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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   September 3, 2010  /   Comments

DOUGHERTY COUNTY IS IN a sad state when teachers having tattoos becomes an issue, but our poor quality of education is not addressed! Let’s get rid of the bad teachers, not the tattooed teachers. Come on school board members, use your brains for more than something to fill up your skull! Where are our priorities? Last time I checked, tattoos did not keep you from being able to teach.

AMAZING THERE EVEN NEEDED to be a vote for an investigation into the Cutliff Grove matter. Federal grant money for a specified use: Outcome: nothing! Money returned? Nada. And people actually can say that the missing money was not misused? Moral compass? Not pointing due north.

WOW, TOMMIE POSTELL OPPOSED the Cutliff investigation. What a shock.

THANKS FOR KEEPING THOSE of us with other obligations during the City Commission posted on the happenings on Facebook.

STAY ON ‘EM, JOURNAL. Hold their feet to the fire.

CUTLIFF GROVE: A GOOD decision made by the commission? Yes. Was it way overdue, yes? Is the vote by Postell “par for the course” for him? Absolutely! BTW, in case no one has noticed Tommie Postell’s “lone” vote is much like his “lone/personal agenda” which is all about him.

POSTELL IS A REBEL without a cause … Frank Stark: “I wouldn’t make a hasty decision. Nobody can make a snap decision. We’ve got to consider the pros and cons, make a list, get advice …”

I THOUGHT OL’ TOMMIE sounded a tad worried.

I WONDER IF TOMMIE may be getting a little slice off the Cutliff pie.

TOMMIE POSTELL WANTS NO probe on anything because he afraid of what they will uncover.


OH, MY GOSH. ARE we actually hearing a voice of reason among the Albany city commissioners?

OH, YES! AND NOW, let’s hope they follow through and make sure that the taxpayers’ money is returned with interest.

IF FOLKS CAN’T GET behind the Cutliff Grove issue — and show it — they will be in for a rough ride in the future. This should be the proverbial straw.

CAN ANYONE CONFIRM WHAT year the Cutliff funds were stolen, I mean, given to them? I find it funny (well not really, typical) the VP and treasurer of this “family resource center” are a husband/wife team … and public records show their home mortgage was paid in full three years ago. Just saying.

WHO IS CONNECTING THE DOTS here? The dots are criminal?


I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why Alfred Lott is still here when he was asked to quit. Then, he told them he was leaving. I see something wrong about that. Someone should lock the door and not let him back in.

THEY SHOULD NOT LET Lott back in the office and if they must, then strip him of all of his duties. What goes around comes around, Baby!


I SAY A NEW moniker is in order, a la “Crooked Life City.”

IS GREATER CUTLIFF GROVE Baptist Church a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

I CALL FOR LITERATE, sane people to move to Lee County or even Worth County and let Albany continue to rot. Is there no end in sight.

YOU CAN ARGUE WHETHER our government is corrupt or inept or both, but the result is the same: We get the shaft.

I TRULY PRAY THAT we can get some of these things going on in Albany turned around. I really believe that the Harley Davidson dealership moving is just the tip of the iceberg.

LOOK WHO THE STREET going to the Dunes housing project is named for – Frank Postell (Tommie Postell’s father). Does that tell you anything?

LOOK, EVERYONE! IT’S A It’s a newspaper that actually reports the REAL local news and what goes on behind closed doors. Love that!

KEEP UP THE REAL reporting. We are starved for truth.

WHEN I WAS A TEEN, The Albany Journal was a rag. I am so proud of what y’all have done to make THIS Journal work!

I USED TO CALL The Albany Journal the slander paper. Now I think it is real and tries to tell the truth. Thank you for doing that.

REGARDING THE MAYOR’S CAMPAIGN manager and his partner getting $500,000 for a project at the sand dunes, we spent $500,000 and house one sex offender until caught. Sounds like a typical return on our investment. Hope he doesn’t sue the city since we didn’t provide him utilities!

DANG, DON’T GIVE HIM any ideas. I had a car accident recently. 100 percent not my fault. They sued. My insurance company settled for $50,000 out of court because they were afraid of a Dougherty County jury. Chalk another one up for the bad guys!

ALBANY WITH BAD GUYS? Surely you jest. We only have 5,000 felons on parole here. Now we know why the cops already have a mug shot to put on TV for every suspect on the run!

REGARDING PHYLLIS BANKS’ ARREST, she would be suspended with pay because she has not been tried in a court of law and convicted.

WHAT DO HER PAST jobs as a TV reporter and personal relationships have to do with this particular arrest? I don’t understand the need to include that information unless those people are involved in this incident.

THE CHARGE AGAINST PHYLLIS Banks explains it. Teenagers can drive you to great lengths, that’s for sure.

WONDER WHO AT APD will give the report on Phyllis Banks’ arrest?

I HAD NO IDEA all that with Phyllis Banks had been going on. Sounds like a soap opera. Albany has few too many of those going on here.

CLASSY WOMAN, ATTACKING HER child with a shoe!

I WISH THAT SOMEONE had reopened the Ordinary Coyote back up rather than letting Phoebe buy it. If I had owned the building I wouldn’t have let Phoebe buy it. I would have rather given it away to someone else. The Ordinary Coyote was the best restaurant Albany ever had. It’s a shame.

THE ORDINARY COYOTE BUILDING’S been vacant for years now. If someone was going to revive the restaurant, they’d have done it a long time ago.

WHO KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED to Strollin Nolan’s restaurant on Slappey? Saw a Strollin’ Nolan Burgers sign in
Lee County’s Winn-Dixie strip mall, but there was a For Lease sign in the window.

NOTICED THAT MYSELF YESTERDAY. Haven’t seen the truck parked anywhere, either.

SAW THEM WITH A rolling restaurant at the dragway.

HE HAD THE LEE County restaurant for about two weeks, then he opened the one on Slappey and it closed \down after a short period of time. Wonder why he can’t seem to keep one open?

YOU COULD NOT SEAT a group anywhere but on a long bench. That might work for men, but ladies do not like that much.

WHAT FEW TIMES I wanted to go, I could not because of parking. That was the problem with The Rocket when they were there.

MAYBE HE’S GONE STROLLIN or something. Or picking up his truck that’s finally ready.

I HEARD THAT HE was trying to get the old Taco Bell building so he’d have more seating room and a bigger kitchen area.

WILL HIS SPECIALTY BE fish sandwiches? Ar ar …

I SO SAD ABOUT Billy Miller’s death. Billy was a wonderful commissioner. My thoughts and prayers are with their children

I AM SORRY THAT the Harley dealership is leaving Albany.

HAVE THEY SAID YET why they are leaving Albany? Or should we just assume we already know, because first it was Lee County, and now Tifton. Sounds like they just wanted OUT … didn’t really matter where.

LACK OF REVENUE AT the Albany store?

HARLEY’S KEVIN SEWELL SAYS, “We have been a fixture in this town for several years, but I believe that we can better serve our customers in a state-of-art-facility in Tifton.” Bull! They act like they are moving across the street. Tifton is 45 minutes away! I think this speaks volumes about where Albany businesses are heading. So sad. Guess I will have to start looking for someone else to start servicing my bike … any ideas?

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