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Whatcha Say, Albany

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LET ME RECAP THE weekend and let us keep in mind it is only Sunday. More gang violence in the good life city in which nobody except the residents seem to care about. Friday night these punks beat up and robbed an elderly man while he was walking his dog, they beat up the crap out of a young man, his tooth, including the root, is on my dining room table, gang task force, APD and the ambulance were called … to no avail. Then these punks have the audacity to try to intimidate the residents by walking up and down the sidewalk. None of us will say anything because we know they have guns, which they put to a little girl’s head on Friday. And to make matters worse, if they could get worse, the property manager wants us to document what is going on. Isn’t that what you are paid for? All we want is onsite security, but the powers that be don’t see a need. Call APD and get a record of all the calls for assistance. Let’s try this: put on plain clothes and walk around and see what is going on in the community in which we live. I hope Greg Edwards has a clean docket schedule, because people are going to start protecting their property as well as their families. I hope Sheriff Sproul has lots of room on Evelyn Drive, because this is out of hand. Pics of one of the victims can be viewed on my Facebook page! Saturday afternoon, no children were outside playing, as we are all SCARED! I pray that someone hears what is going on and decides that the Southside is worth investing in! Side note: I am moving because this is REALLY affecting my quality of life as well as the lives of my children. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! WE NEED HELP!

IS ANYONE IN law enforcement and local government actually paying attention here? This town is on the edge of vigilante justice. If these gangs, or just some loose collection of punks comes on to my property, makes threats to, or harasses my loved ones, I will not waste one second calling 911, before first resolving the matter myself. Then I’ll call, and let the courts sort it all out later. Fine by me. There is nothing more dangerous than good people pushed into a corner.

I GAVE ALFRED LOTT the benefit of the doubt at first, thought he might be a decent city manager, but he quickly became just a dictator!

I DID, TOO. I thought he would do something good for Albany but the quickly faded into, oh no just another person with way too much power and bringing in his cronies, to boot.


DON’T WANT TO RUN into them in a dark alley.

WHY WOULD THE CITY tell Lott to leave or be fired and then let him have a year before leaving? How much is he going to mess up in that year?

WHAT KIND OF FIRING bonus with Alfred Lott get?

JUST SHOWS WHAT TYPE city leaders we have. I do wonder how Albany is making it in spite of them!

THIS IS WHY I DO not live in Albany, Ga., anymore.

TOO MUCH CRONYISM IN our local government. We need a thorough house cleaning. Albany could be a great town again if we had honest, open and fair government, but I will not hold my breath waiting for that to happen. Huge amount of voter apathy here.

YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE fired! Go away! And take all the commissioners with you!


SOME PEOPLE JUST DON’T know when to leave. Can Albany last another year with him?

I WISH THEY WOULD just let him go now. No tellin’ what he could do in another year. Mercy Me! Scary!

IS THIS SOMETHING TO do with his contract? He just TOLD them when he’s leaving? There’s more to it than that. I thought the commission DEMANDED his resignation?

I THINK A CHANGE would do us good. A change in representation, that is!

IT IS BEYOND ME why those on the Commission would not just let the contract expire and case closed. For the remainder of the time, he will in fact be “lame duck” and worthless. Well, perhaps those who want to hire him in the future will read back issues of the Journal for the truth in the matter. Kevin, I guess the Commissioners’ “courage” you mentioned earlier just never showed up. No surprise here!

I’M SURE WE CAN find out where he goes. We can make sure they know everything!

YOU GIVE AN INCOMPETENT more than a year to resign. What a joke. What does he have on the commissioners?


ONLY IN ALBANY CAN you do wrong and still walk away with a good recommendation and a hefty severance package. How many more are going to do this? He should have been fired.

CONSPIRACY! I’M GLAD I moved to Lee County when I did! Lott probably got some advice from the former police chief on how to work the details out on the severance package and his resignation date. He has to have time to find another city to blow into first. No wonder raises for the city workers are so few and far between.

IF LOTT WORKS OUT a plan to leave next year knowing the option would be firing, he is free to do whatever he has been doing that justifies firing now. This is prima facie evidence of weakness in the head on the part of the Commission. Likewise, similar evidence of no backbone. Do it now if you plan to do it, commissioners! No more deals so someone can keep “good paper and be passed to a better job elsewhere.

WHEN WILL THESE SNEAKY closed-door meetings ever stop? I guess we will have to vote them all out of office if we are to have openness in our local government. They just will not learn.

IT’S NOT UNUSUAL FOR elected bodies to hold (closed) executive sessions to discuss an employee matter or a real estate transaction. This is done to protect innocent parties. There’s nothing in the law that says elected officials can’t reveal… the actions approved in closed session. In fact, if action IS approved, then it becomes a matter of public record.

ANY INFO ON THE old Victorian house on Jackson that a sorority bought then abused and neglected? It’s scheduled to be demolished if no one buys it in a month, and that’s been about three weeks ago now?

GOVERNMENT SHOULDN’T INVOLVE ITSELF in preserving properties unless they have a truly historic value (i.e. presidential home etc.) If people feel these properties saved they need to do so with their own money. If the city gets them via tax sales liens, they must do a simple cost analysis, if they have no chance of selling it, tear it down and sell an empty lot.

THERE THEY GO AGAIN! Do they not know that “WE THE PEOPLE
put them in office? Stop these secret meetings!

I COULD SAY SO much about Mary Lamont’s revelations about Alfred Lott, but I think it would start a war. However I can say this, if Albany does not get rid of Al Lott and start making some serious changes there will not be anything left to the town because of people leaving to get away from the racism.

I JUST DON’T HAVE feelings for the mule barn. How about a meeting on Cutliff and the “$374K fiasco”?

PHOEBE PUTNEY PLANS TO knock down 14 historic Albany buildings rather than restore and use them. I ask you why do they buy what they do not need or want and force people to move, then just give Albany more vacant lots? And all tax-free property, too.

LET’S TEAR IT DOWN and build another useless piece of concrete. The heck with saving historic buildings here….at least that’s the impression I get from our local government.

WE HAD AN AVID microchip implanted in our dog — I don’t remember the cost, but it wasn’t much at all. Well worth it for peace of mind!

I REFUSE TO PATRONIZE businesses that decide its OK to take the hard-earned money I spend in their stores and directly hand it to politicians or organizations I may not wish to support. I shouldn’t be forced to agree with the political stance of a corporation in order to, in good conscience, conduct business with them. I support the advancement of political diversity, not a concentration of its power. Corporations should not be permitted to incrementally skim nor raise or raise the cost of their goods and/or services to force citizens into funding what is tantamount to corporate PACs.

YES, THE TRANSPORTATION BILL that will fund two new projects in the community was important, but if you look carefully, it’s bloated, and Congressman Bishop at every turn voted to keep it that way. The cost of the bill is 18 percent above its 2009 level, the bill is bigger than what the president’s budget called for. Bishop voted against amendments that would have returned it back to 2008 spending levels, voted against returning it 2009 spending levels voted against lowering it to the budget request levels and voted against returning $10.2 billion in unspent stimulus money. Roll call votes 493, 492, 490, 489.

THE MINNEAPOLIS-BASED RETAILER Target just gave over $150,000 to buy ads supporting state Rep. Tom Emmer, a far-right Republican candidate for governor. This makes Target one of the very first companies to take advantage of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision allowing unlimited corporate cash in elections. Target must think customers won’t care. They’re wrong: We do care, and we need to let them know that we want Target — and all corporations — out of our elections.

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    Admit it Albany Officlas.The only reason you are not letting Al go now is he has all the goods on all of you.You can earse any computer(but you can always save your work to CD) You can trash documents,(But there are always copies somewhere) Albany does need to be investgated (Officlas)But who can you trust to do it? I have seen crooked judges,city att.,mayors,county ofiiclas,where does it STOP.?People can not trust any of you in Office,you all have made that clear to US.Only people in Office here can get away with wrong doing.To me,they are as bad as the Gangs here.Hell they have there own Gang!People want the Protection they pay for,and dont get it.We pay school tax,but yet we have no say so in it,we pay street tax,but we cant get our streets protected,we pay City and County taxe,As wel as State,and Fedral tax.And yet where is all this money going,It is not to to what it is payed for doing.Albany Officlas,you have heard the People speak.Now might be a good tome to listen.

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