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Racism has no place in the 21st Century

By   /   July 30, 2010  /   Comments

What a wild week it’s been when it comes to race relations in the Artesian City. Shirley Sherrod was accused of racism, then had it proven that she wasn’t a racist, all within the span of a couple of days. I admit, I bought Andrew Breitbart’s story hook, line and sinker and I’m rather ashamed of it, too. Breitbart claims that his aim wasn’t to label Sherrod a racist, but to show the NAACP crowd as racist in response to the NAACP’s claim that the Tea Party movement is racist. All he did was show himself to be a jerk, just like I did by blindly listening to him.

The problem with both is that racism has no place in the modern world. Yes, I know there are racists. To argue otherwise would be idiotic. The problem is that there aren’t as many racists as their once were, so acting like every Tea Party activist or NAACP member is a racist nothing more than throwing out red hearings so that you don’t have to argue important things.

I’ll be the first to point out that there are probably racists in both groups. In fact, I know there are. But that is hardly indicative of the overwhelming majority of members of both groups. What is the norm is that both groups seem to support a specific set of policy initiatives that are at odds with one another in many cases. Obviously, there will always be friction between two such groups, but there shouldn’t be.

First, let me point to Libertarian gubernatorial candidate John Monds. Libertarian ideals are found throughout the Tea Party movement. Many Tea Party activists are Libertarians themselves. And John Monds is our candidate for governor. He’s not just a black man, but the president of the NAACP of Grady County. There’s also Project 21, an organization of conservatives – many of them Tea Party activists – that frequently finds itself at odds with the NAACP. Project 21 is for black conservatives.

With people of color standing on either side of any given debate, and with whites standing on either side of those same debates, it’s time to move aside racism. Its past time to accept that white and black can work for the same goals. After all, black and white worked together for civil rights in the 1960s, and some whites gave up their lives for that cause. The 1988 film Mississippi Burning tells the story of two white activists who were killed.

Racism has no place in the new century. It really didn’t have a place in the last century, either. It’s past time to put aside the skin color argument and start arguing facts. Many of the debates this past year in Albany have devolved into race as well, from Rod Jolivette to Joshua Murfree. Neither should have been, though. Yes, both were black men. However, their names didn’t make the papers because they were black, but for other reasons.

What do you say we put the black/white argument on the back burner for a while and try dealing with some stuff that has substance? Why not actually discuss ways to make our community, our state, and our nation better?  There will always be racism, but the best way to combat it isn’t with yelling and screaming. That plays into their hands. No, the best way to combat it is by being everything they say you aren’t. Once you do that, then their world starts crumbling down around their heads.

Trust me, it’s worth watching.

tomknightonWritten by Tom Knighton. Read his blog at TomKnighton.com, as well as SWGAPolitics.com. A lifelong political junkie, Tom started out his adult life as a journalism major at Darton College before leaving school to serve his nation as a U.S. Navy Corpsman. Through the years, he has watched government from outside and inside. A former Reagan supporter, then later a Democrat, Tom now finds himself quite comfortable as a card carrying Libertarian and currently serves as Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Southwest Georgia.

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    I have wrote on here many times.And alot about the race card being played.But i would like to share something with you.
    When i was born in 1958,wow im old.But anyway,when i was born,i had blonde hair blue eyes,but i had a patch of black hair in the back of my head.So my own Daddy (but i love him) was saying my mother ran around on him,and i was a black mans child.He did not think about the Indian that ran through our boold.Not his.He even said that in court years ago.So for along time,i had that put in my head.I did not care.I was me and people loved me for who i was.I was a Mill hill brat,(cotton mill)raised by my grand parents,becuase mom and dad just was nt ready for children.I still think they should have thought about that before laying down and making my brother and i.But oh well.My grand parents done a great job with me i think.When i got older and went to school,i hung around with most black kids.Not becuase i thought i was one of them,but they treated me alot nicer than the white kids.I guess what i am trying to say here,is i trust some black people more than white.You may ask why.Well in times today if you break down on side of the road,9 times outa 10 a black person will help you before a white one will.White people are scred now,and not just of the black people,but of the young people comming up today.They are affraid to trust anyone.And to me that is wrong.You have to trust someone sometime.Most of my post have been about the Govt.And i will say this till the day i die.They are the ones who keep the races split.They like it that way.Then they can play the race card.I get so sick and tired of hearing it.Govt.tries to keep it going so they can say they want to make a diffrence.But they dont.Case in point,Mr. Lott.And i know plenty black people who feel the same about him.See it s not the color of your skin.It is what is in the heart.Remember the song”Give Peace a Chance”?I still sing that,to myself cause if i sang out loud people would run,i cant carry a tune in a bucket.But i mean well.Yes i think everyone in Govt.In Albany should be fired,and start all over.But it is becuase they keep the race thing going,and bring people apart,intead of together.Plus they try and cover up things,and then want to scream its a race thing.I would like All Of Albany to come together,as one.Get the right leaders in here,and help us restore our town.I cant blame some black people for the way they feel.But what happened years ago,is just that.Years ago.This is today,2010.We are all Gods Children.And when a white person makes a mistake let it be known,and vice versa.But dont let people tear apart what God Gave us all.A World to live in.I know i ll get alot of hay say about what i write,but thats ok.It is what i beleave.
    My Mom,(God Rest her soul)lived in east Albany for 30 years.She never had any problems out of any of her neighbors,black or white.In fact,they all stood togehter in her neighborhood,and watched out for one another.And till this day i can go to her house,and all round are people who show how much they miss her,how kind she was.I guess i am more like her than i am my Dad.Because she did not see color,but she saw what people were.People.We all bleed the same blood,we all share some of the same things,even tho some are affraid to admit it.
    It is time we put the past behind us.I am sorry for how people were treated back in the old days.But i did not do it.And i dont do it today.Alot of us go by the wrong things now,by what we read,or what is seen on TV.We should be more wrried over drugs,and our children,and how Govt.does people of all races.As long as Govt. can come in and tear down what some of us try to fix,well there is just no chance for peace.People makes mistakes,they always will.But they can also be kind,and gentle,if they are treated that way.There is way to much hate in this world today.And to me Hate is a very ugly word.Maybe it s all i have been through in my 52 years.But I love everyone,untill they give me a reason not to.And even then i dont hate them,i may not trust them.But i dont hate.So i guess what i’m saying is,Give Peace a Chance.In the Bible,it says love thy neighbor.It says nothing of color.When i read the Journal,it teaches me alot.And i am so proud of this paper,becuase it does not show raceism.It shows how ignorant some people are to it.Now before i end this i will say one thing,and i do think this with all my heart.When the Pres. was running for office,i thought ok,he is both black and white,so this world can change.But what hurt me,was that he says,he is the first Black Pres. Now does that not sound racist.I really thought he would come up and say,ok,i have a white Mother,and a Black Dad.So this should show us all that we can get along.But he did not say that.Instead,he wishes to be the first Black Pres.And i really think if he would put it diffrent,and say he is the first BI Racial Pres.It would bring all of us alot closer to what we want in these hard times,with no jobs,low,moral in our corrupt Govt. systemt.PEACE.Maybe i am wrong,but i say what i feel.And some may not like what i say.But think about it.Please.

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