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What-Cha Say, Albany?

By   /   December 4, 2009  /   Comments

I ENJOY ARENA FOOTBALL and am glad it is returning – providing it is not a “ward of the taxpayer”. Have any of you heard of government coming up with “good deals” lately? Have you seen details of the contract? Remember Buie’s contracts? Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with the contract. And, I appreciate the City’s lengthy review period vice typical “must be signed today” efforts in play at the national level. But this is the same City government we have complained about for some time now. As we all know, the “devil is in the details” And, well, do we really know the details? I hope this effort works well for both parties. I will buy a new team T-shirt, be at the games with the “grands”, and buy a “couple of beers”– all if affordable. However, please remember, what taxpayers get out of government these days is cheap talk and more spending – not even a T-shirt! Go Panthers!

GOOD JOB, GEORGIA STATE Patrol, for arresting the Albany police officer for driving under the influence. Any other agency would have given him a ride home!

OH, YOU MEAN “WOULD have covered it up”.

THE POLICE OFFICER CHARGED with DUI shouldn’t be able to work the security of a Hannah Montana Concert. You can’t become an officer with a record. How can you continue to work as an officer of the law with one?

ASSIGN HIM ANOTHER JOB!? Why not let him drive the school bus! Mr. Proctor, fire him! His job is to protect and service, not public the public in harm because of his decision to drink and drive.

IT’S A GOOD THING Younger isn’t still chief. The guy who was arrested for DUI would have gotten a raise.

VOTE ‘EM DOWN, JACK Stone. We don’t want the city messing up the county. The city commissioners are breaking the city. Don’t let those clowns get into the county’s money or it will be broke and that ain’t no joke.

REGARDING THE RECENT DOG attack of a little girl, the dog has tasted human blood and needs to be put down immediately.

THERE WAS SOME SMALL 2-month-old pups around there. The dog was just making it known that she was there and not to harm her pups, just as humans would do with their child (at least, I would hope so). If the dog was that bad, that little girl would have to have more medical care than what she had. It’s people’s fault for not treating the dog the way it should be. Some have dogs but don’t take up time with them, so therefore they (the dogs) get depressed, then get mad, because they see the people ignoring them. Dogs are smart. Some are smarter than humans.

DOG DEPRESSION IS A real problem in our city because the humans are so depressed to have to live in Albany. That depression is sensed by the dogs, which causes the attacks. It’s never the dogs’ fault they attack; it’s the depression. Sorta like when people attack in Albany, you know the devil made them do it.

I DOUBT IT TASTED blood. The little girls’ leg was bruised more than anything. Two tiny holes. Didn’t look like it broke the skin. The owner of the hosue had to know the pups were there, and if there are pups there, that’s now the owners’, then you can bet that the mother is close by!

ALLSTRAYS SHOULD BE shot on sight and if has tags, fine the owners heavily.

PETS SHOULD BE TREATED like children. Both sometimes get lost and 99.9 percent of the time it is without incident. I hope you don’t see your kid wandering around without tags there.

I HATE THIS HAPPENED to this baby. I have a similar problem with one of my neighbors’ dogs running loose all day and night. No one can walk past that trailer because the dogs will run you down. I’ve called animal control several times because these people will not cage these many dogs or tie them up. This has been an ongoing problem for years. When one dog gets hit by a car, they replace it soon with one or two more loose dogs. To me this is crazy. Something has to be done.

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