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My birdie on 18

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You don’t have to be a golfer to understand the importance of a victorious moment. For me it came on the worse day of golf in my life. Nothing went right … except for the ball. My wife, who had never held a golf club in her hands, was outplaying me on most every hole. I haven’t spoken to her since.

Halfway through the round, my embarrassment turned to anger. “Just how far could I throw these clubs,” I pondered. Now you’re wondering if I actually hurled them … yes, I did. I also retrieved them a few moments later. Perhaps this worse game ever was a spiritual thing. Was God ticked at me for playing on Sunday? I figured He was cool with it since I attended church that morning. Well much like the prodigal son of old, I came to my senses. I made the decision that I would enjoy this time with my wife and then NEVER play golf again. This game was controlling me. I needed a new hobby.

I am certain that Regina was elated to see the 18th and final hole come over the hill. Sanctuary was just on the other side. But first we would have to get this ball over the pond that made this hole a bit more challenging. I took my swing and there it was … the shot of the day. The ball flew over the water like a bird on a well planned flight and landed just 20 feet from the cup. Then with a crowd of a dozen or so onlookers, I sunk it for a 1-under-par birdie. The guys waiting to play on the first hole applauded in the gracious way golfers do and I responded with the tipping of my hat as if this was a common occurrence. Suddenly the anger was gone. The frustration and quitting attitude had been replaced by that one victorious moment. I was now ready to play again.

I have many real life examples of such scenarios and so do you. I’m talking about those situations where you believe the “game” is hopeless and you are ready to quit. Do you ever feel as if the more you try to make adjustments in your marriage the worse it seems to get. Have you ever watched people get promoted right over you even though you knew the job was yours? These are the times I remember that “birdie on 18” – that victorious moment. It keeps me in the game and makes me try again and again.

What is your “birdie on 18” – that one victorious moment that reminded you that all is not lost? One solid victorious moment can carry you through when the situation seems impossible. A victorious moment, firmly planted in your memory is like a historical marker. It will give you a point of reference and cause you remember the good times. It may be just what you need to give that circumstance another try.

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