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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   December 18, 2009  /   Comments

I ENJOY ARENA FOOTBALL and am glad it is returning — providing it is not a “ward of the taxpayer” Have you heard of government coming up with “good deals” lately? Have you seen details of the contract? Remember Buie’s contracts? Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with the contract. And, I appreciate the city’s lengthy review period vice typical “must be signed today” efforts in play at the national level. But this is the same city government we have complained about for some time now. As we all know, the “devil is in the details” And, well, do we really know the details? I hope this effort works well for both parties. I will buy a new team T-shirt, be at the games with the “grands”, and buy a “couple of beers”–all if affordable. However, please remember, what taxpayers get out of government these days is cheap talk and more spending–not even a T-shirt! Go Panthers!

REGARDING RIVERFRONT BBQ’S EFFORT to extend its business to Northwest Albany, let’s keep this lifted in prayer. There are so many businesses that are struggling right now and when you hear about a business that is attempting to expand but can’t because of a technicality, it is sad. Dale has a great restaurant with great food and a great group of employees. I would really like to see this opportunity happen for him at this location. I think the best thing we can do as a community is to keep this situation lifted in prayer.

MR. SAUNDERS, THERE IS a big empty parking lot right across the line in Lee County where American Outdoors used to be, and that would still put Riverfront BBQ in the Northwest area where you want to be. In fact, it’s right down the street from where Meatslangers parks their trailer. You see, Lee County is business FRIENDLY and appreciates and encourages growth and success. Given the LIFE that you’ve brought to downtown, I’m really surprised they aren’t bending over backwards to help you, but this is Albany we’re talking about, so scratch that last thing I just said.

ALBANY, LIKE OUR NEW federal government, is not intelligent enough to understand who pays the taxes that support their bad habits.

THE RIVERFRONT BBQ SITUATION is just one more example of how pro-business Albany is. Albany screws up the zoning and it forces another small business to suffer while they get around to correcting the mistake. But just wait until it come time to collect taxes from the small business and Albany is right on top of making sure it squeezes that same small business.

THE RIVERFRONT BBQ SITUATION typical of our “city leaders” and very predictable. If the city has a turnaround and does good, the demographics might change. If the demographics change, we get new city leaders. Our present batch of leaders knows that the city needs to stay in the horrible shape it is in so they can keep their jobs. I have often said, if I were a Lee County commissioner, I would build a bigger-than-life monument to Judge Wilbur Owens; he is who we can thank for the condition the “Good Life City” and the boom in Lee County.

THE RIVERFRONT BBQ SITUATION sounds about right for this bizarro anti-capitalism leftist country we live in now. Punish those who succeed. Punish those who want to better themselves. Not zoned for external uses in the parking lot? How asinine that sounds! So change it! The City would rather have that huge empty space right there collecting zero tax dollars instead of letting someone use it legally? Every single day I am more and more stunned by the insanity.

IF THE JOURNAL HAS the story about City Manager Alfred Lott keeping the details of the downtown bus station project secret, the City Commission should put Lott on leave and have an outside entity investigate/audit the city managers office immediately.

YEAH, BUT THAT’S PROBABLY not going to happen. Al Lott has run roughshod over Albany for a while now, and no one who’s currently on the City Commission seems willing to do a thing about it.

GOD BLESS THE MEMBERS of the Albany and Dougherty County police departments and sheriff’s department and other law enforcement agencies this Christmas season. They make our homes and businesses and children safer by putting their selves in peril everyday. They are in my prayers.

THE SPEAKER/ETHICS SITUATION is big news on the political blogs but does the general public even know or care who the speaker or anyone else at the Dome is cheating with or on? I’ve been on the blog sites and find a handful of folks talking to each other pretending they know something. And frankly what some candidate polling in the teens thinks or says about the whole mess is about as newsworthy as yesterday’s weather. Government ethics is an oxymoron and readers aren’t interested in which crook replaces the last one to get caught. Can we please move on?

REGARDING THE FOX HUNT that was recently held in Lee County, why kill foxes? They are beautiful little animals and you can’t eat them. I have a family of three living in the woods behind my house and have a deercam close to their den. We get some great pictures and they’re a source of enjoyment for us. If they could be eaten, I could understand it.

I AM HAPPY TO see the fox-hunting event come to Lee County. This is an old tradition in Georgia that dates back to our earliest days. I have had the privilege of fox hunting, but we did it south Georgia-style with pickup trucks. I grew up with walkers and July hound dogs hunting fox and bobcats.

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