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“Come apart before you come apart”

By   /   October 16, 2010  /   Comments

Has this ever happened to you?

You start with a simple, or even a familiar task. The knowledge you need to complete the mission is embedded firmly in your mind or in the simple instructions set before you. Then it happens! Bolt “A” does not fit into hole “C.” The combination for the lock that you turn everyday without thought has suddenly vanished form you memory. The lawnmower doest start, the email doesn’t open, or the remote control no longer ejects the DVD. BUT YOU CAN FIX IT!

Let’s just drill a new hole for bolt “A.” That combination lock is no match for you. With enough time, attempts, and frustration for you and everyone around you, that lock will be opened or pummeled into dust in the process. You don’t need a break or a second opinion. What about the lawn mower? No problem. “Honey, where are my tools?” Hopefully they are not behind that locked door. You’ll take the engine apart if necessary because YOU can fix it!

All of these have scenarios have actually happened to me. Instead of taking myself away from the situation for a few minutes or asking for help, I tend to stay at the task to either fix a problem or create a series of new ones. The latter I refer to as “dougging.” Either way, I will have the satisfaction of resolution even if it means a trip to the trash can. Maybe it’s a man thing.

It would be better if we all learned to “come apart” from the particular circumstance before we “come apart” with frustration and wasted time. It seems to me that the more I try to fix certain situations the worse they tend to get. Many years ago, while attempting to repair a lawnmower, some annoying “kid” rode up on his bicycle and had the audacity to ask me, “What’s the matter, mister … did it run out of gas?” Hmmm … did I check the fuel before changing the plug and air filter? Pride dictated that I waited until he rode off before fueling the mower. It ran great after that.

More recently, I attempted to start a new website on which to blog. Here’s the short of it: Before I was done, I had angered everyone around me, purchased 2 new hosting packages, was forced to move MILLIONS of bytes of information, and lost my main email address for a time.

Why did I come apart like that? It would have been so much better to walk away at the first sign of trouble and perhaps speak to at least one of the many web designers I know and make a solid plan before going through many hours of unneeded work and irritation.

Don’t be prideful or arrogant. Let a second set of eyes look at with you. Go drink a glass of something cold, or take a walk. Find a way to, “come apart before you come apart.”

Hope you enjoy that, “With Your Latte.”

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