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Whatcha Say, Albany?

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REGARDING NATHAN DAVIS, THE Albany city attorney, bringing a gun to work at his office at the Law Enforcement Center, there are two sets laws in Albany: one for the people and one for the officials. I agree that it is his right to have a gun, but he does not even have a permit, and how easy do you think it would be for him to get one? Then there is the thing about it being in a governmental building. Now that one really gets me. I could not get away with that. Heck, I was trying to protect myself from a guy twice my size, and with a stick, and they wanted to charge me. The police said if I wanted to press charges, we would both have to be taken downtown, I said OK. The guy on the other hand did not want to go downtown; he had just gotten out of jail. I knew I could get out, but he would have been in violation of his probation. So guess what? The police did not take us down town. It just goes to show you it s who you know. I was willing to take my punishment, had there been any with an investigation, but there was none. But you let someone who pissed off Nathan turn him in for having the gun, and then he wants all rules to be in his favor. I don’t know the whole story; probably never will. But I do know Nathan needs to answer to his crime, just like everyone else. And he is not the only city official who needs to answer to the public. We pay them. They work for us. They spend our money. Oh yeah, another closed meeting. Do you smell cover-up. It’s not the pollen.

CITY ATTORNEY NATHAN DAVIS committed two misdemeanors per OCGA 16-11-126, 16-11-127, & 16-11-128. According to my understanding, two weapons misdemeanors committed concurrently equal a felony. I don’t know what the deal is with Assistant City Attorney Kathy Strang, but that is unrelated to Mr. Davis’s weapons issue. This has been a cover-up from the get go. District Attorney Greg Edwards should have been Johnny-on-the-spot and made the arrest immediately after the story came forward last month. One member of the City Commission that I spoke to knows that Mr. Davis committed a “public gathering” misdemeanor. He told me that the Commission cannot terminate Mr. Davis until he has been charged and convicted of these crimes. Their hands seem to be tied.  Somebody had to shine a light on this. SWGAPolitics.com did! Way to go, guys.

IT IS THE GOOD-ole-boy system alive and well in Albany, Ga. When have you known the City of Albany to go up against one of there own? And to get a judge here to hear the case? I can’t wait to see if it goes that far. I had a judge in Albany tell me he could not hear a case I had with City and others because he worked for the same people. He was wrong. He works for us, the tax payers. So this is going to be interesting for me.

EVERY HAD ONE OF those moments you wish you could rewind and go back to before it ever happened and do the one crucial thing that didn’t happen in the first place to prevent it from actually happening? I had one of those this morning.

Mr. Cookie and I have a routine on some Saturdays where we end up at the beach the very first thing in the morning. It’s a nice way to start the day — especially for people like me who (for the past several months) simply cannot sleep. It’s relaxing. Well, usually it’s relaxing. This time it wasn’t. This time I saw two people die at the beach.

An older couple – Barbara Agelatos, 57, and Denis Agelatos, 70 – from Albany drowned in an unguarded area of a local public beach — caught in rough surf and dangerous rip currents they couldn’t escape. It’s just a sobering thing to witness - even from too far away to really know what’s happening … but let’s be honest, you know what’s happening. I wish I could go back to the moments just before they walked into that water. I wish I could have been there to caution them against wading into that water. I wish anyone had. I keep thinking about the Agelatoses in that water together. In trouble in that water together. Trying to help each other out of trouble in that water. And knowing that water was winning. I keep thinking about their family and hoping they are able to find some peace in this saddest of situations … but let’s be honest, they probably won’t for some time yet. I think about the two men who worked tirelessly to help them until more help and the police and paramedics arrived … and I hope those two men know how amazing they are for doing all they could just in an impossible situation.

ALBANY IS A MESS and it is no one person’s fault. It’s been happening for years. But if there is any chance to improve things, it will never happen while Willie Adams is mayor and sets the direction or pace. Realistically, the only way to deal with it is to lobby the city of Albany commissioners to pass or enforce specific things that support positive change. (I’ll bet even you are hard-pressed to know what the commission can do specifically.) Forget that Adams even exists; otherwise, you will never move any important agenda along. He is a distraction if you really want to accomplish something. and there is no way to remove him from office until the next election. Prepare for that election now. Even if he doesn’t run again, he will hand pick a successor. Count on that. And that’s plenty scary, too. And what if all this is just fine with the majority of the voters in Albany? It just might be the reality. Isn’t that how a democracy works? Who in Albany’s government today is really stepping out and challenging the status quo or the mentality. Albany just might be where people feel comfortable or at least more comfortable than how it was before, whatever that was.

THE SURVEY THAT CITY Manager Alfred Lott suppressed until after his contract extension ratifies a handful of contemporaneous studies: “uncomfortable” is an understatement. We may not be in government – or otherwise – what a sad state by affairs, rotating poor decisions around the axes of legality, ethics, economic effect, sensibility and sinisterism, among others. This may very well be the way all government operates. Our Democratic Republic was founded as an experiment to see if collective wisdom was really the best. If it doesn’t weed out the corrupt and unethical then maybe it isn’t. One thing the City Commission can do is shine a light into the mayor’s nest. They can step back, take a breath, and realize they’ve been scammed.

THE THOUGHT OF OUR children suffering in their education due to increased class size is scary. What about a possible route of decreasing days to 160 and keeping the class sizes a little lower?

LOOK AT HOW MUCH money you would save if you went to four school days a week. Try it; you just might like it!

WHY CAN’T DOUGHERTY COUNTY do like Worth County and do the longer days so they don’t have to go as many days? That would help a lot with the costs. Firing teachers is never the answer.

PEOPLE WHO LIVE THEIR lives the right way want nothing to do with this rodent-infested town.

PEOPLE WONDER WHY NO new companies are moving into Albany. Don’t think CEOs and business owners don’t look at local crime statistics before moving their business into an area.

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