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This Week’s What-Cha Say

By   /   January 27, 2010  /   Comments

REGARDING THE NEW BUS station proposed for Albany, City Manager Alfred Lott talks out of both sides of his mouth. No wonder Albany is in the shape it’s in. He has the same mindset as our president – spend, spend and spend. Don’t worry where the money comes from. Lott, you need to stay focused. There is a huge payment due to one of the Albany Fire Department’s finest. Have those figures been posted on the books on what it’s going to cost to reinstate Mr. Pait? The taxpayers have a right to know.

THE CITY IS APPEALING the Pait decision, so he won’t get any money until the legal issues are dealt with.

THANK GOD FOR THE searchers, volunteer and professional, who put so much time into trying to find the people who were missing – the hunter, dear Mrs. Corley, and little Jyquez. You are a blessing to this community and world. Peace be with you.

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE Albany sign task farce?

REGARDING SAGGY PANTS, THERE are laws already in place to properly enforce these violations. As we all know, this is not a race- or gender-specific problem. As far as the suggestion to lock parents up for not raising their children right, come on guy and be serious. I guess if your child gets a DUI, then the parent needs to be locked up, also?

THE WHOLE STATE NEEDS to get a law against saggy pants on the books. It’s sick looking! It makes them look so stupid having to walk with their legs spread out just to hold their pants up! A lot of people say though that when you wear your pants down past your butt, it means you’re available. That’s how it got started in prisons.

I WISH TERRELL COUNTY schools would outlaw saggy pants. They let them go to school this way and get on the bus. The pants dragging down to the knees. The students run the Terrell County School System.

MR. LAWMAKER, WHILE YOU are at it, can you also ban middrift-baring shirts and please, please ban big fat people from wearing Spandex pants. It offends my sensibilities. And one more wish — please ban low cut blouses. And while you are at it, please, please ban bad comb-overs. Who do they think they are kidding? A bald head is beautiful.

IF YOU ARE TRYING to be funny, well, I’m not laughing. This is a real problem and if you want to bury your head in the sand with everybody else, go ahead. But don’t try and belittle the honorable commissioner Jack Stone.

WHILE IT PROBABLY WON’T be well-received … you GO, Jack Stone! Amen. You would think that common sense and human decency and home-training would prevent such behavior. It’s disgusting and vulgar. Do they think they look good like that?! Do they think the girls think it’s sexy? And HOW in the world do the pants stay up? (Or do we really want to know?!) They look SO stupid, and one day when they’re 40 they’ll realize it and feel like such idiots. I hope they will, anyway. And some people wonder why they get no respect.

RON WHITE SAYS IT best and says it often and it certainly applies to saggy pants: You can’t fix stupid.

THE PUNISHMENT FOR SAGGING should be mandatory nudity from the waist down. That’s right, make them walk around nude. If they had to walk around naked, then maybe the savages would appreciate clothes after a month or two. Seriously though, the police have more to do than to enforce wardrobe malfunctions. Idiots will do anything to gain attention and normal society has to look at dirty drawers.

WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE just stop looking? No one cares how you feel about saggy pants. And you talk about all this Christianity and whatnot — are you serious? Well, how do you think people that aren’t Christians feel when they see you walking around with crosses and all this Jesus stuff on and going to church on Sundays, but they see you at the bar getting trashed on Friday nights. And people wonder what the world is coming to. There are more important things to spend money on than enforcing saggy pants laws. What about the people in Haiti? You think they care about saggy pants right about now? No. Now grow up and do something that matters.

DO YOU REALLY WANT your kids looking at saggy pants. If you have little children and you let your kids dress or look at this, then you should go to jail. Pants should be up around your waist. Thank you, Mr. Jack Stone. At least some one in our local government has Christian values and family values.

IT’S NOT ABOUT CRIMES; it’s about showing respect to others around you. Nobody wants to see your underwear, dummy! PUT THEM IN LOCKDOWN, Mr. Stone.

AS FAR AS THE saggy pants go, they can charge them with public indecency. The texting-while-driving can be handled by charging them with distracted driving after an accident. No need to put new laws on the books when they already exist.

THE POINT OF TEXT-MESSAGING legislation is to PREVENT crashes. There are existing laws that cover the concept of driving while distracted in the context of causing an accident. In fact, the legislation now considered in Atlanta is a joke because it only fines the driver $100. There need to be teeth in this law so that people will think twice before driving and texting so that people won’t have to be killed or seriously injured. It’s about prevention, not punishment.

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  1. I have a hunch that both Ed and Jack are in place for as long as they want.

  2. Richard Rashad says:

    Jack Stone ought to run for State Representative against Ed Rynders – he has more class and common sense than Eddy!

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