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A man’s daughter

By   /   December 18, 2009  /   Comments

Ted Anderson’s wife, Barbara, and daughter, Sherry.

What is it about a man’s daughter that makes her so special to him? I was just thinking about that because my daughter came to visit us recently. Let me tell you about her.

First of all, my daughter is very attractive and looks like my wife. When they were younger, she and my wife were frequently thought by strangers to be sisters. My wife and I used to get quite a kick out of that. I think the first reason she means so much to me is because every time I look at her, I see my wife when we were both young and dating or during our early years of our marriage.

Next, I am so endeared to her because she seems a lot like me. How could a person not love a person a great deal if that person seemed to be the spitting image of himself?! She cares about other people and is the first person to write a thank-you note, which is something I have always done and evidently she has picked up from me — or I at least like to think that I had something to do with it. If something is bothering her, she doesn’t hesitate to contact that person to apologize or to find out what is wrong instead of keeping it to herself. I really like that trait about anyone.

She is the first person to volunteer when there is a need for her services. She isn’t afraid to get up in front of people and talk and I am so proud of her when she does. A couple years ago, she went to my high school’s 50-year class reunion in northern Illinois and took a lot of pictures and put them on CDs and sold them to classmates for her cost. She wasn’t a bit afraid to get up in front of over 150 people and talk to them about the pictures she had taken and the CDs she was going to make. I can see why she has been so successful over the years. By the way, she was a first-team all-state swimmer in high school in Michigan. To accomplish this, she had to swim several miles daily. On top of that, she graduated fifth in a large high school class and graduated from Michigan State University with high grades.

As she was growing up, I gave her and my son a lot of trust and allowed them to do a lot of things that maybe other parents would not have allowed. About some things, I look back now and wonder what I was thinking and if I did the right thing many times. I took her on one of my business trips to Colorado, Wyoming and Arizona and in the middle of my trip I was called back to St. Louis, Mo., for a meeting. We were in Denver when I got the call and I didn’t hesitate to leave her at the hotel until I got back a day later. After it was all over, I looked back and wondered if I had done the right thing. Today, I would not have done that, as she was only 17. Times were different then, though, and we all weren’t thinking about all the crazy people that seem to be roaming the streets like they are today.

Both of my children had the experience of meeting a lot of different people in many different parts of the country because we lived in many cities. As a result, they had to adapt to a lot of different circumstances. They learned a lot and had many experiences, as a result, that many other children have not had. Because of this, my daughter got an education that can’t be gotten from any book and it has certainly helped her a great deal in life. She now has her own jewelry business with many women working for her. Her sales put her with the elite in the company nationwide and her business is expanding rapidly. She now has given her three children the same experiences that she has had — and then some, especially the traveling part and getting a great education. In fact, our children and grandchildren have traveled overseas, which is something that my wife and I were never able to do.

It’s near the end of the year now and Christmas will soon be here. This is the time when we think about how lucky we all are for all we have, especially the wonderful children and grandchildren that God has given us. I am especially thankful that he gave me such a wonderful daughter. Sherry, my daughter, I love you.

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