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What is a Libertarian?

By   /  October 2, 2010  /  Tom Knighton  /   Comments

Tweet On a web comment regarding Leesburg City Council candidate Jeff Sexton, someone claimed that they opposed Jeff because he was a Libertarian. This person claimed that Libertarians want to take down all government, and specifically cited police and fire departments as targets of ours. Now, the ignorance was abundant in this comment. However, there [...]

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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /  October 2, 2010  /  WhatCha-Say?  /   Comments


Tweet KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON, Sanford! Were any of you scholarship awards on the “up and up”? I JUST SAW THE story about the EDC and their goal of 500 new jobs. That is very commendable. However, with the current city manager, this goal is not attainable. I am a small business owner, employing 18 people. [...]

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