BE A missing piece, smoking gun, etc. Lott has said “a lot” about how he wants to finish the strong. Take the job and wow us. Not a Lott fan or adversary, just a Dougherty County resident (live and work here) giving my an opinion. I have an issue with those who work her, but don’t live here, being vocal.

I AM GOING TO say this one more time about Al Lott … Out, out damn spot! I mean, does he have to be hung in effigy before he gets the idea that he is not wanted here?

INTERESTING CHOICE OF WORDS. Anyone with a calendar?


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  1. Truth B Known says:

    So now they are saying,(the other paper) that Good Ole Boy Roger has a hidden agenda to his saggie pants issue,and the liquor lic. For Jax owner.He would like to be Mayor.Or that is what the other paper said.And the way it was wrote is that he is using the black people,(Minister,ASU Students that vote,And any Black person who wears baggie pants.First off there are just as many White people wearing baggie pants.Then the Liquor store deal,he thinks this will buy him votes for Mayor.What he does not get is Albany wants a new start.Why put the same ole Good Ole boys back in there at any position?I do not like the fact he is using the Black community to do this.And i am white.The reason being is to me,and this is just my way of thinking.But If he thinks that doing this is going to get him more Black votes,i think he may be wrong.I hope so.Black people are not stupid.they know what you re up to.Which brings me to another point of our Leaders,here we go with the race thing again.Albany is trying to heal from all the mistakes you all have made.And yet you all always bring in the race card.You dont want harmony between the races here.You just want to cause more problems between them.Enough is Enough.Stop using people.
    I hope all people of all races feel like i do.It is time for the hate to stop.Years ago things happened that we today have no control over.I am sorry they happened.But i can do nothing about it,except try to bring all races together.Fight the real criminals that get away with everything.Our Leaders.Untill all the so called officals stop with the race issues.Remember the song,WE are The World?That is what i would like to see.Peace between all colors of this world.Like colors of a rainbow.We can make Albany better.But it will take us all fighting together.No matter race,sex,poor,rich.
    See that is the one thing All the Officals are counting own,that they can keep us all devided.Cant you see it?Maybe i see things diffrent becuase of past things that have went wrong in my life.But i dont blame Black,White,poor, rich.It all come down to our Leaders,and what they want.Dont give it to them.God Bless Albany,and every person who lives here of all colors.After all.WE are What Makes the World.not someone telling us what to do.We All have rights.And it s time alot of us come together and show our Leaders,we dont need them to get along.We need them to stay out of our lives,dont tell us what to wear,or who to get along with.Do the job they get paid to do.Arrest law breakers,starting with the people in there own back yards.(In there own law breaking leadership}

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