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What-Cha say Albany?

By   /   January 9, 2010  /   Comments

GOOD LORD. ELSINORE CASTLE never saw such skulduggery as what goes on in Albany.

I LOVE RON WHITE! Hopefully Mr. Mazzola will take note of this sold-out show and remember what sells when he books future acts.

AS IF THE BUIE plea deal is a big surprise, you can steal from the city and get a slap on the wrist!

BUIE NEEDS TO BE put away or a lot longer than just 1 stinking year!

THE BUIE PLEA DEAL is better this than him being found not guilty.

I DON’T AGREE WITH the Buie sentence either, but the city is all to blame. The 12 jurors were deadlocked. That’s a shame! I’m so sick and tired of people who won’t stand by what is right. This man was a crook, everyone knows this! He admitted it himself! So why was there a deadlocked jury? Hmmmmmm …


My name is Buie,
I’m the king of romance,
Come and listen to my story,
While you do your dance.

Well it started down in Albany town,
And pretty soon word started
gettin around.

So I said to Al Lott,
I said “Hey Lottie,”
“Why don’t we throw a little
ADICA party?”

Well, they did a background check,
Well, kinda sorta,
And before you knew it,
Albany had a new order.

To all you muthas in taxpayer land,
I said “Hallelujah, baby! I got me a plan!”

They said “what you got, Don? What you gonna do?”
I said “lotsa money for me and a con for you!

Things were goin good,
I was feelin’ hot,
The ADICA board wasn’t watchin,
They were lightin up their farts.

With Bob Langstaff blabbering,
I had a cover,
Things were lookin great,
A year like no other.

Six million for me,
The Commission signed without readin,
I’m gettin all this money for no good reason!

Fifty grand for Lajuana,
A free lease for Tim,
The ADICA board loved me,
I was gonna win!

I was on a roll,
I couldn’t lose,
Then came the Journal and the Blog,
The birth of the blues!

The Taxpayers and Hogencamp started raising cain,
Those guys were pissed,
Drove me insane!

People all over started runnin for the hills,
I was even abandoned by former friends like Phil.

A year with time served!
What a deal!
I coulda told ya,
It pays to steal!

(Thanks to Don Buie, Al Lott, the ADICA board and city commission for the material, and Mel Brooks for the idea!)

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