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What-Cha Say, Albany?

By   /   December 9, 2009  /   Comments

KEEP CLEANING UP THE APD and the city, Chief Proctor. Thank you for your hard work.

LAJUANA WOODS IS THE biggest fish. Don Buie will get his (probably) but I’m guessing Ms. Woods will skate. An interest free payback is not a penalty for betraying public trust.

TIM WASHINGTON AND NICOLE Brown aren’t big players in Buie’s game. Even if tried, they would wind up with probation – it seems we don’t have room in the prisons for folks like these with “lesser crimes”. However, their testimony may be important in Buie’s case since documented evidence seems rather light. Don played fast and loose without the usual paperwork required by those who handle public funds. And those who should know what he did don’t know! The Woods case is another matter. Invited to testify to the grand jury? Resign from ADICA and all is forgiven? I would like to know if the $100K loan from the City is supported by the truthful, normal paperwork required by an “arms length” transaction–will it pass the “sniff test”. And as regards “sniffing”, I am curious why the Georgia Dept of Revenue shows LaJuana Woods used the name “LaJuana Walker” on her alcohol license. Why use an AKA not used on any other paperwork? Since Albany has a problem with background checks, was a “real” check made before it was issued?

ONCE THE DUST SETTLES on the Buie case, where are we? I say we shut down ADICA now. It is an organization with no apparent purpose, plan, or leadership. But, it will continue to bleed money. Close the tap before the $6m bond money starts burning a hole in someone’s pocket – again.

THE D.A. IS GOING to nail Buie to the wall! Johnny Graham doesn’t stand a chance. \

YOU’RE EXACTLY RIGHT. THEY’RE going to nail him to the wall, but not because he doesn’t have a strong attorney. You and I both know he’s not going to get a fair trial in this city. It is my sincere prayer that Buie releases enough information during this case to bring forth indictments against several other high-profile authority figures, judges, city manager, etc. I guarantee you there are some people shaking in their boots in reference to what’s going to be said during the trial. Buie is only a symptom of the corruption virus that plagues our city.

WE ARE ALL TIRED about hearing about LaJuana Woods paying “it” back! Give her 72 hours to do so or face jail time.

EVERYONE CAUGHT STEALING OFFERS to pay it back. No news there.

HAS LAJUANA WOODS STARTED making payments yet? What are the terms?

I DON’T BELIEVE HOW bad the Georgia Judicial system sucks. They should have bonded Don Buie out and held a trial in Brunswick. It seems that Superior Court judges don’t have to follow any common sense or precedence. EVERYONE who will get a summons for jury duty Monday will know the name Don Buie and if they don’t they are lying. That right there is basis for a mistrial.

KNOWING DON BUIE’S NAME isn’t the issue; it’s whether they have an opinion on his innocence or guilt, which is still possible in Albany. If knowing his name was sufficient for a change of venue, then where would O.J. Simpson’s trial have been held?

IT SHOULD NOT MAKE any difference where Buie’s trial is held considering the evidence is likely overwhelming against him. Too many dumb things done with public funds. So, do it here since it is less expensive. However, as we have seen before, the outcome may be dictated by the mentality of the jury pool. Don’t expect a lot of fair-minded Mensa folks to hear this one.

I WOULD SURMISE THAT most lawyers would agree with Judge Marshall’s ruling in this case to not move the trial out of town given the facts reported by the local press. Some lawyers have suggested that trying the case in Albany is more favorable to Mr. Buie. With the guilty pleas by Mr. Washington and Ms. Brown, the case gets very interesting.

ALL STRAYS SHOULD BE shot on sight and if has tags, fine the owners heavily.

THANK YOU, P&G. I make sure I buy everything that they make. We need to support that companies that support us.

GOD BLESS THE MEMBERS of the Albany and Dougherty County police departments and sheriff’s department and other law enforcement agencies this Christmas season. They make our homes and businesses and children safer by putting their selves in peril everyday. They are in my prayers.

REGARDING THE FOX HUNT that was recently held in Lee County, why kill foxes? They are beautiful little animals and you can’t eat them. I have a family of three living in the woods behind my house and have a deercam close to their den. We get some great pictures and they’re a source of enjoyment for us. If they could be eaten, I could understand it.

I AM HAPPY TO see the fox-hunting event come to Lee County. This is an old tradition in Georgia that dates back to our earliest days. I have had the privilege of fox hunting, but we did it south Georgia-style with pickup trucks. I grew up with walkers and July hound dogs hunting fox and bobcats.

FOX HUNTING IN GEORGIA goes back well before quail hunting in Georgia. Whether we like it or not, we should remember that Georgia was once an English colony.

FOX HUNTING IS ILLEGAL in the UK. They didn’t find any foxes – just a boar. The dogs tore the boar apart and the hunt master had to kill it after the affluent had their jollies from the cruelty.

WAS THIS THE SAME bore that told endless stories? Or was it a boar?

THIS IS NOT ENGLAND. Get those dogs out of here and take off those stupid-looking outfits.

PETS SHOULD BE TREATED like children. Both sometimes get lost and 99.9 percent of the time it is without incident. I hope you don’t see your kid wandering around without tags there.

I HATE THAT A child was mauled by a neighbor’s dog. I have a similar problem with one of my neighbors’ dogs running loose all day and night. No one can walk past that trailer because the dogs will run you down. I’ve called animal control several times because these people will not cage these many dogs or tie them up. This has been an ongoing problem for years. When one dog gets hit by a car, they replace it soon with one or two more loose dogs. To me this is crazy. Something has to be done.

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  1. Gil Ward says:

    I heard that Peter Studl has sold out his holdings to Mr. Brooks and left town. Another man with a vision for this city is gone.

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