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Bishop can’t be trusted

By   /   September 15, 2010  /   Comments

Let me get this straight, Sanford. Last fall, you stuck us with the Obamacare vote based on flimsy political stuff and the “what would Jesus do” defense, right?  Well, did you hide the “Jesus yardstick” when giving Black Caucus scholarships to relatives and friends? Weren’t very  consistent when using the “yardstick”, were you? Heck, this one was real easy to measure.

Still, you defend the awards since “rules” did not prohibit what you did. Not only is this not a valid defense, it isn’t even a logical excuse for what you did. How can you justify taking money from other deserving students? Your actions were wrong and your response is insincere.

My goodness, do you need a “rule” to make you be honest and ethical or to give you standards and values? Even a little common sense should have worked — you don’t do this to others.

This brings to mind the relatives put on the payroll of a non-profit you wangled funds for. You remember, the GBI investigated and found “nothing illegal”. Was this another case of “no rule prohibited” the hiring?

This is why we don’t need folks to set up “homestead” in Congress for long periods. They seem to lose their bearings and not only do they forget why we elected them, they don’t even know who we are until reelection time.

Listen up, Sanford. You may not think so, but this is a really big deal. It’s not hard to figure out what happened and there are no valid excuses.  Now, I am wondering what else you did in the last 18 years when no one was looking real hard.

So, let me be blunt, I don’t trust you anymore. Why should I?

It’s time to make a footprint in history and elect a Republican — Mike Keown,  No reason to think his “moral compass” is broken and he should work out just fine. But don’t forget, Mike, we will be watching you. No more “free rides” for those in Congress.

Robert Rehberg
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