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Who is Cynthia Tucker?

By   /   November 12, 2009  /   Comments

Every week, I read Cynthia Tucker’s articles and I wonder, just who IS this person? Without fail, at least every article I have read, she bashes us Republicans.

Cynthia is obviously a very intelligent person, but she has this chip on her shoulder about Republicans and it is really getting on my nerves. I am a very strong Republican, but I try to see both sides of any argument. I realize that Democrats are correct sometimes, although I can’t remember when. Oh my God, I have gotten as bad as Cynthia only with regard to the Republican outlook on things! People who really know me know that is true.

Cynthia Tucker

Web Notes From Wikipedia: Cynthia Tucker (born 1955 in Monroeville, Alabama) is an American syndicated columnist, and the editor of the opinion section of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She was recognized with a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 2007 “…. She was a Pulitzer-nominated finalist in 2004 and 2006.

Getting back to Cynthia, she, at least, has me reading her articles although when I finish, my blood pressure has risen. In a recent article, she stated that after the Fort Hood bloody rampage by Muslim Army officer Nidal Hasan, a psychiatrist of all things, we shouldn’t blame other Muslims, in general, or who are serving in uniform. To not be suspect of other Muslims, to me, is like not worrying about other child molesters. When you constantly hear from Muslims that you either believe the way that they do or you are their enemy, how can you not worry?

So, maybe that is not supposed to be what a true Muslim is supposed to get from the teachings of Mohammed, or from the Koran. To me, it appears that there are enough Muslims out there that DO believe that. Until I see Muslims standing up and being counted and stating publically that they don’t hate Christians and aren’t out there wanting us Christians all dead because we have different religious beliefs, I am going to be very cautious about all of them. I don’t want to feel that way, but how do you tell which Muslims to be afraid of especially now that you have one that was in the Army and a psychiatrist counseling other soldiers that goes out and for no reason kills a bunch of our innocent young people.

I want a darn good reason why I shouldn’t want all Muslim believers put in a special category and watched very carefully. I surely don’t want them in any position where they can do harm to my children or grandchildren or our country.

AndersonnewWritten by Ted Anderson. Insurance agent Ted W. Anderson worked in sales for half a century, has lived in Albany since 1993. He is president of Dover Lane Neighborhood Watch. Send email to him at aj@thealbanyjournal.com.

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