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Miscellaneous questions

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Yes Virginia. there is a new Operating System from Windows that works? Quite well thank you! I do recommend Windows 7 Home Premium or better. It is, as one tech writer wrote “What Vista should have been”; shades of Windows ME, a road bump on the way to Win XP. A client asked this week if it is worthwhile to upgrade from Vista to Win 7. Yes, in spite of having to shuck out $119 or so. (I’m talking the upgrade from Vista price here; you’re not going to want to do a complete install on an XP machine. Just not worth the bother.) One of the good things Microsoft did with this latest OS release (in response to user requests) was to offer a family pack that allows you 3 licenses for only about $40 more than just the one. But the bad news is that stores are about to run out of the family pack and MS says there are no plans to extend the popular offer. He who hesitates!

This week’s column will address several unrelated questions; sort of a catchall column.

Several of you have asked why do things get mixed up in my browser especially when I haven’t changed anything?

I have run into a rash of browser related video playing problems of late, both with Internet Explorer and with Firefox. Some occurred when a user upgraded from IE Version 7 to 8.0 and others seem to be related to a new Flash Player Version.

There is currently a Flash Player add-on and a plug in that may or may not be required to play videos depending on which version of IE or Firefox you are using. Sometimes when you click on a button to fix this problem you only get the one part and sometimes it just won’t download and install completely and correctly from the Adobe Flash site.

To avoid hassles, go to our old friend filehippo.com and type in “flash player” and you’ll find both the needed flash files. Download them both to your desktop and install from there in a few seconds. Remember, you’ll need to close and re-open your browser(s) before the new add-on or plug in can work. Other problems can also be caused by a software update, but I still recommend you keep your Win Updates on Auto.

And lastly; kind of a sad question. Is AOL headed to extinction? Are they going out of business?

Hard to say for sure; their new CEO is cutting a third of the workforce and foregoing a huge bonus this year. As you know dial-up is a dying business and AOL generates much of its income from phone based Internet subscribers. The new CEO is trying to shift business to their stable of subscription based (i.e. revenue generating) sites; but my guess is that in a couple of years AOL will be completely different and smaller (perhaps renamed) or gone altogether.

Seems a shame, since so many of us grew up with AOL or some other dial-up ISP; not that many years ago.

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