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Phyllis Banks, the Albany Police Department’s media relations manager, has been jailed following a domestic violence incident today, jail and police sources say.

Banks was booked into the Doughery County Jail at 5:55 p.m. on a charge of battery, a misdemeanor. No bond was immediately set.

Police Chief John Proctor and City Manager Alfred Lott did not immediately respond to an email seeking information about Banks’ arrest.

Banks is a former WFXL-TV reporter. She was hired by former Police Chief James Younger, who was forced to resign amid a rocky tenure that included having a romantic relationship with Banks.

The Younger-Banks relationship was a personnel policy violation by Younger that Lott permitted, even after it was publicly exposed. City employees are not allowed to date their subordinates. Additionally, Younger periodically thrust Banks in the position of defending and commenting on Youngers’ ethical transgressions.

Also during her tenure with the Police Department, Banks had a romantic relationship with a police officer, against whom she filed a protective order.

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  1. Bella says:

    Albany is a town filled with people who worry about the wrong things. The Albany Journal doesn’t even try to find out the situation behind things before they jump to putting people’s business all over their pages. They need to change their name to “The Jail Journal” because thats all they seem to want to cover is whose been locked up and what they did. Everyone has their vices, indiscretions, and things that they’re not proud of in their lives but who are we to judge. We are supposed to be a country that prides itself upon democracy and second chances but it seems that in Albany if you do anything wrong the next day, you will find your face on the front page of “The Jail Journal”. If the editor wants to make money off of people going to jail, why doesn’t he just become a bondsman? That will be more profitable than selling these 50cent papers. Find, some interesting news to report about and leave the jail talk on Blaylock.

  2. litab says:

    she interviewed for the job and met all qualifications that is how she landed it!!!

  3. litab says:

    WOW…waiting to read why she was arrested and read so much other information that has nothing to do with the matter at hand. a real reporters content supports the headline. if you wanted to do a bio on phyllis maybe you should start your book. what evidence was presented about a relationship with younger? were you there? this lady has no other arrest. she is a single mother raising teenage kids. if more moms stood up to there kids and stop putting them in timeout the world would have less school shootings….think about it!!!

    1. khogencamp says:

      Good feedback. Thanks. Regarding her relationship with Younger, Phyllis acknowledges that it happened and there’s otherwise no one out there denying that Younger was allowed to break the rule about dating subordinates, among others.

  4. Schaloam says:

    Yes, he does. Consider how she might have landed the job in the first place.

  5. Paula Burke says:

    Why do we need a “spokesperson” in the first place, Chief Proctor has a mouth.

  6. khogencamp says:

    Thanks, Schaloam! Please e-mail (ajournal@thealbanyjournal.com) or fax (435-0557) the relevant personnel policy. Thanks! Kevin

  7. Schaloam says:

    She was arrested for domestic violence involving her daughter.

    The City of Albany’s personnel policy states that a city employee who is charged with a crime will be suspended with pay. If the charge is cleared, the employee can return to work. The policy further states that a city employee will be suspended without pay following an indictment, and the employee will be terminated if convicted.

  8. Jimmy says:

    very interesting conversation! its no secret that there are some dirty cops here that get even. so maybe the past info is relevant. lets see what comes out of this!

  9. Schaloam says:

    Hopefully Kevin can get more information. I’m curious as to all the folks involved and it would definitely be interesting if it has anything to do with any city officials.

  10. Alan Mauldin says:

    I think that info is relevant to the story.

  11. Schaloam says:

    To “Kinda” – WITH PAY because she has NOT been tried in a court of law and convicted. Getting arrested itself is no cause for a person to be suspended without pay or fired. Arrests are made all the time for all the WRONG reasons. Perhaps she needn’t be suspended AT ALL. A coworker or somebody from her past could have a beef with her, or who knows she wasn’t protecting herself from a “good” cop?

  12. Schaloam says:

    What do her past jobs as a TV reporter and personal relationships have to do with this particular arrest? I don’t understand the need to include that information unless those people are involved in this incident.

    1. khogencamp says:

      That’s a fair question. I think someone’s background can be relevant and otherwise newsworthy. Providing that information answers readers’ potential questions, such as, “Isn’t that the same person who …?” Or, “Is this the first time she’s been gotten in trouble …” But I’m not necessarily saying I’m right. This is always a tough call in the reporting business. What do other readers think?

  13. Kinda says:

    Great, yet another City employee will be suspended WITH PAY for a very long time. Does the City budget have a line item for all this pay? If so, it must be bigger than the City pension plan!

  14. Betty Rehberg says:

    Wow! Sounds like a soap opera.

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