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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   September 10, 2010  /   Comments

ALTHOUGH OPEN RECORDS LAWS do give an avenue to more information, much information is still withheld because of the cost to make such info available. Information is not free in many cases. So, the full story on many issues won’t be known.

STEVEN “GOOSE” MONCUS WAS one of my closes friends in the youth at Central Baptist. Loved and still do, so much!

THANK YOU CHRIS PIKE and the other four commissioners for actually listening to the public.

WHY DO WE NEED a “spokesperson”, anyway? Chief Proctor has a mouth.

LOVE AND HEALING TO Phyllis. Prayers for her family.

BOY, DOUGHERTY COUNTY WOULD’VE loved the assistant principal we had in Worth County a couple of years ago. He had a ponytail AND an earring in one ear. Oh, the horror, shock and mayhem. But that’s okay; he’s no longer an assistant principal; he’s THE PRINCIPAL! (We found out that ponytail didn’t weight his brain down and the hole for the earring did not drain his brain out.)

WHY IS THE SCHOOL board worried about teachers with tattoos? They knew some of them had them when they hired them. They need to focus on the teachers who cannot teach. My son’s sixth grade class spent a majority of their time writing lines for what the teachers would tell me was for the class misbehaving. I never could get anything done about that. He would come home with so much homework and tell me they just wrote lines in class. Those are the issues that need to be addressed.

IT’S TERRIBLE THAT THE 61-year-old city worker was discriminated against. I truly can’t believe things like this are happening now so blatantly. Thank God for the open records laws that allow us to find out about it, though.

DID YOU KNOW THAT there are parts of Ledo Road in which the Dougherty side is being supplied water and sewer at rates equal/lower than the Lee side? LC subsidizes Dougherty, then the sales tax generated goes to Dougherty. This is wrong.

I READ A LOT of the Atlanta-area news and DeKalb County is right up there with Albany. Albany is afraid Lott may spill his guts about what is really going on within the city government. He knows where the bodies are buried so to speak.

EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT THE city government, police department, city manager and the mayor are a joke. As long as we have these people in power, Albany will continue to suffer.

IS THE MAYOR SUPPOSED to be the city manager? Wasteful, wasteful, wasteful.

THEY NEED TO SEND Mr. Lott packing without any hesitation. He has cost the City of Albany way too much as it is. California: Give him a one-way ticket and send him on his way and do not let him come back. He, the mayor and everyone who voted the Cutliff Grove deal should be required to pay back that money. Albany has gotten to be one of the biggest jokes in the state of Georgia.

PERHAPS YOU UNDERESTIMATE THE status of Albany as a joke. The biggest may be more appropriate.

REGARDING ALFRED LOTT WANTING taxpayers to fund his upcoming trip to California, you got to be kidding me!

IF ALL THIS IS true about Lott, why does the city commission keep him until next year? That is really a sad thing.

CAN’T WAIT TO READ your write-up on the breaking news of the GBI investigating with HUD for Section 8 fraud. The spotlight is on you corrupt Albany! Go get um!


WHEN ALFRED LOTT HID forgeries from the police and federal government, wouldn’t this be called accessory to the crime?

R.D. HARTER HAS SHOWN so much class. We need more like him in DoCo School System.

AGAIN, WHY IS ALFRED Lott allowed to stay in his job almost another year?

THE EDITOR’S NOTE STATING: “The following commentary was provided by the Georgia Forum, a nonpartisan, nonprofit, educational organization.” may be true but the author, Sally Bethea is certainly not “nonpartisan.” Ms. Bethea is an environmentalist with a no/limited growth vision for Georgia.

ALBANY WILL NEVER BE able to get on their feet as long as the people who are in office are forced out and John Proctor is forced out as well. Albany has become nothing more than a Crooked Life City. It’s far from being the Good Life City.

THANK GOD THE DA dropped the charge against Phyllis Banks. There has got to be a line in the sand where a parent can mark and it means that is the limit. When parents work hard and do their best, no means no sometimes.

COME ON, EVERYBODY. YOU know we as parents have all done this. Our children just never called the police on us. Ms. Banks did nothing wrong. This should have never gone this far. She should have arrested her daughter herself. Hats off to you, Mr. Banks.

SHE DID DO SOMETHING wrong. She abused her child by hitting her in the head with a shoe! The only reason the charges are dropped is because she works for APD and she’s black.

NO, I’VE NEVER HIT my child with a shoe. I’ve never hit my child in the face. I’ve spanked my child on her behind, but that’s it. My child has had no reason to ever call the police on me and she never will. Maybe all these violent kids, teens, and adults have parents like you and are abused and that’s why they are violent in the first place! I teach my child respect, morals, discipline, and it’s all done without beating her with shoes or other objects. Learn how to be a REAL parent or keep your pants up. Most of Albany should have used condoms.

OF COURSE, THEY DID not charge police media manager Phyllis Banks. It is Albany, isn’t it? Will the foolishness ever stop? I think not as long as we have such narrow-minded, stupid people running our city/county.

DISGRACEFUL. THE LAW IS clear about what is acceptable and what is not. I bet they don’t drop the charges against the day care worker that struck a child with a flip flop recently.

I THINK ADULT PROTECTIVE Services should be contacted in the Phyllis Banks case. It’s clear to me the teen-ager is abusing her adult mother.

REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE child has done, unless you are fighting for your life, you have no right to … break the law. There are other ways to handle unruly children. You do not need to hit your child with a shoe and throw a police radio. People need to stop thinking they can just do whatever they wanna do. I guarantee you if it had been me, I would already be in prison. Certain people can do whatever they want and get off.

YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED how many people are taking Phyllis’ side. But here are my two cents. Phyllis is in charge. What she says goes. So the child didn’t like that and start attacking her. Phyllis was acting in self-defense, apparently. I wouldn’t know. Both parties are in the wrong. If it was my mother or me, we would already join Uncle Ray and Melanie in the chain gang before we even threw our shoes at our kids.

I BET THE NEXT APD scandal will come with photographs! Sweet!

PHYLLIS, DON’T FORGET TO send Lott and Adams a thank you card.

ALBANY GA.’S NEW MOTTO … “Same ole, same ole.” Another APD member who should be in their long list of domestic violence offenders.

DISCIPLINE IS REQUIRED WITH anyone, except an APD employee apparently, but when you utilize the heel of a shoe to do it you’ve gone too far. Let the DA’s office produce a list of ALL people charged with the same offense and what the disposition was on their cases. I’ll bet it won’t even be close.

REGARDING THE BANKS CASE, what a farce Albany is. And I know a DA who lost my vote.

THIS IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE of selective justice and another APD employee on the list of employees charged with domestic violence.

KUDOS, MR. EDWARDS! IF we, as a society, don’t get back to the basics of child rearing and re-learn how to discipline, we will find most of our children either in jail, dead, or on their way to one of these horrible ends. I’d rather see them with a knot or a bruise now, than see them through bars or in a casket.

TRAIN A CHILD IN the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6.

I’M SURE WE ALL have a little dirty laundry we wouldn’t want to go public. Phyllis is a good person and I’m sorry she and her girls are going through some tough times. Who hasn’t wanted to smack a teenager with a shoe at some point?

IT IS SO HARD to raise a teen, especially when you are a public servant. Since I have been there I can’t judge harshly. Not with only this tidbit of information.

PHYLLIS IS A GOOD person, but as a mother, why does she have to fight to maintain order in her home? What is sad is that the laws have removed a parents’ right to discipline their unruly child. There was a time when children respected and obeyed their parents.

FROM WHAT I HAVE seen and heard, it is not right that Banks was arrested. If she was charged, the daughter should have been, also. We have a right to control our kids.

I HAVE KNOWN PHYLLIS for years and she is a good person. Youth especially at that age of Phyllis’s daughter who know the law, apparently used it against her mother because the child see’s it first hand. Many times we as parents do discipline our children well, but sometimes outside influence will cause problems in the home. I have seen this time and time again. I agree that the law has removed the rights of parents to discipline unruly and disrespectful children.

PUT A LIEN ON Cutliff Grove’s other properties, then make the mayor and Commissioner Postell parties to the fraud.

OK, SO JUST BECAUSE SHE works for the police department, it’s OK to abuse her child! Abuse is abuse no matter who you work for.

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