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Bill Waller’s Top Ten Articles of 2009

By   /   January 4, 2010  /   Comments

As an author, I’ve been afforded a unique opportunity to reflect on my body of work with SWGAPolitics.com. Jeff Sexton released my top 10 articles that received the most views. I am somewhat surprised that a few which received loads of comments, did not make the list.

However, the ones that generated the most interest seem to have a common theme. In case you missed the list, here were the top posts for 2009 by yours truly:

  • 10. Don’t Kill Grandma, Kill the Bill
  • 9. Healthcare Reform is a Trojan Horse
  • 8. President’s Speech
  • 7. No Cameras Please!
  • 6. Taking It To the Streets!
  • 5. Only Racists Object to Healthcare Reform…
  • 4. Tea Party In Plains, GA
  • 3. Why Protest Reform That Would Benefit Us: A Letter to Congressman Bishop
  • 2. Town Hall Part B Q & A
  • 1. Protesting Health Care Reform

Is there any wonder that articles about protesting what has been taking place in Washington, D.C., this year has generated so many hits? Washington has enacted a radically left agenda with politicians marching lock step with the new administration. Many politicians in Congress have made it clear that they represent the President and special interests rather than the people that put them into office. They appear to be willing to fall on their swords as they take positions that are unpopular with the American public. We have been on this slippery slope for many years, but it has not awakened so many people as it has this year.

It is clear that we are on a new course in America. If no other changes are made during this administration, we have already taken great strides from the intention of our founders. If we can reverse this course and return to our founding principles, then Obama might just be the best thing that could have happened to us.

Many of my posts have covered tea parties and protests. These gatherings have brought out people of various colors, education, and means. While they may have been diverse in background, they were gathered together in the spirit of liberty.

What does 2010 offer? It is time to increase your efforts, especially if you want your country back. If you have never attended a Tea Party, we are already planning one for April 17, 2010. If you have been to one of these this year, you may want to consider sponsoring one yourself. The people that planned them last year will be glad to give advice. We have to become active participants in our Republic if we expect to leave our children and grandchildren anything other than debts from the entitlements that we are funding today. I hope you will continue to read and pay attention. Wake up your friends. Here’s to 2010!

billwallerWritten by Bill Waller. Mr. Waller is a author and contributor local blog, Southwest Georgia Politics. He enjoys writing, traveling, and researching history. He currently resides in Albany, Georgia.

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