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Is a revolution due?

By   /   May 5, 2010  /   Comments

Is it actually possible to make real, system-wide changes in our government, using the processes and procedures put in place by the very politicians, judges, and bureaucrats that now run this bloated, deficit spending monster? Probably not, but I’d love to be proven wrong. Revolutions are messy.

I’ve voted Libertarian for many years now. Most of my friends consider that a wasted vote. In the race that is the elephant and donkey parade we are subjected to every election year, I guess that’s true. But I believe that the race is rigged, and has been for a long time. We think we are choosing between a Republican and a Democrat, a conservative and a liberal. Not true. We are choosing which professional politician we like the most, for all sorts of reasons. Or, we are voting to keep the professional politician we dislike the most, out of office. They are the same animal; corrupt by design.

Too harsh? Let me ask you this; why is it that elected representatives of your local government, and even your state government for the most part, are men and women who serve not as their primary means of support, but in addition to having a job or running a home, but for some reason, the federal level requires that they not only serve full time with lucrative paychecks, but are given a huge staff, and all sorts of ‘perks’ unknown to those of us in the real world?

They have figured out how to play the American people like a fiddle. They know we love a good fight, and they know we tire easily of the one on top, and enjoy bringing the top down after a time. So what do they do? They divide themselves into ‘camps’, the red team and the blue team. Then they go about their business picking battles with the other side, that the 24/7 news channels bring into our homes night after night, because they too, know how to play us. Conflict and controversy attracts viewers.

Do you think there is a real difference between the two major parties? What has changed in a noticeable way with the passing of the baton from one camp to the other? Have you seen an end to poverty that the liberal side claims to desire? Have you seen an end to high taxes that the conservative side claims to desire? Of course not, and you never will. It’s not in their interest to completely defeat the other side. Defeating the other side to that degree removes their reason to be in office in the first place. The game would be over. The grab for money and power could no longer be justified.

The percentage of eligible voters that actually turn out hovers around 50%, so the revolution is technically already underway. So far it is a fairly quiet one. The revolutionaries are fed and tired from the struggle just to earn a living. They would rather not storm the castle at the moment. That could change. Ironically, it may be the 24/7 news machines, thirsty for any story that will glue eyeballs to the box, combined with the free flow information of the Internet, that turns the remote into a pitchfork. Revelations of corruption in government and corporate America, on a scale we’ve never seen could soon surface and it will hit in all camps, red or blue.

Will we see an actual, violent revolution in this country? Hopefully not, but it could happen. Just because we are the USA, does not make us immune to such upheavals. In fact, our historical habits probably make us more exposed to the threat. It’s how we came to be. It’s our national nature to revolt. It’s up to us as to how we go about it. Once again, it is up to “we, the people.”

LonMcNeil 09Written by Lon McNeil. Mr. McNeil is an Albany independent marketing consultant. Find him online at AlbanyOnPoint.

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