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What-Cha Say, Albany

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LEEESBURG HOME INSPECTOR CHAD Pierce, who was shot to death in Arlington by a police officer after a car chase, is in my prayers. I Iive down the road from the scene of the accident, just a little over 500 feet. Pretty close, you know. Yes it is very much sad what happen. And I do believe that it was very much unnecessary. And you know what? I can say that because I live in the area and know a little about what goes on in the area. I pray to God that those wrong doings get punished as he was punished.

I KNOW HE HAS a family and I feel for them. I pray they find that nothing was bad was going on. I just wonder why he was there at 6 in the morning. He should have been with his family. Helping them get ready for school. I pray Gods hand on his wife and kids.

LET’S WAIT TO HEAR the full story. And remember, we were not there. Save your judgment until the facts are known.

IN THE DAYS TO come there will be rumors and allegations about the circumstances that resulted in this death. Please be kind. This is a husband, brother, son and father who is loved by many. We all want to know what happened, and we may never know. What we do know is we will look upwardly and inward for our answers. There is no room for blame and pointing fingers. He has a wife and children that we need to focus our attention on. Thank you in advance for the support already being shown. For the officers involved, we understand it is not easy for you when a life is taken. May the Lord comfort you as He is comforting us.

OFFICERS ARE NOT TRAINED to “shoot to kill”, they are trained to “stop the threat”.

I WOULD LIKE A truthful report about the incident that happened this morning. There are so many rumors of why this young man was shot and killed and I would like to know that it was justified. I know our law enforcement agents are faced with danger every day and I am not one to judge them too quickly when one of them may have to shoot to kill, but did this young man have to be killed to stop him from killing an officer? I knew this young man and my heart is very heavy due to his death. Could you please let all of us know what really happened?

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO USING the bull horn and asking the individual to step out with his hands in the air before firing?

WHAT HAPPENED TO REVERSE 911 making calls when we have bad storms? Did that go bust? The other night during those horrible storms, I got no calls. I have gotten them many times in the past, but no more.

TWITTER CAN DO EXACTLY the same thing as Code Red … and it is FREE. Matter of fact, I get hourly weather updates sent to my phone for free just by following @Albany_GA_WX there and having it mobile update my phone.

IF YOU DON’T LIKE cops then don’t call us when you need the law! We have a job to do and 90 percent of us do our jobs the right way! With the times as hard as they are now, we don’t make enough money to deal with all that we have to deal with. We don’t go to work wanting to shoot somebody, but if we have to, then we are trained to do so.

ALBANY KEEPS LOOKING DOWN on us police officers. Have you joined the ride-along program? You need to see all the different citizens we deal with. When we are called, it’s not because people are happy.

NOW … ABOUT THOSE CAMERAS they have downtown with no one watching them. Dontcha think someone monitoring them might have caught the criminal who broke into Riverfront Barbecue and called police to check him out before doing any damage?

SOMEONE SHOULD REALLY APPROACH the mobile home park on Linden Road about that falling-down sign they have by the road. It really looks horrible. Probably if the wind is just right, it would fall down by itself.

REGARDING THE SLEEPOUT FOR the homeless being held by Mission:Change and Flint River Habitat for Humanity, now more than ever we need to focus on serving our neighbors in need. Come be a voice for the homeless.

SO, HOW DO WE go about finding more niche small businesses and support their growth in Albany?

I WAS INTRIGUED BY the guest column about quitting smoking – something I managed to do for good in 2004 while employed at The Albany Journal, where smoking was permitted in the old building and, frankly, encouraged. Something tells me that’s no longer the case. I’m training to run a 5K race – my first – and had I not quit smoking for good, I daresay I would be able to walk the 3.1 miles, much less run them.

I LIVE IN TIFTON and they passed the law that you can ride golf carts in the city on two-lane roads. I think that sucks because I have a John Deere Gator and a Kawasaki Mule. You can’t ride these on roads. These can only go 30 mph at top speed and they are safer than golf carts.

ALLOWING GOLF CARTS ON Albany streets is not a good idea. There are too many auto drivers these days who are distracted by cell phones and God knows what else for golf carts to be driven safely on city streets. Driving an auto has become a leisure activity in this country. Driving is a “full-time” job that requires ALL of your attention.

I AM NOT PLEASED that the golf cart ordinance did not pass.

THE WORD TO REMEMBER is “golf”. These are golf carts, designed for use on golf courses. They are not equipped with any of the required safety features of an automobile. They are not built to survive a collision (God forbid) with a car. On a soft green fairway they are fine. On a paved road they are dangerous and at the very least a nuisance.

IF GOLF CARTS AREN’T allowed in the city, why are they driven by kids and even by a drunk guy around Lake Loretta.

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  1. CJo says:

    You have got to be kidding me? The cop will continue to see his wife and kids every single day! Chad Pierce`s family will be without him forever!! Even if Kopkie goes to prison and he should….his wife and kids can still visit him…..not Chad`s family because he is gone
    His wife is now a single mother and her children without their father!

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