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Men want respect

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Some women just don’t understand this but we men do. Women who never tell their men how much that they love them or how great they are (even if they aren’t!) will probably never have the happy relationship with a man that they could have. Men need respect badly. If you haven’t been doing this frequently to your man, start doing it and see the difference it will make in your relationship no matter how good it is right now.

There is a book titled “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands.” The woman who wrote this book, Laura Schlessinger, really understands men! This is the best book about men that I have ever read and any woman who doesn’t read it is making a big mistake. Men should read it, also. Let me know what you think if you go out and buy a copy and read it.

Let me explain how important respect is to a man. When I was 18 or 19, one of my close friends and I double-dated a couple girls from the small town close to the town where we lived in northern Illinois. Upon returning the girls to their homes after the date, some jerk and four or five other guys tried to run us out of their little town by bumping our back bumper on the way out of town. This was the 1950s and things like this seemed to be common activities of young men who didn’t like out-of-town guys dating “their” girls.

You know, the 1950s time of T-shirts and Levis and cigarettes rolled up in a sleeve. Anyway, we were on our way to our town and they were bumping the back bumper of my grandmother’s new Pontiac that she let us borrow that night. There wee just two of us, so we weren’t stopping and getting into a fight with them that night. Here it has been 50 years ago and the lack of respect shown to me still bothers me a great deal. I could see myself going back there, even today, to settle the score. That is how much respect means to a male and the kind of feelings that can be generated by doing something stupid.

Honestly, today, 50 years later, I really do still have these feelings that I want to go back there and find that guy (he is probably dead by now!). My wife cannot believe that I feel this way. I imagine that most women would say the same thing. It is a fact, though, so remember how important respect is to a man. It is just how we men are built. We can’t help it! It has to do with the testosterone in our bodies, I guess. Treat us right, make us feel like we are something better than we are and we will do anything for you.

I don’t think that things have changed much. We still want and need that respect. Get that book. Ladies, it will make you a step ahead of your competition if you aren’t married and keep you married if you are!

AndersonnewWritten by Ted Anderson. Insurance agent Ted W. Anderson worked in sales for half a century, has lived in Albany since 1993. He is president of Dover Lane Neighborhood Watch. Send email to him at aj@thealbanyjournal.com.

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