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Bootyism and 154 ejections

By   /   April 14, 2010  /   Comments

Wow what a week! We are so lucky to live in the Great State of Georgia. Who else can claim the Masters and the Braves?

Note to self … don’t make an enemy of the Masters. In case you have been on another planet, this guy named Tiger has a history, and someone wanted to jab him by flying banners over the tournament. On day one, they accomplished their mission with a reference to Bootyism. Then, mysteriously, the FAA showed up to do a surprise safety inspections and grounded the aircraft for a seatbelt infraction.

I would like to see Billy Payne’s phone records from last Thursday. Of course this is all speculation, but I’ll bet you would recognize a few names of the people that answered his calls. You’ve probably seen them on a ballot or two.

No more banners flew, but you have to wonder, who would pay for such an attack? My guess is either a rejected sponsor, rival golfer and there is a pretty long list of angry women too.

They also managed to play some golf in between the drama circus. Of course, as usual, CBS only took one camera to Augusta and it followed Tiger all day Sunday. While Fred Couples was putting up a double bogey and Phil Mickelson was busy winning, we got to watch Woods hit two shots off pine needles and miss tap in putts.

What have you done 154 times?

Robert Joseph Cox has taken 154 early showers. In 29 years of managing the skipper has posted an impressive 5.3 ejections per season, and the hook seems to be coming out quicker and at a brisker pace than in Cox’s early days.

Last Friday, “Balkin” Bob Davidson pulled the switch on the old man after one comment from the dugout. The umpire called out a pitcher for attempting to bunt with two strikes. Cox obviously disagreed and vocalized his opinion in a way that offended. Not sure what was said, but I’m pretty sure we would not be able to print it if we did know.

Bobby was correct, his pitcher tried to pull back from the bunt, and if you remember last season, the Braves came just a few wins from making the postseason. So these early season games can become very important down the stretch. Thus the anger from Cox.

We are close, very close, but the Braves are still a first baseman and closer away from being in contention for another World Series.

There have been flashes of the old adrenaline in this young season. Jason Heyword’s moon shot, and Chipper’s game winner brought back the euphoria of 1991 plus the ghost of Chief Knock-A-Homa. Then Troy Glaus and Billy Wagner showed up.

By the way, if you are on Facebook be sure to sign up for the “bring back Chief Knoc-A-Homa page”. Since we are losing Cox we should at the very least get our politically incorrect mascot back in left to come out of his teepee and do a war dance after every Heyword home run. Something tells me he would be a very busy chief in the coming years.

Written by Mike Flynn.

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