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Obamacare taking effect

By   /   October 8, 2010  /   Comments

Over the last few weeks the effects of Healthcare reform have been showing up in the news, none of the effects though have been what you were promised. In fact the effects have been negative, and may be the reason Congressman Bishop hasn’t said word one since his victory party passing the bill.

Over the last few weeks you may have heard of 5 large healthcare companies no longer selling new child only policies. Today, even though McDonald’s denies it,  the Wall Street Journal has a story that because of Obamacare, 35,000 employees may lose their insurance. Today Principal announces they getting out of the business, 725,000 people to lose their current insurance and more than 1,500 jobs lost. The report doesn’t say they are selling the unit, but closing the unit.  Obamacare and promises broken.

A local Independent Insurance agent tells me he has seen two price increases in the last two months totaling 40 percent for Insurance polices. all because of Obamacare and mandated coverages that just went into effect. A story of one large insurance company in Texas  that has changed how and what they will pay agents for selling polices, in effect making sure the agents don’t want sell the polices. All because of Obamacare, so don’t be sticker shocked when you are up for renewal.

If you want to stop this you need to vote, you can early vote now. Congressman Bishop doesn’t want you to, but if you care, you will.

Congressman Bishop doesn’t even want to be found, he won’t answer The Albany Journal’s questions, and eve CNN anchor Anderson Cooper couldn’t find him. But if you support him and need a job, he’s hiring, just show up at his campaign office on Dawson in Albany.   He’s a bit short on volunteers, so he is hiring people to go door-to-door extolling his virtues. If someone comes to you door, ask him how much he’s making. d like to know.

Mike Sabot

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    I d like to know since Phoebe owns half of Albany,when Oboma makes us all get health insurance,are they still going to get the same tax breaks.And get to keep buying up land for little or nothing?

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