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Whatcha Say, Albany?

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THE “MYSTERY TOWER” IN the photo on page A3 of the Sept. 1 edition belongs to the County Jail. I’m not sure what year it was built, but it was replaced by a new jail building directly north of the courthouse in 1912. The old jail sat just east and north of the courthouse on the west side of Washington St. The tower was on the southeast corner of the building, probably overlooking part of the “exercise yard”. The tower was 4 stories high, as indicated in the photo caption. The 2-story building to the left of the tower is the jail building itself. It and the tower were constructed of brick. The tower and jail building look more distant because of the camera perspective. The long, low building in front of the tower (right of the courthouse) was the F.W. Goodwin Livery (stable), which extended south all the way to Pine Avenue.

I WOULDN’T BE SURPRISED if the posts on your Website that lack real contact information were posted by people your newspaper publishes the truth about. They’re unhappy that you post the truth, so they retaliate in the only 10-year-old fashion they know — name calling and the like.
It’s sad really that educated adults can resort to childish behavior like this.

IS ALBANY SO PETTY that they need to take money from someone and possibly fire them over something as stupid as taking scrap metal? I’d look into this city policy. Just because it’s a local city policy, ordinance, or part of a job description doesn’t make it legal or binding.

LOVED THE ARTICLE ON the POB. As a Buckhead to Baconton transplant, working in Albany, I passed by and on occasion stopped for a ‘pick me up’. I always felt like the best looking girl in the world there. Everyone was so nice. I always thought it went from the Putney Oyster Bar to Poor Ol’ Bobby’s!

FROM URINATING IN A cup on an air plane, funneling money to relatives, and now stealing money to send his family to college with OUR money that should have gone to a deserving resident of our district this guy keeps stealing and we keep electing him! Who should be blamed?? 18 years of destroying our district and selling us out to the highest bidder … when will we learn?

I CAN’T BELIVE PEOPLE don’t seem to think that Mayor Adams is at least as dangerous as Alfred Lott, if not more dangerous, to taxpayers.

HOW CAN ONE TRUST a man who takes money to be given to needy deserving students and gives it to his own relatives? Do we have a problem with a broken “moral compass” or is it case of being “eat up with the dumbs”?

WHY CAN’T THE JOURNAL just report the forgeries that it wrote about to the GBI. You have enough info for them to start a investigation. APD would do nothing but the GBI would almost have to look into it.

I GET IT NOW. If you are an official in Albany, you can get away with anything. Look at how many laws have been broken by them. How many went to jail? Wrong is wrong. If you break the law, no matter who you are, what color you are, what sex you are, breaking the law is just that: breaking the law. When are all the officials who have robbed the taxpayers, cheated the people who worked for them, lied under oath and not lived up to their oath of office going to jail?

WOW … WAITING TO READ why Phyllis Banks was arrested and read so much other information that has nothing to do with the matter at hand. A real reporter’s content supports the headline. If you wanted to do a bio on Phyllis, maybe you should start your book.

TATTOOS? LET’S JUST GET rid of the bad and lazy teachers.

UNFORTUNATELY, CORRUPTION IN ALBANY is a top-down problem and the top sees no problem on their end. Giving true meaning to “trickle-down education.”

TATTOOS? OVER HALF OF the teachers in my school system would be let go. This is an outrage!

THEY PICK ON TEACHERS for having a tattoo when the kids probably have nose piercings or tattoos themselves! They should be concerned about the qualifications. If the teachers are qualified and dress decently, leave them alone. It sounds like, the old create a diversion to get the heat off the important issues.

IT IS THE SAME everywhere: Corruption and incompetence.

I JUST CAME BACK from Acworth, they have the same complaints about their city government. The problem is the best qualified people are to smart too take the jobs as city manager or mayor.

REGARDING PHYLLIS BANKS’ ARREST, we have let the courts and law interfere with personal family values and that is not in the eyes of the Lord. Read your Bible.

YOU CAN TRAIN UP a child in the way they should go, etc., and I believe that, but our children don’t always go by how they were raised. They will eventually come back, I believe, but you can’t blame parents for everything that their children do. That’s not right. We live in a society that wants to blame parents for everything.

SEE HOW HAVING CONNECTIONS and friends will help you! Buddy DA wouldn’t have drop charges on anyone else and definitely not so fast! Quote from DA: “Evidence suggests that in this instance the child was being unruly and probably should’ve been arrested as well as Ms. Banks.”

THIS WAS ALL ABOUT the buddy system and taking care of their own. She shouldn’t have thrown the radio at her daughter, either. Just shows she has no control over her children at all.

THE CHILD GOT WHAT she asked for she put herself in that position. Mom stood her ground to teach her daughter in the long run.

NO CHILD DESERVES TO be hit with a shoe. And no child deserves a mother or father that doesn’t teach them right from wrong from the beginning. This child is only doing what she was taught. It’s the parent.

MR. EDWARDS, THANK YOU for setting the standard to allow parents to strike their children in the head with objects and throw police radios during fights.

THIS IS COMPLETE TYPICAL for the downright dirty bureaucrats in charge of Albany and Dougherty County. Had it been any other Jane Doe, they would not have had their charges dropped. Will the citizens of Albany/Dougherty ever stand together to take back their government? I doubt it.

I WOULD HAVE DONE the same thing, Banks had all rights in doing what she did. If a child feels like there grown then treat them as so. That child is lucky she wasn’t around in the 60s and 70s. Hats off to Banks. Love what you did. Just sorry you had to pay the price for your action.

LAST TIME I HEARD, both parties go to jail for disorderly conduct or simple battery. So they both should be charged and punished not let off with counseling because it will happen again.

IF THIS CHILD HAD good home training, she would not have acted like she did. Obviously, parenting skills are lacking in her home.

DOES THE CITY BUDGET have a line item for employees who are suspended with pay? If so, it must be bigger than the City pension plan!

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