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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   July 30, 2010  /   Comments

I SURE WISH THEY offered curbside recycling in Albany or give a rate discount if you do recycle. I go once a week to our recycling center in East Albany at Thornton Community Center. You don’t even have to separate it. I also wish more people recycled.

DR. MARCIA HOOD GUEST-conducted our choir at Porterfield and she is really fun to work with. The Albany Chorale is in for a treat.

JUST TO BE CLEAR, Alfred Lott would not be a problem with a good City Commission. He would have gone straight – or he would have been fired – within six months, if the City Commission did what we pay them very, very good money and benefits to do.

REGARDING ALFRED LOTT’S RESIGNATION, woohoo! Yeah! They better NOT give him a good recommendation.

YOUR HR DIRECTOR, WHO has a perfect employment record, says that your organization is discriminatory and your city manager hid forgeries from the federal government. And you let him resign? And you give him 13 months to leave? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the apocalypse has arrived.

HOT DAMN. WHAT A letter from HR Director Mary Lamont. A smoking gun story like this one almost makes me want to return to my Albany newshound roots. Almost.

IF ALFRED LOTT CLAIMS that Mary Lamont committed infractions during her 13 months, but waits until now to bring them to light, doesn’t that just further prove his crappy leadership?

I AM SO SAD about Bill Underwood’s passing. I worked with him when he was a young lawyer. He did work for the Albany-Dougherty County Bi-Centennial Committee and was always so nice.

SO SORRY THAT HE will get a good recommendation — sad, sad, sad!

ONLY IF HE DOES the right thing and resigns. If terminated the letter won’t be so nice.

IT DOESN’T SAY MUCH for the credibility of any recommendation when it has to be negotiated. Why not just let the truth be the truth?

THERE THEY GO AGAIN! Do they not know that “WE THE PEOPLE” put them in office? Stop these secret meetings!

SO, I WANT THE “full” story on Alfred Lott resigning and I’m counting on you to deliver.

I COULD SAY SO much about Mary Lamont’s revelations about Alfred Lott, but I think it would start a war. However I can say this, if Albany does not get rid of Al Lott and start making some serious changes there will not be anything left to the town because of people leaving to get away from the racism.

I GAVE ALFRED LOTT the benefit of the doubt at first, thought he might be a decent city manager, but he quickly became just a dictator!

I DID, TOO. I thought he would do something good for Albany but the quickly faded into, oh no just another person with way too much power and bringing in his cronies, to boot.


DON’T WANT TO RUN into them in a dark alley.

WHY WOULD THE CITY tell Lott to leave or be fired and then let him have a year before leaving? How much is he going to mess up in that year?

WHAT KIND OF FIRING bonus with Alfred Lott get?

JUST SHOWS WHAT TYPE city leaders we have. I do wonder how Albany is making it in spite of them!

THIS IS WHY I DO not live in Albany, Ga., anymore.

TOO MUCH CRONYISM IN our local government. We need a thorough house cleaning. Albany could be a great town again if we had honest, open and fair government, but I will not hold my breath waiting for that to happen. Huge amount of voter apathy here.

YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE fired! Go away! And take all the commissioners with you!


SOME PEOPLE JUST DON’T know when to leave. Can Albany last another year with him?

I WISH THEY WOULD just let him go now. No tellin’ what he could do in another year. Mercy Me! Scarey!

IS THIS SOMETHING TO do with his contract? He just TOLD them when he’s leaving? There’s more to it than that. I thought the commission DEMANDED his resignation?

I THINK A CHANGE would do us good. A change in representation, that is!

IT IS BEYOND ME why those on the Commission would not just let the contract expire and case closed. For the remainder of the time, he will in fact be “lame duck” and worthless. Well, perhaps those who want to hire him in the future will read back issues of the Journal for the truth in the matter. Kevin, I guess the Commissioners’ “courage” you mentioned earlier just never showed up. No surprise here!

I’M SURE WE CAN find out where he goes. We can make sure they know everything!

YOU GIVE AN INCOMPETENT more than a year to resign. What a joke. What does he have on the commissioners?

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