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Congress shouldn’t delay tax vote

By   /   October 6, 2010  /   Comments

Congress is trying to recess to campaign without voting on a tax bill. They have already failed to pass a budget. Republicans have called for a simple, up or down vote on extending the Bush tax cuts.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama are trying to avoid the issue. Meanwhile, business and investors continue to hold on to their money while they wait to see what will happen.  This Democrat-induced uncertainty only prolongs the recession. Business, not government, will bring us out of the recession.

Business is in business to make money. No one can make an informed decision on how much, when, and in what to invest when they have no idea of what the cost of doing business will be. Just look at the variables that Democrats have thrown into the mix for someone thinking of starting or expanding their business — cap and trade, health care, an end to private and secret ballots on forming a union, and what the tax rate will be 90 days from now.

Given all this uncertainty, it should be no surprise that the decision is, “hold on to the money.”  Congress wants to play politics, cowardly politics, and abandon their responsibility. Americans are not fooled by these political games.

A vote to recess before a straight up or down vote on taxes is the same as a vote to raise taxes. These political games are killing our economy. Do your job, Congress, and show us where you really stand.

Donald E. Cole


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