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Be wary of billing errors

By   /   August 5, 2010  /   Comments

Always get a copy of your bills when you are discharged from the hospital or when your leave the doctor’s office or other medical facility. Why, because they frequently make mistakes on these billings.

You really need to see what they are charging to be sure that the charges are reasonable or that you actually received the service for which you are being charged. I see so many of these mistakes on my personal bills that I am starting to question if these “mistakes” aren’t on purpose. I hate to say this, but what else can I think when I see so many and see them so often?

Friends, there is no free lunch. A bill that is too high is costing someone. Guess who? Well, it costs you and me! When you get that renewal notice at the end of your regular period and you are cussing because the insurance company has decided to charge you say 39 percent more the next period, why do you suppose that is? It is because, again, “there is no free lunch.” Someone has to pay that amount that is overcharged, if the error is an overcharge or a charge for something not received. So, yes, those statements that are higher than they should be do make a big difference.

So, do what I always do when I have medical service. I ask for an itemized billing, which they have to give you. Then, take the time to go line by line and check every charge on there. Did you receive the service shown and is the charge reasonable, in your opinion? If something doesn’t look correct, don’t be afraid to call the provider and question it. Then, if the charge is incorrect or unreasonable, demand that it be changed. If everyone did this, just think the effect it would have on the health care system. Maybe the new health care system being proposed wouldn’t even be necessary!

You have every right in the world to do this. In fact, you have the responsibility to do this. You and I must step up to the plate and do our part in solving the many things wrong with our health care systems … and for that matter, a lot of other things in our life, especially relating to our government..

So do your part regarding all things that need changing. No longer can we sit back and let someone else do many of these things for us. Set an example for your children and others to follow. Be the leader you need to be and help change the things that so badly need changing today.

AndersonnewWritten by Ted Anderson. Insurance agent Ted W. Anderson worked in sales for half a century, has lived in Albany since 1993. He is president of Dover Lane Neighborhood Watch. Send email to him at aj@thealbanyjournal.com.

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