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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   August 20, 2010  /   Comments

POOR OL’ BOBBY’S! LOVED that place and would love to go back some day. I had my birthday tequila there when I turned 19, which was the legal age way back in the olden days, and I spent the next 20 there, off and on. Cookouts, playing pool and jammin’ out to Tres Hombres, SilverEagle, and all the others. The one thing that hurt me when I got divorced was that I couldn’t go back there to rock out with SilverEagle! That last call/fourth set JAMMED!

THE P.O.B. HAS BEEN around forever and a day. Lots of fun, no bull crap, and the music and pool tables are awesome. CONGRATS for having such good clean fun.

REGARDING THE THEFT ALLEGATION against an airport employee … and it just goes on. Funny, I read in another paper that Al Lott said he had done Albany good. He brought in so much money. OK, Lott, is Lajuana Woods paying back the money she took? Is Buie? You never answer the Journal’s questions, why? Now as far as this person getting money for scrap that he was told he could have, they said if they broke any laws they would give it back. Well, it was given to him. The company who did the job would have had to haul it away. That saved them some money. And if the they did not haul it, the city would have to, and what would that have cost in man-hours?

WHAT IS THEFT? IT’S OK if you officials do it. You can get away with it, with your gun-toting, knife-carrying lawyer.

HOW DID THE FIRED employee even know about this? Sounds like inside information was passed along to him. I smell a rat. Sounds like retaliation me because the manager happens to have the wrong skin color.

YOU ARE RIGHT. IT was a retaliation of the said fired employee and his buddies that have made other attacks of retribution against Sean Reddish and other airport employees. It was known that the fired guy was stirring this up before the manager was confronted and there has been a lot of false or inaccurate information put out there. The city/airport got a good return because over $20K worth of parts were set aside to be reutilized for future repairs. This stuff was going to be trashed otherwise at the airport. How is that theft? Reddish did this on his time and made $1,100; not much compared to the spares given to the airport. It’s being repaid to the city anyway. They got free labor and $1,100. The airport got free parts and Reddish is getting smeared for it.

IF THE GUY TOLD the dude he could have the signs and they were his to give … then what is the problem? Why don’t the powers that be concentrate on the homeless and joblessness in Albany instead of wasting taxpayers’ time and money with crap nobody cares about?

ALL OF THIS IS getting old. If our so-called officials would just take some lie detector test, a lot could be cleared up. Instead they keep hiding things. Now this man is in jail? I would like to know why the women who took things from my mom’s house is not in jail?

DID ANY OF THE other employees get to profit from this? If this was right, was anyone else able to get $1,100? Do we have proof this money is being turned back in (as mentioned in a previous comment)? Retaliation? Really? Do you think the police would entertain such a petty accusation? Apparently the man did something wrong and illegal … or he wouldn’t have been charged.

IT’S FUNNY HOW SO many people have made this out of a race issue. What? If you’re black and you get fired, you deserve it, and if your white and steal government property, you’re innocent? Wow! What plantation do you own? What color is your hooded sheet? Why can’t justice be color blind? Retaliation, I think not! How does a contractor who bids on a project get to grease the project manager’s hand and get away with it? That is if he owned the material that was paid for with tax payer and federal dollars (is that possible?) (what about city surplus???). Or how does the offender save the airport thousands of dollars if the material wasn’t the airports property to dismantle? The bigger questions is how does a Reddish think it was alright to make 11 trips to the recycling center, after his work hours or during work hours, in a city vehicle, wearing a city uniform. Hmm … You got to be as smart as a box of rocks to believe any of his or his director’s story. I think the contractor should be banned from any future projects on top of everything else.

WAS THAT $1,100 WORTH of pizza good? How many people did it feed? Pizza party? Sounds fishy to me!

WHERE DID YOU COME from? Last time I checked, scrap metal is trash. A smart person salvages it. Have you ever thrown away a refrigerator, a stove, duct work from under your home, or a broken air conditioning unit. Salvage yard pay well for such items. Don’t say things and don’t have anything to back it up. I have worked for companies where I was told to discard such items. AND GUESS WHAT; ITS NOT A CRIME TO RECYCLE. Reddish even agreed to repay the money back to the airport. Doesn’t sound like a convict to me. You may want to pay more attention to people like Charlie Rangle and Maxine Waters who have stolen millions of dollars and are not going to spend one day in jail. Yeah, they may lose their positions, but will not be incarcerated. Ooh does that make me a racist because they just happen to be black. I seem to remember people such as Tom Delay, Randy Cunningham, and Bill Frist who were dirty. WOW. These guys are white. Oops … I guess the race card doesn’t work here. Stop trying to make it a race thing. If the fired individual were white, really, would this be happening? Wake up and smell what you are shoveling!

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