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Letters to the editor.

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Thanks for support

Thank you to all the friends I made in my 2010 run for Congress, including all of you in the media who gave me the opportunity to discuss the issues.

Congratulations and good luck to Mike Keown in his race for Congress. God bless you all.

Lee Ferrell


Bishop’s attacks shouldn’t be funded by taxpayers

Sanford Bishop should use his own money not our tax money for his campaign. He used your tax dollars and government staff to campaign on his congressional web site. The article entitled, “Keown Has Bitten Off More Than He Can Chew” is nothing more than a campaign piece attacking Mike Keown.

Sanford Bishop is a lawyer. He can probably give a lawyerly response to explain why he chose to use government staff and government resources to develop, publish, and distribute this article with tax money. But the title alone says that this is about the campaign, not about doing the people’s business. It doesn’t take a Washington lawyer to understand that.

There is an explanation. Mike Keown raised more money than Sanford Bishop did last quarter. Farmers, small business owners, and people from all walks of life are donating to Mike Keown to be their next congressman.

Sanford Bishop is having a hard time getting people down here to donate to him so he just decided to campaign with your tax money. It is his version of the incumbent protection stimulus plan.

With all due respect, Congressman Bishop, use your own money to campaign, not our grandchildren’s.

Donald E. Cole


Congress to blame for country’s peril

Last week a number or reports came out on the financial health of America, in Georgia we were focused on elections. The news really isn’t that good, despite what some corners will say.

These reports showed: record deficits, another 4 percent needing to be cut from the Georgia state budget, looming new tax hikes and regulations on business. The Senate passed a new financial bill of 2,300 pages, that even the main writer admits, we won’t know if it will work until the next crises hits.

Sad to say, the American people shouldn’t expect much improvement on the employment front, with some reports saying 7 percent unemployment the best for the next 10 years we can expect. The current policies of our government don’t seem to be working or conductive to economic growth, affecting both state and local governments, even though large companies may be showing a profit, small business is the job engine of American and they are not growing or hiring. The only sector that appears to be growing is the Federal government, having added more than 185,000 jobs in the last 18 months. In the private sector there are five people looking for every one job opening.

A small business poll out on July 26 said “small business confidence fell for the second month in July as a higher percentage of small business owners rated the current economy as poor and see it only getting worse” and the moratorium on offshore drilling in its worst case could cost this county 400,000 more jobs.

It really doesn’t matter if you hated Bush or you hate Obama; the president can only set policy. Only Congress, and more specifically the House of Representatives, can write laws and approve the spending of money. Some will refer back to Clinton and say he had budget surpluses, and Bush blew them, Obama made them worst, but the truth is, it was Congress. The Clinton surpluses were created with a Republican-majority House The last two years of Bush were a Democrat-majority House, and under Obama, the Democrats have majorities in both the House and Senate.

If you blame the current economic mess on Wall Street as the politicians want, you would only be partly correct. You could blame Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and still only be party correct. But if you blame Congress, you would be totally correct and that’s not what the politicians want. They passed the laws, they pushed the selling of mortgages that people could not repay, they failed to enforce the existing laws, and they caused this mess.

We the people put them there, so it was dismaying to see voter turnout in the primaries at less than 25 percent. The same congressman in southwest Georgia has been there going on 20 years. Two years ago, almost 230,000 people voted, this year only 61,000 voted in the primary and the Democrats turned out 1,589 more voters than the Republicans, with only 41 percent of Republicans voting that voted in 2008.

What makes this worse is this is a census year, so the people we elect this year at the state level are the ones who will redraw our districts, from the school district level to your U.S. representative in Congress and everything in-between. Even though Georgia is due to gain a U.S. representative in Congress, those of us in south Georgia are going to lose some of our representatives at the state level.

I can only hope that people will wake-up before November, become informed, and make an informed vote, or this county is lost.

Mike Sabot


Transformation: World-class education?

There is evidence of a globalist-generated, one-size-fits-all attempt to bring world-class education, with one politically correct language and thoughts for all. If we were concerned about the mantras: “A house as a right, or health care for all”, which is assisting the crash of our economy, then “education for all” should be of equal concern.

“Education for all” is the mantra of UNESCO’s (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization), which is partly sponsored by George Soro’s Foundation, Open Society. The plans for sustainable development (global warming, Agenda 21), global education, and redistribution of wealth has been in the works a long time. (Environment, Education and Economy.)

For education, follow the goals/policies of the 1990 World Conference for All in Thailand, 1991 U.S. Conference on Education for All in Virginia, and continue with the name changes of America 2000, Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind, and now Race to the Top. UNESCO had a large meeting in Geneva (November 2008) with their International Bureau of Education and 25 NGOs in attendance. The mayor of Pittsburg announced GigaPan UNESCO IBE Day, proclaiming it the most livable city (sustainable development/Agenda 21 and global education goals). Over 40 schools are partnering with IBE’s programs.

We’ve all been speaking the language for years. World class (= dumbing down), consensus-building (=collectivism), 21st century learner (= no independent thinking), teambuilding (= the group is stronger than the individual), 21st century worker (= ties between labor and education as in communist countries), and respect all diverse opinions (no moral standards or discernment).

The United States used to be a nation known for rugged individualism, with individual accountability, and freedom of thought, with the goal of rising to your highest level of achievement and being the best you can be. We embrace mediocrity, trophies for all, and 25 valedictorians!

We now get into groups, shelve things we disagree on, and come down to the lowest common denominator of thought! After all, the group is more important than the individual, right? These groups that got together in government retreats, Goals 2000 education meetings and business TQM training sessions, among others, are almost “facilitated” by one trained in group dynamic techniques (how to manipulate groups/Kurt Lewin 1890-1947). Your individual, specific input is usually combined into one vague goal, or shelved because it wasn’t group-generated. So much for input or freedom of thought.

Unfortunately, the Common Core Standards embraced recently in Georgia is not locally generated. According to the Washington Post, it took less than a year to write, much of the drafting process was done in secrecy, and kids not reading by first grade are in trouble (not considering gender differences in language development of boys). These standards were developed by the National Governor’s Association (whose website proclaims “one collective voice”), and Council of Chief State School Officers. These are the same groups influencing education for years. Among them are David Steiner (on board of National Endowment for the Arts) and Steven Paine of West Virginia (advocate for Global21).

When President Obama said (paraphrased), “We are only a few days away from transforming our nation”, he was right. Transformation means changing from one to another. We, at one time, were a constitutional republic. Aristotle said that masculine republics decline into feminine democracies, and feminine democracies decline into despotism. Which change (transformation) do we want? The psychobabble of globaloneyists? I contend we should read a lost and much-maligned book of our former republic, Romans 12:2 … “and ye be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may ‘prove’ what is the good, and acceptable perfect will of God.”

Leigh Ann Bjerregaard


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  1. Whers The Justice says:

    I am so sorry for how you were treated.My Prayers are with you,and i would also like to take this chance to say THANK YOU! It is so sad that the people who fight for our Freedom can be done this way.To go through all you have fighting,for us.And then to come home,and have to fight for yourself here.This sounds alot like the Teacher who fought for Us and then See How He Got a Welcome Home.Only in Albany! God Bless you,and Again,Thank You!

  2. Donnie Harris says:

    I am a disabled veteran that made an appointment with Rep. Sanford Bishop. It took me several weeks to get the appointment. As I was talking to him (at his office during the scheduled time of our appointment)he went hard and fast to sleep. I remained in his office (listening at him snore) until his secretary interrupted his sleep to inform us that the appointment time was up. He made no apology nor did he every do anything to help this Veteran with the problem. He doesn’t deserve the vote of any concerned citizen in Georgia. His failure to stay awake after I went through the effort to get the appointment will always be a great concern to me, not just for my sake but for the sake of all veterans and other members of this District.

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