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GBI to probe Dougherty schools in cheating case

By   /   October 18, 2010  /   Comments

Gov. Sonny Perdue has ordered the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to assist a probe into possible cheating on standardized tests at schools in Doiugherty County and Atlanta.

Perdue ordered the agency today to assist in a special investigation now led by former state Attorney General Mike Bowers and ex-DeKalb County District Attorney Bob Wilson.

Perdue has said he is unhappy with what he called “inadequate probes” conducted by the  Dougherty County and Atlanta school systems school systems. The inquiries began after a statewide review showed an unusually high number of erasures on first- through eighth-grade standardized tests taken in spring 2009.

In Dougherty and Atlanta, standardized tests were monitored and test scores plummeted.

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    We cant get GBI to come in and investagate the things that have gone missing from our Officals,we cant get them to come in to find out why Nathan Davis had no charges filed against him,we cant get them to come in to find out about the Cuttliff Grove deal,or the missing money that people in office have took and just got a slap on the hand and made to promise to pay it back.We cant get them to come in and investagate what is going on in our town with all the Crookedness in the Court house,or our ellected offical.But here we go with the Schools again.Untill we get people in the School system that know what they are doing.to teach our kids,what is the GBI going to do.I dont have any kids,always wanted some.But it was not ment to be.But i have cared for children,many of them.And that is what they need,someone to care,and people that starts at home.So you ask why i have the right to say anything about it if i dont have any kids.Well as long as i pay taxes for Schools and the cost of getting people good and know what they are doing to teach them.I do have this right.If not.Dont charge me the taxes.If GBI comes in to Albany and investagates,they probley will find out where all our tax money for the Schools are going.I can see it is not going for the Schools.So can others.

  2. Truth B Known says:

    GBI needs to investagate our City and County Officals also.They can get away with anything.

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