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Silence preferred over LeMatty’s ‘apology’

By   /   August 13, 2010  /   Comments

The apology of William J. LeMatty was just an attempt to get his name in the news once again. The fact that the other newspaper thought this to be front page newsworthy, should give the public an idea of how sensationalized their “news” has become. I hope that no member of that newspaper’s staff ever experience the loss of a child. Both the Giles family and the Capuzzi family have suffered since the murders took place. Not one day has passed that our precious children have not come to our memories.  The pain of their loss is almost unbearable and we will live with it the rest of our lives.

The love for Maria and Timmy is as strong today as it has ever been, but we can not show them or hear from them. Then to see the murderer published as if he could give us our children back with foolish words. The article published implied so called changes in LeMatty that would indicate William LeMatty was someone to be viewed as a hero.  His willingness to inflict even more pain on these families, by once again going public, shows that there is no regret for his past behavior. Words will never be enough to replace our children. The Giles family loved our Maria and the Capuzzi family loved Timmy as much as anyone could love a child.

We hope that none of the readers fall for the lies William J. LeMatty had printed in the paper. This murderer positioned our Maria’s body on one corner at the front of their new home and Timmy at the opposite corner.

We will continue to miss our precious children. We can’t help but remember the brutality with which they were removed from our presence. Articles such as this call to our remembrance that dreadful day in our life, the days of trials we had to endure and the testimonies of how their last moments were spent. We could have lived the rest of our lives without hearing from William J. LeMatty or Karen Eckman.

The newspaper has the nerve to pick and choose parts of what we spoke to them about. Printed it without our permission and then tell us that we are confused. Neither of us are confused, nor are we much older than the reporter himself. We agreed to allow our statements to be used only after we had time to talk to the Giles family. The reporter chose to quote us before we had that opportunity and we wish the public to know that he did not do so with our permission.

We trust that the media and even William J. LeMatty will observe the phrase “silence is golden” when comes to publishing something about their deaths. As Beau Giles stated and the Capuzzis agree “APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED”.

Mario and Addisse Capuzzi

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    The Giles Family and Capuzzi family.have been throguh way to much to have this be brought up again and again. William J. LeMatty or Karen Eckman,need to be put to death.And should not even be able to say the names of those of the lives they took.Some people dont care what they say or how much it hurts someone as long as they get a story.You 2 Family have been through enough,and my prayers are with you today,as they always have been.The Giles Family i knew very well,i worked right beside there store for years at Nicks BBQ Barn.They would give you the shirt off there back,any of them.All you had to do was ask.Maria,was the same,i did not get to know her as well as i did the Giles,but she was so beautifull.And i know she had a good heart also.Why do people feel that to get a story,they can hurt people in the process?Shame on you.Justice will come for your familys,if not here on earth,when they meet the Good Lord.My Prayers are with both Familys,and i hope one day soon,the ones who took there lives,will meet there maker.God Bless.

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