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For a $5 donation, the Albany Humane Society is celebrating some of Albany’s prized pets and helping stray ones at the same time.

Volunteers and companies donated

their artwork (Annie Carter and Jenni Bode)

photography skills (Rosemary West) and

printing presses (Albany Printing Co.) for the project.

The calendar  can be purhased at the Humane Society, local veterinary officies, and Place on the Pointe.


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  1. Truth B Known says:

    I really have something to say on this matter.All Humane Societys need help.And they need it bad.People get animals,and that is great.But you have to think of a few things.Are you going to have time to spen with this animal,are you going to feed it,take it to the vet.Give it the uncondisnal love that animal gives to you?If not,dont get any animal.Now if albany would like to make some money in the courts,start charging the people who neglect the animals,starve them,or just use them as puppie mills or cat mills.Fix it where some are not even allowed to own an animal.I have a neighbor,has 7 dogs 9 cats and a horse.But she does not feed them,i know this becuase they come next door to my home to get fed.I cant stand to see animals mistreated.They need love to.And food,and in the winter a nice warm place,summer a nice cool place.I have seen my neighbor tie her dogs up with no food,no water,and as for the horse,they told us they give it a hand full of food each day.Now the horse has a big cut on it s back leg.They dont know how it got there.Or so they say.But i have watched her kids beat it with poles,and chains.Yes i turned them in.and i got in trouble.Not them.Well the toher day things took a turn for the best.All the animals she had were taken from her.But she will get more,i have no doubt,unless the laws are made to where if you are found to not be taking care of them,you pay a fine,pay to have them fixed,pay to get there shots.We have some very good vets here.And ones that really care.As for me,i guess i will just have to put up with her starving cats,for our animal shelter does not take cats.Yet i have pictures,where i go out to feed my one cat outside,and her cats attack me,they are so hungry.It s not the animals fauly.It s the owners.If you do not have the money or time to take care of them,dont get them.I try to feed as many as i can,but i dont have alot of money to do this.and when they go to attacking me becuase they are so hungry,well something needs to be done.I can not stand to see old people,children,or animals mistreated.And if i can help in any way i try to.But i can only do so much.Have a heart,please.Animals need love to.

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