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Is Alfred Lott Above the law?

By   /   December 11, 2009  /   Comments

From illegally spending tax funds to hiring the likes of James Younger, Robert Jones and convicted felon Don Buie, among others, Albany City Manager Alfred Lott has demonstrated time and time again that he feels he is above the law and not answerable for his actions. And with no oversight from the weak-kneed City Commission, he’s pretty much been right.

Lott’s documented advocacy of secrecy and corruption in government reached a new level last week when he interrupted a meeting and refused to allow a staffer answer the local Citizens Transportation Committee’s questions about the scandal-ridden Albany bus station project.

Then, as irony would have it, Lott walked to his car after the meeting in Leesburg, Georgia and found that he had received a traffic citation warning for illegally parking in a handicapped parking space.

Alfred Lott parks illegally in disabled spot in Leesburg, GA.

Alfred Lott parks illegally in disabled spot in Leesburg, GA.

That’s right: Albany’s above-the-law city manager illegally parks his new taxpayer-funded car in spaces intended for people with disabilities.

The Journal asked Lott to explain his unscrupulous actions in his car and during transportation committee meeting, but did not get a response.

Now we’re wondering whether his seven bosses on the City Commission are going to step in and stop the madness.

Kevin By Kevin Hogencamp

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  1. Disappointed in Agony GA says:

    What a moron. This man is a joke that not’s funny. He’s such a fake! When are the Commissioners going to wisen up and get this waste of breadth out of Albany?

  2. John says:

    Though I am appauled that Al Lott would park illegally in a handicapped space, I find it funny that the author of this “scandalous” story was a former city employee that quit because of Al Lott…hmmmm….. .

  3. Martha Baker says:

    I see on his ticket he just got a warning.Had it been any other car,or truck with out proper tag or decal,would it have just been a warning?Just wondering.And what does he have to do with Leesburg?He cant run Albany much less anywhere else.Oh yeah,i forgot he’s above the law,i guess that means anywhere.I think his head has goten way to big getting away with things the way he does.Way past time someone put him in his place,right beside Don.

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