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What I owe Jews: A Christmas story

By   /   December 4, 2009  /   Comments

Much Madness is divinest Sense-

To a discerning Eye-

Much Sense-the starkest Madness-

‘Tis the Majority

In this, as All prevail-
Assent – and you are sane-

Demur-you’re straightway dangerous-

And handled with a Chain-

Emily Dickenson/Poem 435

The holiday for Christians is fast upon us. The celebration of our Savior’s birth comes December 25.

Of course, as a renegade Christian, I don’t accept the Dec. 25 date as truth. There are far too many hints in the Scriptures concerning the birth that tells me Christ was born in the spring and was to die on the cross on the same date some 32 years later.

Shepherds do not watch their flocks in the winter. They watch them in the spring when the newborn lambs are born and have to be protected from predators. In December the flocks are down in the towns and farming areas where they are sheltered from the weather and fed until released back into the fields in the springtime for the new birth.

Christ was born a Jew. He was from the lineage of King David and had a right to rule on the throne in Jerusalem. One day he will return and take the throne that is rightfully his and the Temple of God will be rebuilt on the same spot where Herod’s Temple fell to the Legions of Titus in the sack of Jerusalem by the Romans.

Christ had to be Jewish. Scriptures foretold the King of the Jews would be born and one day occupy his throne in Jerusalem.

Christ came to earth for the Jews first and the Gentiles. Gentiles such as me and millions of others accept this Jew as our savior. We owe to him our eternal salvation and life and one day will live in the City of God with him.


As a Christian and gentile, my mind becomes very Jewish at times. I owe the Jews so much from many parts of the personality that inhabits my small brain. Influences from the very beginning of my life wallow in so many things Jewish. Humor, entertainment, music, science, arts and even spiritual things come from the Jewish tsunami that swept over me at a young age.

Growing up as a 4- and 5-year-old kid in a Baptist Sunday School, I was thrilled and frightened by the exploits of Moses, Abraham, David, Solomon and Samson. These heroes touched by God to deliver his people and his word were my first Jewish indoctrinations. In the secular world my early television heroes were Sid Caesar, Carl Riner and later the three stooges. Moe Horowitz, Shemp Horowitz, Curly Horowitz and Larry Fienberg were icons worshipped by a young Christian kid who was not aware of the icons’ Jewish-ness till much later. By then I didn’t care if they were Buddhists because I loved them no matter their background.

Later, the Marx Brothers joined the pantheon of humor gods on the high mount of comedy and wit. Oh how I wished to be Groucho. Zeppo, Harpo and Chico were good, but Groucho was king.

Jerry Lewis and the Catholic sidekick Dean Martin were suddenly initiated into my Jewish gang. Jerry was madness and Dean was suave. Even later Woody Allen, Dr. Spock, Capt. Kirk and even Sammy Davis Junior became my favorites.

My science interests included Albert Einstein. Flawed as a person he was still the most brilliant mind of the century. He laid out Genesis for us with the big bang (God’s version is called “Let there be light” and is found in the opening chapters of Genesis.)


More than I can ever repay them, of course. My thoughts, loves and dislikes are so Jewish and I carry them with pride. Even here in Albany there are Jews that I owe much and will never be able to repay.

They know who they are and I will not embarrass them because I love them too much. Besides, the thought of being idolized by a right wing Christian fanatic might be a real burden for them. I wish them well and hope God blesses them all. May we all meet next year in Jerusalem!

Sonny-Lofton-002By: Sonny Lofton. Albany native Sonny Lofton is a veteran broadcaster and writer. He co-hosts the “Frank and Sonny” show from 4 to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday on WWVO The Voice FM-90.7.

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