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Whatcha Say, Albany?

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I RECENTLY WAS INCARCERATED at Dougherty County Jail because of a 6 year old traffic violation (left on yellow). This violation is not even on my driver’s record anymore, but I spent five days in jail. I was beaten up while in jail (by a captain) and filed a complaint. Guess what? The complaint was never turned in. Do I need a lawyer? Is this a cover-up? YES. YES.

THE HEADLINES IN YOUR paper call Joey Pait a sex offender, but he is not convicted of a sex crime of any nature that makes him a sex offender, nor is he listed on any sex offender registry. Plea negotiations initiated by the state with Pait and his attorneys at the time of his criminal trial are not an admission of guilt. He is not an “admitted sex offender” nor did he “beat” a molestation charge. You should research his criminal trial. You should also do some research on the moral character form that Chief Carswell does not want to sign. O.C.G.A. 25-4-8(a)(3) requires that any person certified as a firefighter to be of good moral character as determined by an investigation. This is accomplished by an investigation of the criminal history of the candidate to verify that there is no recent pattern of convictions of crimes involving stealing, cheating, lying or some other that may indicate less than good moral character. Having an official from the fire department complete the following statement may satisfy this requirement sounds like they care about a fire chief’s personal opinion of a candidate. Of the 23 points in Carswell’s letter to Escoffrey that you printed in your paper, which of them fall into this category? I spoke with the Georgia Standards and Training Council myself about the form, and they’re only concerned with the last five years. Mr. Pait has no convictions whatsoever. The sad thing about it is everyone at the hearing Thursday knew what this form was about (a pattern of recent misdemeanor convictions), NOT about Carswell’s personal opinion of Mr. Pait. Why do you think Escoffrey had drafted a court order for Judge Lockette to sign? Judge Lockette knew the form wasn’t about Carswell’s opinion of Pait. If you had of been at the hearing you would have known, (unless you were there but didn’t pay attention, because Judge Lockette hasn’t ordered anything), and you would have heard Judge Lockette give an order to everyone present not to discuss the issue at all with anyone. Accusations are not convictions. It’s not Mr. Pait’s fault that he is entitled to first-offender status. It’s not his fault that the City of Albany’s PMS is only concerned with felony convictions. You should go to the clerk of courts and read the January 5th court order from Judge Lockette and you will read the truth about the situation resulting in Mr. Pait’s termination.

NO, you should  not sign that Joey Pait is of good moral character if you do not believe it to be so.

AND THE TAXPAYRES WILL pay for Joey Pait’s lost ages? Double NO.

WHAT?! I BACK CHIEF Carswell 100 percent. He took an oath to protect this city and he is trying to do so. I am appalled to hear he may be forced to hire and admitted sex offender. This is ludicrous. Does the judge have grandchildren or friends with children? This boils my blood.

THIS IS A NO-BRAINER. Chief Carswell has to sign his name to a document giving his opinion on a man’s moral worth. The form REQUIRES CHIEF CARSWELL’S signature. How can a judge, a lawyer, a police officer, a preacher or the dang president make a man sign something that he does NOT believe. Albany’s government is a joke; ran by a bunch of complete idiots. Second (if I lived in Albany), please don’t send this man to my house if it’s on fire. Why doesn’t Albany just secede from the nation and start their own country? Heck, they already make their own laws.

REGARDING THE PUBLIC WORKS guy who was attacked and robbed, it is my understanding they have asked him to take a polygraph.

LEE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ARE getting like Albany’s. If we get rid of Duffy’s puppets next election would be a start. But you need someone trustworthy to run against them.

PUTTING JOEY PAIT BACK to work is the dumbest thing I have ever herd. Don’t ever send this guy to my house, fire or not. Talk about making it easy for someone to sue the city in the future.

I THINK EVERYONE “IN charge” in Albany, commissioners, mayor, Judges, all of them, they have all gone insane! This town is a disgusting mess. The law always seems to be on the side of criminals, scum or shady characters, including politicians. I will remember all of this at election time, if there is no one decent and good to vote for I will write someone in. This is all just too much. Albany has become a laughingstock and it deserves to be so. If I could, I would pack up and leave “Dodge”.

I WAS TOLD BY a Kia Auto Sport employee that the employees were told they were going to close the doors in six months or less.

REGARDING THE CORRUPTION AT city hall, you know, it’s really hard to decide whether to be more disappointed and shocked at the pure thuggery and criminal conspiracy these morons engage in or their ignorance and ineptitude. I mean, every week it’s something else. Will somebody PLEASE get the governor’s office involved and clean this filthy, corrupt house?

REGARDIING THE ARTICLE ABOUT flu shots, concern over product safety does not automatically make one against the use of that product. For example, concern over Toyota automobile safety does not make one anti-car. Consumers interested in learning about flu vaccine safety beyond vendor press releases can investigate medical reports by the 27,000-member Cochrane Collaboration, or search PubMed for peer-reviewed journal articles on Thimerosal toxicology studies.

I SURE AM GLAD I don’t live in Albany because a lot of property taxes are just paying for the city’s mistakes. Firing without cause, lying by all government agencies, it just keeps getting worse and worse.

ASIDE FROM THE FACT that the money that saved jobs in and near Randolph County came from American taxpayers, and the fact that the underlying problems that jeopardized these jobs has not changed, each one of these jobs at Rockwater works out to about $103,000 each and the Piggly Wiggly Jobs cost a measly 167,500 each. How is this possibly a good thing for America? You know, it may have made more sense to find 40 people who haven’t worked in a while and paid them the money because it is likely to have the same effect as this stimulus.

FROM URINATING IN A cup on an air plane, funneling money to relatives, and now taking money to send his family to college with our money that should have gone to a deserving resident of our district, this guy keeps taking and we keep electing him! Who should be blamed? 18 years of destroying our district and selling us out to the highest bidder … when will we learn?

REGARDING THE ARTICLE ABOUT the women accused of taking money from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, this is so very sad. Some of these women work everyday, have good jobs, nice cars and all. However, it’s good they got caught. It’s other people who really need help, but can’t because of people trying to beat the system. One of those women does hair, I know she makes good money. One owns her own business and they live income based. Hats off. Great job.

I AM FROM PELHAM and I noticed that most of the people that were arrested from Pelham live in Lee H. Williams housing and I just don’t think this is a coincidence.

ABOUT TIME! I KNOW at least five of them and they sell drugs or somebody in their family sells them. They drive Lexuses and big trucks and now they are in jail where they belong because I have an 84-year-old grandmother who needs this assistance and now we finally have our wish. Kudos to the GBI that did their job maybe they should investigate the people who approved these people for all these years because they knew they were lying about their wages. It’s about time. Now all we need is for the GBI to clean up the police department then the courthouse and I think we should have a better living environment in the city of Albany.

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  1. Disappointed in Agony GA says:

    If you want to take a look at the very worst of society all gathered in the same place, take a visit to City Hall. Criminals, racist, thieves, child molesters, convicted felons, handicap parking abuse, unnecessary lawsuits, millions in taxpayer funds wasted in failed investments, hidden forgeries, gun toting attorney, illegal donations, withholding public information, and the list goes on and on and on. This is the best example of a melting pot that houses a lot of people who couldn’t succeed at a real job where they’d actually held accountable for their actions. This my friend, is Albany, GA more accurately identified as Agony GA.

  2. Richard Rashad says:

    why do all the attormeys get their briefs printed in the Journal? Do they pay for this privilege?

    1. khogencamp says:

      The answer is no, lawyers don’t pay to get their briefs printed in the Journal. What briefs are you speaking of?

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