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What-Cha Say, Albany?

By   /   January 13, 2010  /   Comments

IF CHRIS PIKE DOES what he says, Albany has a fighting chance. All we need is one courageous elected leader. Pike has the tools.

I E-MAILED THE CITY of Albany 311 system and am very impressed by the which, affirmative reply I got. I have another request still pending, so the jury is out.

I THOUGHT THE JOURNAL had too many hard-hitting exposes about the City of Albany, and thought they ignored the City’s press releases, until I checked out the City’s Website. The only press releases are old and many of them are announcing City Manager Alfred Lott’s hires who ended up being unfit for the job. Jeez.

I WISH THE JOURNAL had Sports coverage all year long like it did in the fall. It had the best prep football coverage in Albany.

KAREN HANDEL SLANDERED A bunch of folks and should apologize.

THERE ARE SOME GOOD guys at the Capitol … not many, but some.

KAREN HANDEL HAS PROVEN once again why she is not fit to serve as governor of our great state. Many of our state representatives on both sides of the aisle have served honorably and represented their constituents with integrity. To call them ALL corrupt is disrespectful and ludicrous. It shows what an amateur Handel truly is. She has no record to stand on and has never finished a job she was elected to do. It is time for Mrs. Handel to take her marbles and go home.

DOES HANDEL EVEN KNOW members of the Georgia Legislature? There are some very good and decent men (and women) who do nothing but try to do their very best to help the citizens of this state. I am terribly disappointed that a woman would say things like that. Talk about throwing out the “sexist” card! Her lack of education, polish, and finesse shows! She owes these men (and women) an apology; of course, I don’t plan to hold my breath until she makes one.

ALL HANDEL DID WAS what every Republican official in the state (as far as I know) has done–take a lowbrow swipe at opponents (Democrats for Republicans, male politicians for Handel). She was pandering to her audience as do most politicians. She ignored the few politicians who aren’t ethically or morally challenged and engaged in a generalization. Shame on her for doing what pretty much every politician does! The only difference is she’s a woman and, apparently, women are supposed to have higher standards.

REGARDING NEDRA WOODYATT’S FIRING, this is just a pin the blame game where they are trying to take the spotlight off a dysfunctional Mayor, city manager and commissioners who are developing misfeasance into an art form. We must now ask who is going to investigate Lott, Adams, Smith, Taylor and the Commissioners and find a “CURE” for them?

REGARDING THE SKATE PARK’S closing, well, that’s just great. I’m sure the gangs and scragglers will have it defaced in the next week. Good going, once again, Good Life City … You know if kids have things to do, the drug use and pregnancy rates among teens drop. What can be done to save the skate park?

DARN, IS THIS LOTT dude going to shut down Albany?

THOMAS HALE FROM THE SKATE park is a nice guy. He worked the Civic Center alcohol concessions for several years. Mazzola screwed that up for everyone.

WHAT’S GOING ON HERE? Are there no checks and balances? Liability insurance should be a “no-brainer”. And I’ve never seen a kid get preggo on a skateboard.

UNFORTUNATELY, IN THE LAST several years, it has become the “Albany way” of doing business. A thorough house cleaning — from the top to bottom, is the only possible way to remedy what ails us.

SADLY ENOUGH, the real problem with the skate park lies in the costs associated with small business owners keeping the doors open. The insurance is probably too expensive and the turnout is far too low to help pay for the insurance. I drove by the skate park in Columbus around midnight on Dec. 30th, and there were people out there in the cold skating. Hale needs help keeping the doors open and we should help him.

IN THE CASE OF the skate park closing, the problem was utter incompetency.

I ADORE THOMAS HALE and his sweet family.


NO MATTER WHO YOU FIRE, bully and/or run off … everything done in the dark WILL come to light!

THERE IS NOTHING FUNNY about all the money the City has wasted that could have gone to help the schools. If you think Lott is the problem, think again. It’s the whole bunch. It was screwed up long before Lott got there and won’t be better after he leaves.

IT’S BEGGING TO BE a headline. Who can we get to illegally fire Lott?

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