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Cultivating ideas

By   /   March 27, 2010  /   Comments

Sometimes people come up to me and have a great idea. I know it is great because they tell me, “Hey, this idea is great!” And often it is a great idea.

We all have great ideas at some point. Perhaps they come to us in the darkness of the night. Our hearts and minds are unable to be still because deep within us something is stirring, a great idea begging to be found out, itching to be discovered, hoping to be grasped. Other times they come to us unexpectedly, out of the blue. Maybe while driving down a lonesome highway, and suddenly there it is, a great idea. Or while out strolling around a lake, or down some street, or anywhere else really, and then like a flash of lightning we are overtaken with some great idea.

I love it when people come up to me with their great ideas. “Pastor,” one may say, “I have a great idea!”

“Really? What is it?” And then the great idea is explained to me. Everyone’s great ideas ooze with love and promise, overflow with hope and joy. I have heard great ideas discussed as people explain how our church could become greater yet should we begin doing … well, any number of things. Each person who has come to me with a great idea has been excited to share it with me, and I have been excited to hear what God has put on each of his or her hearts.

I always say the same thing to people who come to me with great ideas, “Make it happen!” It is then I discover something. There are two kinds of people with great ideas. Those who only want to share them, and those who want to make them become a reality.

I do not know how many great ideas have died after they left someone’s mouth, but it is always a shame to hear words of promise come crashing onto the floor. It saddens me each time I say, “Make it happen!” and a look of concern goes over someone’s face. We are incredible creatures who can say so much with our faces, using no words at all. I have seen faces say to me, “Wait, I didn’t mean me.” Or, “No I don’t have the time for that, I meant that you should do that.” Or, “I don’t even know where to start, so I won’t.” Or faces that only say, “I am afraid.”

However, should God put onto your heart a great idea never let it go! It is yours, it is your calling, your vocation, your baby that you must nurture and allow to grow into adulthood. The only one who will stand in the way of your great idea becoming a reality is you. Remember that last time you had a great idea? Do you recall the joy that surged through your being as you considered the implications of seeing your great idea realized? That was none other than the Holy Spirit moving within you, letting you share in the joy of God while telling you that you have a reason to be here at this point in time.

Have you let a good idea fall to the wayside? Have you considered the work too hard? Have you let the flame of potential burnout within? I do not care what reasons we each possess that provide us the explanations for why we do not carry forth our great ideas. Reasons for inaction are as worthless as ideas that never bear fruit.

The moment we were created in the heart of God, choirs of angels burst forth songs of praise to the glory of God, for each of us was created with all of God’s glory pouring forth. We are fearfully and wonderfully made! We are miracles of grace and love. There are not enough words in all languages of humankind to explain the glory of our creation, and depth of God’s love for us. We cannot imagine our potential when the Spirit of God moves within us. The doubt we have in ourselves is evil at work in the world, telling us we are much less than we are.

If you have a great idea, make it happen! You have no idea the power of the flame that grows within you, for it is the power of God at work in the world. You have simply been chosen as the vessel for God’s work to be done. Rejoice in the opportunity and do not let it pass. You never know, your idea may change the world through the power of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ! Make it happen!


Written by Rev. Garrett Andrew, minister of First Presbyterian Church of Albany, Georgia. Read his blog.

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  1. Truth B Known says:

    First off let me say i love to read when you write.You make so much sense out of things.I love my Lord,and will do anything i can for him.I have so much love to give in my heart.It use to be hate,but for the way and i have to be honest here,that the way i have been treated by our Officals here.I am lost becuase till this day i dont really know why,or how my Mother died.And it is part there fault.I have forgiven,but i pray to forget,and i cant.Does that mean that i am a bad person?I am disabled,my legs dont work right,and some other parts of me are even gone,sometimes i dont even feel like a women anymore.Yet i know in my heart,i am,and i know in my prayers,that the Lord listens.I do have seizures,but not all the time.So my brain is still some good.I would like to give back to people who really need love,kindness,and honesty.My ture wish is to work with lawenforcement,i know i can do anything if i set my mind to it.I would like to help people,but i have no money.I do have alot of love.And i know i could make a diffrence,somewhere,with someone.I love animals,old people and kids,and i can not stand to see any of them taken advantage of,or not taken care of.I have also delt with alot of cancer in my family,almost every female in my family on my dads side has had breast cancer,even me.But it has made me in a way stronger.It has made me want to fight more for things,like peoples rights,kids who have went through abuse of any kind.I have been there and done that also.And as for the Older people,well i am in my 50s.But everyone needs someone.My pain allows me to where i cant get out that much,mostly just Doctors appt.But everyday that i go to the cancer center,i smile,and i try to make others smile.Hey i do pretty good at it.But i never leave without saying have a nice day,and God Bless You.I made some wonderfull friends while taking chemo,one who touched my heart and i am ashamed to say i have not kept intouch with her,but not becuase i did not want to,i lost her number,but her name was Gene,and i will not put her last name for reason of privacy.But i miss her.We would talk about the Good Lord,and i felt so comfortable with her.Like i said i do have alot of love to give,but how do i share it.Where? To Who? Well i know God will let me know when the time comes.But i cant help but to feel that someone needs me now.God Bless You,and please keep writting.

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