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Keown Statement on Health Care Legislation

By   /   March 28, 2010  /   Comments

Sanford Bishop is too out-of-touch to understand what this bill will do to the people he is supposed to represent. Most of us in Soutwest Georgia have been waiting for Bishop to wake up and do the right thing, but last night he showed us he doesn’t care what we think. I find it hard to believe he even knows what he voted for.

The bill is too expensive. It will raise taxes, kill jobs in Southwest Georgia, push our country further into debt, and force new government mandates on states and small businesses. At a time when we have record unemployment in Georgia this bill is wrong for Georgia and America. When the voters of Southwest Georgia send Sanford back home in November, I will vote to repeal this law.

(Republican Mike Keown is a Republican Georgia House of Representatives member from Thomas County. He is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives District 2 seat held by Democrat Sanford Bishop.)

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  1. Grady Burrell says:

    The EXPERT ANALYIS rendered by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) relative to the TAXPAYER SAVINGS brought about by recently passed Health INSURANCE Reform begs to differ with the humble estimation of Mike Keown. The CBO’s full, FACTS AND FIGURES, based report can be viewed on their website here:


    This is a moderately interesting excerpt with respect to the “main” Bill and the “fixes” Bill:

    CBO and the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) estimate that enacting both pieces of legislation will produce a net reduction in federal deficits of $143 billion over the 2010-2019 period.

    Which portion of these Bills are so objectionable that you find them worthy of repealing? Is it the closing of the donut hole upon our seniors left by Medicare? Is it the part that abolishes pre-existing conditions from precluding coverage or denial of payment? No…it must be the portion that allows children to remain on their parents policy until age 26? Or, is it the provision that foils benefit rescission? Then, it must be the part that terminates life-time benefit caps, huh? ‘Cause it sure ain’t the fictitious costs you’re erroneously railing on and on about.

    You don’t honestly believe that increasing the frequency of provable false statements can possibly lend credibility to you, your claims, or your campaign, do you? You do understand you are calling the work of the best and brightest accountants our Country has to offer; LIARS, when you cite “too expensive” and “raise taxes” and “Kill jobs” and “further into debt” as the rationale for repeal of Bills they have deemed as DEFICIT REDUCRES? The biggest deficit our Nation is currently facing appears to be with truth in the republicans party, or at least backing up their opinions with actual facts rather than emotion based innuendos. I believe our founding fathers reasonably anticipated that the freedom of speech they were handing us would be used more responsibly than you’ve just demonstrated in your statement above.

    I implore you to reconsider repealing what is clearly in the best interests of our Nation and the 2nd Congressional District, IF elected.

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