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What-Cha Say, Albany?

By   /   January 20, 2010  /   Comments

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO WILLIE Adams’ promises to be drug-tested and to donate his salary  to charity?

MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE BROUGHT into Dougherty County’s economy by Jehovah’s Witness conventions each year. Restaurants love to see the JWs coming. Lots of money spent on food. And the hotels and motels are always packed to bursting. But the restaurant serving staff hates to see them coming as do the cleaning staffs at the motels and hotels. Lousy tippers.

THESE JEHOVAH’S WITNESS CONVENTIONS do not bring in “millions”. Even if the JW convention brought in 4,000 in attendance from out-of-town and IF each one sent $150 in town, that would only be $600,000 maximum. From that, deduct the costs of everything they might buy and the opportunity costs of not leasing the Civic Center to a full-paying promoter and you’ll discover that the entire net economic impact after a JW convention is an economic loss to the community, not a gain.

EACH ONE DOESN’T SPEND $150 maximum during a JW convention – more in the neighborhood of $300 to $500. Upon reading the full story, I realized that these are not conventions at all (in the past, there were four weekends straight each hosting a district convention of three days in length).The contract is for on Circuit Assembly (two-day event) and one Special Assembly Day (one-day event). JW Assemblies do not cause the flock to dip into their pockets nearly as deeply, especially the Special Assembly Days, where many will drive up for the day, eat a packed lunch, not even adding that meal cost to the local economy (at the request of the organization), and returning home the same day sometimes not even eating dinner locally. These Assemblies also have a much lower attendance draw than the Summer District Conventions, rarely breaking 3,000 in Albany.

I HAVE A FRIEND who was charged with the same thing as former airport deputy director Kevin Harper, and she has never even had a speeding ticket. And she got 10 years probation, six months in jail, and had to pay the company back. And she didn’t even take any. Now, who was this guy’s lawyer. Oh, it must have been in Dougherty County. She was charged in Lee County.

I KNOW SOMEONE WHO only they only had circumstantial evidence for a crime against, and they got a maximum of five years in prison. Oh, and the probation, and a fine, etc. I guess they should have had Kevin’s lawyer.

GOOD PEOPLE CAN MAKE bad choices. It doesn’t mean they should be condemned to a life of ridicule.

I’M SORRY, BUT GOOD people do not steal more than $2,000 in merchandise. He doesn’t deserve another high-profile job like that.

TEN YEARS OF PROBATION? Caught red-handed stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. No restitution for his thefts? Sounds like a slap on the wrist for Mr. Harper.

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